Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coochy Creme

Now that the world knows I am sporting a fat roll that hides a baby and not just a doughnut roll, lets have a chat about some serious pregnant worries. Some serious issues that plaque the newly pregnant gal. Serious topics that, well, are those things no one really talks about.

When I was pregnant with Baby DIVA, I was concerned about the groomed appearance of my "NuNu" area every time I had to have "the exam". Well, shall I rephrase that, I was concerned until I had this giant ball protruding from my gut causing me to piss every 15 minutes and loose sleep and burp and eat a gallon of Tums a day, then I really could care less, I secretly hoped I looked like hell down there because a Baby was evicting herself. No luck.

Back to the subject at hand. When Birth came around I again was a tad concerned that a room full of people would catch a glance at my NuNu and instead of discussing my health and the safety of this newborn, they would be gossiping about my stray hairs. Yes pregnancy hormones can cause significant issues in your thought process, but DON'T TELL ME YOU didn't think it too! So what if I was thinking vain and irrational at that moment. I was PREGNANT and birthing a watermelon, I get to do and think as I please!

Recently, I came across a product called Coochy Original Shave Creme. Hmmm. I was intrigued. I loved the name and knew I had to give this sucker a try. After talking with the wonderful staff over at TheirToys.com about Sex Toys , I was completely comfortable and up to speed on all the latest and greatest products in the Sensual Bodycare department of their inventory. I was also incredibly impressed with the kindness they offered when I discreetly told them I was pregnant and looking for products that were not contraindicated for this life stage. On top of being well versed in their inventory, they were quite skillful in suggesting products to me that fit for needs and exceeded my expectations.

We finally decided on the Coochy Creme as the product for me. Not too long later the Coochy Creme arrived at my door, just in time for my first prenatal appointment too. Hot Diggity Dog! Luckily my baby roll, although making its presence known at a ripe 11 weeks, isn't big enough to cause an obscure vantage point if you know what I mean. So I got to work. The Coochy Creme actually feels like silk. It is smooth and doesn't leave any kind of nasty residue on my skin when applied. I have the Original Aloe Vera concoction and it was perfect for my pregnant super nose. No crazy smells. And best of all I performed a precision cut with not burn!

Coochy Creme is a winner! Pregnant ladies out there, this is your sanity saver for "the exams" and "the birth". With a variety of scents ranging from Lavender to Plumeria and aloe, you are sure to find the rate aroma to tickle your nose, or perhaps not if you have a preggo super nose like me then aloe is for you. Coochy Creme provided me with an opportunity to feel clean and sexy again in a otherwise not so sexy point in my life. This stuff is going stay around long past these baby cooking days, and possibly might lead to another baby...if you know what I mean! HA!

**I was provided with this product at no charge in order to give my opinions and views of this company and their materials. I was no compensated by any monetary means.**


  1. Um, Congrats! Don't know where or how I missed the big news!

  2. Sarah you didnt miss it! I only announced last night! You are with it girl!!!

    Thank you!


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