Saturday, March 31, 2012

FACELIFTs and Confessions

Notice the changes? You like?

I decided that since my life has had some big changes over the last year, that my blog should have a change too! And I LOVE the change.

First, I have a bit of a confession. I did something I am a little ashamed of. I have corrected the problem, so we are A-okay, but it happened. I allowed myself to fall victim to judgment by folks I associate with my life. What??

Yep. The condescending glares and whispers that followed me as I strolled through a hallway filled with fellow moms finally got to me. Under normal circumstances I could have cared less, but as a Mom, you often have to learn how to be political for the sake of your kids. It is one of those things they do not teach you about in Mommy school.

It was not one place in particular. It was not one person in particular. It was a build up over time and a little insecurity on my own part that led me to give Pink Hair. Silly right? Something so trivial. But the hair caused a lot of questionable behaviors of others that seemed to impanct me and my kids, or so I thought.

Funny thing is, in chaning to "fit in with the crowd" I learned to NEVER listen to the crowd and to leave my own footprints. I learned that there is nothing wrong with me bieng me. My kids love ME, so that is who I should be and who I should fit in with.

I lost a bit of my identity by changing my hair to "fit in with the crowd". I lost a bit of my spunk and drive that keeps me going when I feel insecure or unmotivated. I found that even blogging was a hardship because I was no longer "Pink Haired Momma". So I took it as a cue to get to know myself and figure out why I allowed myself to fall victim to this negative behavior. What was going on that made me clutch the identity so tightly.

Well, I came out on the other side of this self discovery a vegetarian, homeschool mom in training, DIY domestic Queen with Pink Hair and a smile. I gained quite a bit on insight and realized that in some ways my hair might be part of my identity, but more importantly it is just me being me. Me expressing my "Bright" passion for life and a not so subtle way for me to be a little different in a structured way.

So to those people that think I am too old, or that moms shouldn't have pink hair, or who do not want my kids playing with your kids because I have pink hair, please know that while you are being so judgmental of a HAIR color, I am rolling down hills in the grass with my kids, dancing in the rain with my husband and seeing just how colorful and fun the world is. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

My blog not only has a flashy new face lift, but my content is going to reflect my new perspectives. I would love for you to follow along as I venture through the transformation of myself and my family into a full vegetarian, homeschooling funny farm!

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