Thursday, December 31, 2009

Midnight brings on the "31"

Here we are. The last day of the year. I should be jumping for joy! A brand new year to start. A brand new decade to conquer! Yippee! But nope I am quite sad. You see, at the stroke of midnight I age an entire year! Just like that in a single instant I go from the fun, fiery, and fabulous age of 30 to the old and horrible age of 31. In a mere second of time, the year changes, the decade changes and I become 31 years old. WOWSERS! Seriously, I don't know why they are not reporting my change of age right along with the decade change of GMA! It is a big deal!!

Several years ago this would not have been a problem. A few bottles of wine and a couple steins of beer followed by a splash of champagne and a few buttery nipples, the drink, although the drink might not have been the only buttery nipple! HA! I would not have a care in the world as to what age I was turning. As long as the world stopped still at precisely two minutes into the New Year and toasted, sang, danced and swooned all over me and my wonderful day of birth! I am not kidding. I made EVERYONE stop celebrating their new year and put me on a pedestal. I did really. I had secret motives though. I learned rather early on that New Years Day was a day that folks stayed in bed or really close to the toilets. If I didn't get them to celebrate me at the stroke of my birth date, it wasn't gonna happen. PS I too stayed incredibly close to my friend toilet for many a new years days!

Now however, I am a momma, pink haired and almost 31, but I am a momma. I now am concerned about those ridiculous drunks who dare to take the road late at night and jeopardize my darling Baby DIVA. I find myself a tad grumpy at the misfits who are popping fireworks before the New Year past 10pm at night. The oldie is creeping in. Baby DIVA, H4L and myself plan to ring in the new Year family style. Adult Drinks, Yo Gabba Gabba, sippy's of milk and lots of love! To some it may seem boring. To parents it will touch the heart in that perfect place!

Lets take a moment to look back at the last decade of my birthdays...

21: millennium birthday. Yep I turned the big 21 on 1-1-2000. Don't recall too much. Pictures can not be posted. If you were there, shhhhhh! I do remember being asked multiple times if my ID was a fake. And getting really angry because I had the coolest bday EVER and no one believed me!

22: Disease reared its ugly head. Spent 22 at home but very sick. Teased the dr's about pouring Vodka straight into my central line!

23: dinner at papasitos followed by bar hopping with K-teach! I loved bar hopping with K-teach!

24: K-teach and I were up to no good, just don't remember what no good we were up to!

25: Trip to New Orleans with some great friends. Got bit by a police horse right after midnight. And made a friend fall out of her chair laughing...over the phone! Saw a cemetery with some voodoo stuff and drank in the oldest bar in New Orleans. Had a wonderful time!

26: My dear friend Jenn married her wonderful husband Jon on 12-31 and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. It was beautiful and filled with fun, love and lots of champagne (in the cutest little pink cans with pink straws, i must have a zillion).

27: Vacay to San Antonio with some more fabulous friends. I can recall sitting on a piano and being instructed by some loud speaker to demonstrate my drinking skills with a bottle of bud light. I can also recall showing off some fabulous dancing skills to Grease, in my knee high stiletto silver sequin boots. (still got these bad boys, may need to bring them out for H4L). And I met a young lad with my same birth date. We shared a cocktail, age and birth date and nothing more. we bored of each other and off I went to stir up trouble.

28: CHICAGO: arrived at my aunts to find their home had been smothered in EVERYTHING PINK in honor of me and my birthday. I ate it up! Saw snow. Puked on front stoop in snow. Really wanted fried chicken but was in little Italy. Toilet was my friend.

29: CHICAGO: H4L and I were dating and took a little vacay to my aunts in Chicago. We wondered around learning about each other and the city of Chicago. Made my first snow angel and danced and kissed in the snow with my future husband! Great New Year.

30: 5 weeks post birth of Baby DIVA. At home with family and friends. Felt really fat and old. Hormones mixed with birthdays don't mix. Don't try it!

But now 31 is quickly approaching (like only hours away). I think it is gonna be ok. I fell quite spunky and young. Of course I am still pleasantly plump, but I mean I share with you the fabulousness I cook up in my kitchen, so it is to be expected. H4L thinks I am wonderful and so do I! I love my life, my daughter, my H4L and all of my friends and family. I find myself laughing and smiling more than ever. So if a new decade and a new age of 31 are to continue with lots of love and laughter then I have nothing to be afraid of. I say BRING IT!!!

I wish everyone a wonderful New Year! I hope many good, wonderful and fabulous things happen to you all in the upcoming new decade and the year of 2010. I leave you now at the close of my final 2009 post and hope you remember to stop and scream to the stars


at precisely 2 minutes past midnight! Don't forget now!

Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Christmas morning: TONS of toys. Santa was fabulous to Baby DIVA. Mom and Dad are putting together GRANDMA gifts. But Baby DIVA's greatest enjoyment?

Finally capturing moms scrunchy! Go figure!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We are about to EXPLODE!!!

I am nuts.

You knew that. But seriously, I am thinking I am super dog crazy! H4L isn't too far behind me. Why? you may be asking. Well you see Santa was incredibly awesome and fabulous to Baby DIVA this year. And by Santa I am referring to not only Santa that came down my chimney but I am talking about the Santa that came down grandma's chimney too. So again Santa was fabulous to Miss Baby DIVA. I swear my house could explode right now and cover the entire state with cute little singing playskool people. Every inch of the house is now Baby DIVA area. Not kidding. I am moving my clothing to the garage now to make space for Baby DIVA toys. Okay so maybe its not that bad, but another holiday in this house and I might just have to pitch a tent in the backyard, if there is space there even, I mean there are outdoor toys too!! Oh and forget about a second baby. If i brought home a newborn he or she might just disappear behind that tub of toys over in the corner to never be seen again!

So all this rambling about cramped quarters between sponge bob and the bounce and spin zebra is just my little way of sharing some exciting and scary news with you! We are CRAZY and we are going to take a big step and put this first home of ours out there on the market for some other young family to enjoy; whilst we go and find us a ginormous monstrosity of a home to fit Baby DIVA's toys. Exciting!! I am thrilled to gain more space and possibly a Pink Haired Momma private space. Scary!!! Not looking forward to cleaning this giant toy box!

But we are moving forward with our plan. In fact this Thursday morning I will be viewing a house. Not only do we not have a buyer for our home, nor is our house even on the market yet, but I am just tickled and want to go ahead and get in the spirit! Maybe it will be a match! Who knows! Wish us luck! And stay tuned. This could get interesting!

Do you remember?

My dear Friend K-teach is expecting her first child. 2 months from now we will welcome little K-dude into the world. He is scheduled to make his grand entrance on 2-15-2010.

Well K-Teach is so not excited about his arrival date being an eternity of 2 whole months away. She waddles about, grumpy as hell, pissed off at the world, unable to sleep, unable to eat, unable to get comfortable, and just plain miserable. I find it downright hysterical, with an edge of sympathy of course. I too recall being the most miserable person on the face of the planet on about the same time in my pregnancy with Baby DIVA.

But I can not help smile and think about how I was so incredibly miserable then. I cussed the very thought of intimacy with my H4L. I loathed the idea of ever getting myself into that predicament again. I detested all the ooh's and ahh's and rubbing of my belly. Now I look at K-teach and I ooh and ahh. I touch her belly and tell baby K-dude I can not wait to meet him. I giggle as I hear her voice say the same loud and very opinionated notions about pregnancy that I too babbled just a little over a year ago.

"I am never having sex EVER again!"

"I am NEVER going to be pregnant again!"

"I am SO OVER it!"

I have said these three common statements and meant every syllable. K-Teach is very adamant about these three statements. I am sure you too have had these three simple statements rip from your mouth a time or two as well.

What really brings a smile to my face is no matter how miserable we are getting there, motherhood trumps everything. I would gladly be 8 months fluffy miserable pissing on myself angry hot swollen pregnant again because being a mother erases all those horrible aches, pains and thoughts. And yes I do remember people explaining this to me when I was pregnant and I personally thinking they had fallen off their rocker. In fact I recently was shot a look from K-teach that very much resembled a "you have fallen off your rocker" look when I tried to explain to K-teach that one day she would forget and probably want to do it all again.

Oh pregnancy. The joys and misery. I am here for you K-teach! Love ya and YOU CAN DO IT. And I promise not to tease you in the future when you "forget" this misery and get all preggo again!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

I am a ONE MINUTE WRITER winner!

I am totally shocked and honored to tell you about an award I won this last week. As you know, I enjoy writing. I periodically try and do writing exercises to aid in the development of my writing abilities. We all know I am not perfect, although i pretend to be, and really do like to try and improve my skills! I love the One Minute Writer . I often stop by and participate in the daily assignments that the One Minute Writer has to offer, as well as read through many other passionate writers comments. The comments provide a mecca of inspiration and entertainment.

Well yesterday, I was contacted by the one minute writer. I won the writer of the day for December 19, 2009! I was so shocked and excited. The assignment was to write about your day in 6 words. And what are those 6 words that brought me to such a fabulous award?

"Baby slept through the night, AGAIN!"

Ha Ha Ha, figures I would win a writing contest when I actually got some sleep! If you enjoy writing I suggest you check out this site. Everyday is full of new prompts and inspiration!

Laughing at Life: End of 2009

A few of you may recall many moons ago, when I used to provide a Monday morning giggle called Laughing at Life. I would entertain my fabulous readers with the torturous stories of just how dumb the general public was. My source: Callers that I dealt with during my stint as a customer service rep in the billing department of a cable company.

Well as 2009 comes to a close and we are down to the LAST Monday of the year, I felt the longing need to close the year with a final Laughing at Life for 2009. So please enjoy this last Laughing at Life of 2009 provided by the sick humor of Pink Haired Momma.

Enjoy and put a towel under your butt because you are gonna piss yourself!!!

Paid for Not Showing Up
Anthony Armatys is facing up to six years in prison for his dumb move. But he's not the only dummy in this story. Armatys accepted a job in 2002 with telecom equipment maker Avaya but then changed his mind before he started. He was already in the payroll system however, and the company started depositing his six-figure salary into his checking account.
For five years, Armatys did not notify Avaya of its error, but his attempt to make an early withdrawal from his 401(k) prompted an investigation that led to his arrest.
In October Armatys pleaded guilty to theft and was ordered to repay the $470,995.53 in compensation he received. He faces full sentencing in January. Source

Seriously! Some people!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Recap

So how did your Christmas holiday stack up? Was it everything you expected? More? Less? Any surprises?

Well our first Christmas as a married couple with the most beautiful Baby DIVA ever turned out fabulous and seemed to have been pulled off without a hitch. I cooked like a mad crazy elf all night Wednesday night and Thursday morning. In between spins on the kitchen aid mixer and bursts of heat from the opening of the oven, I whirled around the house with the vacuum and scrub brush. By 4pm Christmas Eve the house was sparkling, (my floors are white tile, who'd thunk it? SURPRISE) and filled with the aroma of freshly baked Pear bread, green bean casserole and kids full of Santa anticipation. Our Family and friends trickled in with an abundance of warmth and giggles and a few treasured boxes adorned in fabulous paper with that precious name of BABY DIVA sprinkled all over the great wrapping, and dined on some yummy foods and treats and Sweet Tea Vodka and a bit of Egg nog, tainted of course. Sweet Tea Vodka and tainted Nog, Man LIFE IS SWEET!!! Laughter and love radiated throughout our home. Baby DIVA entertained us all with her fabulous new speed walking skills and her alpha personality over the "big" kids. Exhausted and tipsy and sweating like a pig, I loved every second of our family togetherness.

The day of course whipped by in the blink of an eye. Before I knew it Baby DIVA was fussy pants and ready to take her FEA BEA and call it a night. An attempt to interest her in the Christmas tree and a few opening of gifts were attempted and squashed. She was DONE, and off she went to lala land, I assume because she knew SANTA was arriving with the quickness. With Baby DIVA lulabyed and tucked under her blanket snuggled up close to FEA BEA, the rest of us exchanged gifts. H4L presented me with the GIANT Cupcake pan I have been lusting after for some time, but refused to buy myself. Could it be that my butt was telling that pan to stay clear of the buggy while i strolled through target, possibly, because 1 large cupcake will end up on 1 large ass cheek of mine in no time. Nonetheless I am thrilled to pieces to finally have this fabulous Kitchen essential and as soon as someone gets in my kitchen and makes it sparkly and clean again after this Christmas event, I just might make a GIANT cupcake. And possibly share it with Baby DIVA and H4L.

Baby DIVA scored very nice this year with Santa and her fan club. Grandma's and Grandpa's galore provided her with a fabulous and lush Christmas collection. We definately need a new bbigger home to accomadate the "entertainment" collection we now have for Baby DIVA. Playroom needed STAT!!

Christmas morning found this Pink Haired Momma a tad bit exhausted and unable to make beautiful fantastic treats from the kitchen. A mug of Nog in hand and H4L and I relished in the thrill of Baby DIVA experiencing her first "real" Christmas. (Last year at 4 weeks old she could have cared less about her wrapped goodies) Baby DIVA took a moment to warm up and then she was OFF, tearing and ripping and looking to find what Santa and Grandma had brought for her to enjoy. **Beware sentimental thought coming** Being a parent and watching your child at Christmas is the most amazing feeling in the world. I have NEVER had such a wonderful Christmas as I had this year watching the happiness in my child. Breathtaking!

Christmas Day afternoon found the Pink Haired Momma clan loaded up in their new ride and cruising over to some more family Christmas time! With a brief hunt for an open store for a Red Bull stop of course!! One thing about parenthood that I learned this year is that all the assembly of goodies from Santa's visit, late after all your guests have left and then followed by an early morning wake-up isn't the greatest fun! This kind of exhaustion must be combated by more than a cup of coffee and Nog! This second day of family visits brought Pink Haired Momma and 3 of her brothers back under the same roof for the first time in many, many, many years. It is quite amazing what age and babies can do for a family! Baby DIVA even had the opportunity to take a ride on the same swing that I used to swing on when I was about her age. It was a priceless and beautiful day!!

So I am now off to enjoy the company of my happy family of 3. The kitchen will stay yucky, the laundry will not get folded and I am okay with that. I am totally digging the warm and happy family time in the Pink Haired Momma house!!! Oh and in just a few days, 6 to be exact, I will be advancing in age. Leaving the fabulous year of 30 and entering the scary year of 31. What a grand way to start out the New Year! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We are hosting Christmas Eve at our Casa this year, the first time EVER for our two families to celebrate the season together. Nerve Racking. Nah! Just going bald over here and sweating myself thin!
Anyway I have been a cleaning, cooking, Christmas Elf of a fool the last few days. And not to give away too many secrets for my guests who shall start arriving on...well TOMORROW, a preview...

The cutest SCREAMING Baby DIVA with Santa EVER will greet you at the door

And that same Baby DIVA will show you to her first EVER Gingerbread house, Baby DIVA spread the white icing on the pan!!!
*Please note songbook in background. Dysfunctional Family Christmas Songbook, to be sung in great harmony after many bottles of egg nog or something!
After the Gingerbread tour you will be led by Baby DIVA to the fun and exciting first course of appetizers, Penguin Cream Cheese Wonderland!!!
Now if that doesn't just make you wanna rush on over to Pink Haired Momma's for Christmas, nothing will!!
Oh and Look what my H4L got US for Christmas!!! SURPRISE!!!
I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! I hope your days are blessed and full of love and laughter and lots of the NOG!!! Happy Chistmakwanzakuh!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Breakfast

Last year on Christmas morning, H4L and shared the joy and magic of gazing at our beautiful bundle of joy, Baby DIVA and her fabulous exactly 4 week old little self. We basked in the glory and happiness that she was healthy and thriving despite being born exactly a month before she was due, Yep you read that correct. Baby DIVA was in fact scheduled to make her big debut on Christmas Day, however she arrived in the nick of time for turkey day instead.

Christmas morning brought us 3 hour feedings, lots of dirty diapers, and two stumbling adults still trying to piece together how parenting a newborn works. This year things are quite different. We have a toddler, not a newborn infant. The tree is up and the house has been thrown up upon by all the crazy Christmas decor. The gifts are all wrapped and snug under the tree. The stockings are hung and ready to be filled. Santa has made contact and assured us that the assembled toys (got to love that frustration free packing) will be nestled precisely under the tree upon the waking of Baby DIVA on Christmas morning. There is just one little tid bit of final formalities we need to firm up.

H4L and I are trying to pick out a traditional food we will devour on Christmas morning. H4L is quite partial to French Toast, so I have found several routes for this feat. Here are the 3 choices:

I now ask for your opinion on which route we should go. I would also love to hear about you. Do you eat a certain something special on Christmas morning? Why do you eat it? Is there a story behind your yummies or are you like H4L and I, and you and your family just chose something delicious to devour on this magical morning?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let the Tantrums begin

I have mentioned before that before I was graced with the fabulous career of motherhood, I used to be an avid reader. Now knee deep in the midst of mommahood, I am forced to enjoy books on a few page basis as I grab a moment alone on the toilet...whenever alone in the pot actually happens. Yes it is true that instead of the book stacks upon the bedside table, in my house you can find stacks of books on the back of the toilet, along with a few parenting magazines as well. Fascinating stuff!

The other day I was reading a page or so in the quiet of the potty room, in my favorite parenting book What to Expect the First Year . I do reference this fabulous book despite Baby DIVA now being a big girl and almost hitting that 1 year and 1 month old marker!! So, I am reading a section about 12-13 months babes and how they may begin to start exhibiting tantrum type behavior. I chuckled to myself and thought, "thank goodness Baby DIVA does not behave in the manner". Boy am I an idiot.

I kid you not, 5 minutes after I chuckled those thoughty words in my happy little mind, Baby DIVA learned the art of tantrum throwing and has not stopped YET. She finds this amusing and is involving the entire city in her new ambitious goal of humiliating momma! Not to mention she is driving Pink Haired Momma crazy with her ridiculous behavior. These tantrums can strike at any time and any place. She has no mercy for them. no warning. No manners. The kitchen of our home, the crib at 3am, the check out line at walmart, eating out at a restaurant with grandma. It is AWFUL. Seriously kid! Just because I did not give you that french fry does not then open the door for you to scream and wail and act a fool. WOW! Must come from daddy because I mean I never behave in that way (those of you who know me personally may now step away from your computer and laugh hysterically for about 5 minutes, I will be here upon return. GO)

Baby DIVA throws the biggest tantrum of the day at bed time. It is a full out throw yourself down and scream and moan and groan and whimper and WaWaWa all the way till you can not hold your eyes open anymore fiasco EVERY single night (for the last 4 days). We are not giving in. She is not giving in. I feel that the stubbornness in this family may kill us all.

Tantrum stage must end soon, please!!! We are of course being the ever most responsible follow the rule parents and we are not responding to this behavior at all. We are allowing her to tantrum throw and not receive any of the positive or negative attention she is reaching for with these outbursts, but it ain't easy!

Tantrum throwing while asleep and with chupy in her mouth!!

Time out Thursday

It has been a few weeks since I have actively participated in my favorite Thursday blog event. The holidays have kept me hopping. But I found the way back to my happy place, my computer, and I am here to tell you all about My Thursday Time out for Mom.

As always, if you are new to my blog and have no idea what I am speaking of, then you need to scurry that little tush of yours over to Theta Mom, and have a little looksee about what all the fuss is about. You see, Theta Mom has made a pledge to the blogging world and this pledge has spread like wild fire throughout the world of motherhood.
Moms must take 1 hour per week, and yes that says 1 hour per week, to themselves. No Hubbs, no kids, No dirty dishes, no laundry. 1 hour of time that is devoted to just mom. 1 hour to do something alone and for mom, in hopes that mom can continue to keep her sanity and all the other moms out there wont have to hear about her on the evening news doing something stupid. So Theta Mom is our Queen Bee in this endeavor. She brought forth this pledge and makes sure we all keep our pledge to the cause. She has up report in on Thursday, link up and share our fabulous stories of how we so selfishly took 1 hour during a 7 day period to our self!

So here is what I did this week for my mom time...

I went on a job interview. Woohoo! Fabulous time out right? Well I was alone. No hubbs, No Baby DIVA, no dirty dishes, there was a bit of trash on the floorboard or my car because I am a car slob but i didn't clean it, so it doesn't count. The time alone was spent for me, so it counts right?

Well I applied for the job last Thursday evening. It was a work from home position deemed Data Mining. In layman's terms ( I learned later) this is basically reviewing medical records and "mining" specific information and then compiling it into database format for litigation attorney's. Right up my alley. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when at 730am on Friday morning I got the call for an interview! FABULOUS. Interview was set for Monday. Grandma was scheduled to watch Baby DIVA, I got myself dressed in real clothes and even brushed my teeth. And off I went to my (time out) interview.

The interview went superb. I was tickled. However, they will not be making any decisions until after the first of the year. BLAH!!! Either that is a nice blow off or I will be excited again come January. Time will tell.

So that is how I spent my time out. It was lovely. I jammed out to music in the car that I wanted to listen to. I drove slow and enjoyed my time alone and worked at making myself a better person by gaining more experience from interviewing. More knowledge to pass on to Baby DIVA some day!

So what did you do with your Mommy Time Out?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blogging over 1 year

I knew it was close, but had no idea it was TODAY!!!

I just took a little peak at when it was that I started sharing my life as a Pink Haired Momma with the world through the writings of this blog; and it is TODAY one year ago!

Happy blogiversary to me!!!

Wanna read the beginnings? Pink Haired Momma's First Blog Post
It is so sad to look back. I was so tired and sleep deprived. After reading that first post I immediately honed in on the grammar and spelling errors that presented from my sleep deprivation of being a brand new momma of only 3 weeks!!! You live and learn! It has been an enlightening and wonderful year!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Naked Baby

Baby DIVA has yet again graced me with a new found skill. I am not quite sure if I should do some jumps of joy jumping jacks in utter excitement for this skill. Although I am thrilled to add to Baby DIVA's repertoire of fabulous skills, this one just irks me.

Baby DIVA has officially developed the awareness that there is a fluffy little contraption that covers her tush, and it has these really snazzy "removable" stickers. She thinks this fluffy toy is the only toy in the world, at least in the wee hours of the day.

Yep. Naked Baby.
Baby DIVA removes her diaper at will.

Not a so proud momma when you happen to find Baby DIVA hovering over her mattress canvas. So I twirled my Pink Haired locks around my finger, got some advice from a Friend and begin to put the fluffy contraption on backwards in the most often abused "removal" time periods aka overnight.

She is my child.
She is not stupid.

She just simply reached towards her tush and pulled on her toy stickers. I can almost see the look of sarcasm and accomplishment in my mind that must have enhanced her sweet face as this discovery of reaching backwards and removing the diaper came to her developing mind.

Yep. Naked Baby.
Yep. An unscheduled load of laundry and cleaning festival ensued.
Yep. Pink Haired Momma not impressed.

I guess I should be incredibly excited that Baby DIVA has the knowledge, comprehension and dexterity to pull off such a fabulous stunt. But honestly, it just makes my eyes roll as she giggles and dances around with her naked Butt!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Thank you to everyone for your kind words on my Great Granny. I wanted to take a moment to share with you that my Granny has passed on. She left us gracefully on Sunday night. She is now at peace, is comfortable, and is hand in hand with her beloved husband. I again thank you all for your warm and kind words during this time of bittersweet sadness within my family.

Bless you all.

Baby DIVA topples over...


I am such a horrible mom. Why wasn't I watching? How did she fall? OMG!! I am terrible to have looked away for less than one minute! And how is it that a kid can get into so much trouble during that less than 30 seconds you are not looking at them? HUH? Do they plot and plan and wait till you turn and look the other way? Okay, mom has turned her head for 5 seconds, now its time to dive bomb off the couch!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!

I felt like the worst parent on the face of the planet. I saw her falling over the couch from across the room (a whole 5 steps) and I think I even got to her about the same time she hit the floor. But I still felt like hell because I did not have my supermom powers in full working order, I did not reach her in time. I scooped her up with the quickness as tears raced from her eyes. Grabbed the phone and starting dialing the peds office, dumbass it was closed. Hung up. Dialed my mom. No answer. Gosh dangit! Called one of my best friends who has lots of practice with falling kids, no answer! AHHHHHHHHHHH. Meanwhile as I am panicked (and yes I did do a complete check of her head, no blood, no breaks, no marks, nada), Baby DIVA has fully composed herself and is sitting in my arms looking at me like I am smoking crack or something. She has this look of "mom seriously what is your deal" on her face, followed by some baby chuckles.

So okay she is fine. No problem. I still felt like I deserved worst mom in the world award. I still watched her every move for the next FOREVER making sure she was okay. I could be found saying things like, "oh my she looked at that toy a bit too long, do you think she is injured from her fall?" or " oh my she didn't eat all her dinner maybe she has a brain injury, should we call the doctor?" Seriously, I am sick in the head. H4L was not pleased with my aftermath behavior. Even making this post took some time. I mean this "incident" occurred on Thanksgiving morning. I couldn't share my horrible mom story with you until now.

Now I have doctored up the living room, Matt's and pillows and blankets cover the floor behind the couch! Supermom is back in action. Never to be without Pink Hair and a super cape ever again!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

End of life

My Great Grandmother is dying.

Not like the rest of us, but she is actively dying as I type this post. I have never really encountered this scenario. I have never sat next to a loved one as I watched them actively die. I have never had to watch each labored breath my loved one takes and wonder if this will finally be the last breath that takes all the pain away. have never sat in a hosptial room and had my loved one not really even know I am there, present in the room, caring, loving and grieving for them. It is horrendous. I feel like I am in a bad dream.

I have always been on the fence about my feeling on euthanasia in humans. Watching my Great grandmother suffer to her death has allowed me to find out exactly where my feelings lie upon this matter. Sure, I can see both sides of this option. However, at the point I see my Great Granny, I kow exactly how I feel, no questions asked. I do not think anyone should have to undergo such misery when only harder suffering is on the horizon.

She is not going to get better. In fact she is going to get worse. Her lungs have had significant damage from her lifetime. She is 88 years old. She is battling the flu, much like the horrible flu I myself and still fighting off over a month later. She is too weak to suck liquid from a straw. She is DNR and therefore no invasive treatments will take place. A Bipap machine is her lifeline as of here on out. With each labored breath she struggles with such enormity that panic strikes her. She can not be given any sedatives. Why? They might calm her so much that she would die. And that is against the law. So instead we will just have to watch her suffer.

It is sad. I am hurt. I am angry. I am full of mixed emotions. I am hopeful that she passes quickly and can join her husband in their afterlife. I will miss my Great Grandmother incredibly so, but am very happy to have had almost 31 years with her. I just hate that her last days have to be like this. I wish there was more we could do. I wish she did not have to suffer one minute. I wish she could just go peacefully and not feel this pain.

Instead I will continue to visit her often both in person and in spirit. I will tell her stories about Baby DIVA and how she loves her Great Great Granny (no one under 12 may enter the hospital due to swine flu, so Baby DIVA can not visit). I will hold my Great Granny's hand and tell her that I love her, even though she no longer responds to me by voice or by squeezing my hand. I will let her know I am by her side, now and always, and that I hope she passes soon in to the joy of her afterlife.

It is seriously pure misery to watch a love one suffer in this way. One would think that will all the vast amounts of technology we have, that death and dying could be peaceful. Unfortunately that is not an area we seem to focus on advancing in. What a shame. It is quite sad.

My Great Granny holding Baby DIVA on Mother's Day 2009!

Boppin into Christmas

One of the great things about planning ahead and being on a budget, is that by December all your Christmas shopping is complete. All the gifts are wrapped under the tree. No crazy running around needs to be done. You can just sit back and enjoy the weekends as Christmas approaches and savor the fabulous family moments. These, before Christmas weekends can be spent doing FUN family stuff instead of crazed madness to prepare for the upcoming holiday. I am thrilled about this. Being around my H4L and Baby DIVA and experiencing fun, exciting and Christmasy outings and events and spirit boosters is so much better than Christmas panic!

So, last night H4L and I loaded up in the old family car with our bundled up Baby DIVA (because yes even though we are in the hottest state in the country, we are still quite cold from our mini blizzard on Friday. Still in shock and awe from this festive event!). 4 layers on Baby DIVA and a hot heater blowing in the car, 15 minute car ride and some screams of pure heat exhaustion later, we pulled up to the Cottage Charm. Cottage Charm is a fabulous dancing lights display. I know you have all seen the wondrous house that has swept the nation over the last few years with its dancing lights to the musical sensation of trans Siberian orchestra. Well the Cottage charm is the same idea, on a slightly smaller scale. The Cottage Charm is a free event and runs every 15 minutes from 6pm to 11pm 7 days a week during the holiday season. They invite you to bring non perishable canned goods that can be utilized in the local food bank. So that's what we did. We packed up some cans of baby formula and other canned goods along with our 4 layers of clothes on Baby DIVA, and went out to enjoy the light show. It was so cool. Not very crowded. Quiet. Beautiful lights. We turned on our radio to the requested channel and could hear the music that accompanied the dancing lights! Highly enjoyable family outing!

I am going to share with you some video of the Fabulous Cottage Charm. Just bear in mind that I am a mom, so some Baby screeches blend in well with the cool Christmas sing along music! Oh and a Baby arm or head might pop in the way every now and again. Just adds the fabulous cool factor! You know how it goes!

Friday, December 4, 2009

SNOW???? in Houston

***BIG NEWS***
It is SNOWING outside!

My backyard bushes!

Some of you are probably saying "Ya! So What. its been snowing for weeks." Well let me tell you it does not snow here in Houston, Texas! EVER. In fact, my first time to ever see snow was just a few years ago when H4L and I took a little vacay to Chicago for New Years aka my Birthday to visit our family! If we do happen to get a little flurry here in the great state of humid and hotness, we most definitely never have it stick to the ground...until today!

My ass is cold and wet mom, Not digging it!

My usual "sunning" spot

Mister weather dude is saying we should expect 2-6 inches over the next 24 hours! That is like a huge blizzard for my part of the world! Stay tuned for more pics! I am gonna go cook up some turkey chili and homemade hot chocolate to warm our bones before we head on out and try and build a snowman (mini of course)!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Baby DIVA's first EVER sugar. Her Birthday cupcake with mom and dad!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Are you a clay potter?

I have been quite the little Domesticated Pink Haired Momma in the kitchen. This has been established quite well. And I just got married. All of this is old news right? Well! A good friend of mine gave me a little gift for my wedding, that just happens to work in the kitchen. She gave me a Clay Pot.

Hmmmmm. You must be thinking "WHAT?" Well that is if you are newly domesticated like I am, or if you are not German, like I am not. Here have a little lookey for those who are like me.

Clay Pot for cooking not potting!!

At first I was a bit scared of this clay pot. I have never used a clay pot for cooking and I was a bit unsure on what to do with this new addition to my kitchen repertoire. But after a few dabbles with it in the kitchen, I am in LOVE with this clay pot. This is by far the greatest addition to my kitchen, and I didn't even know they existed.

I simply soak the pot in cold water for about 10 minutes before using. Then I load it up with some edible yummies, stick it in a cold oven, turn oven on and then walk away for a set amount of time. When I come back and remove my friend little clay pot, not only is dinner complete, it is absolutely phenomenal! Seriously, chicken falling off the bone and melting in my mouth good! I am so in love...

Chicken Napoli. The meat just fell off the bones! And that is the juice there of the chicken! I added nothing to the pot. No water, no broth, nada! The clay pot enables the food to cook nicely in its own juices. YUM!!!

A few apples, raisins, cinnamon, and a splash of rum and Voila. A delicious yummy sweet treat baked up in my little clay pot friend and served immediately with some vanilla ice cream...calorie free of course!

I must say I am now the biggest fan of clay pot cooking. It is easy, delicious, easy, yummy, easy...well you get the point. I am interested to hear if you are familiar with clay pot cooking. If so lets swap recipes and get to clay pot cooking!!!

Thank you so much G!!! I LOVE my clay pot!

Christmas barfed on my house

I love the holiday season. I love the warmth that a glowing tree fills our living room with. I love all the snazzy decorations all around town. I love that my entire house looks like Christmas barfed all over it! It is awesome. It is fun. I love that by living in Texas you can often find me shopping about town in flip flops and shorts for those last few stocking stuffers. It is the holiday season! We won't even think or talk about that in just about 3 weeks I will be begging for it to be all over. Come on you know it is true, you will too!

I don't love that the holiday season is pushed upon us WAY to early. I like to wait until after thanksgiving to even think about decorating. Unfortunately I have been looking at Christmas decor in the consumer world for nearly a month now. We also have implemented a very strict "No Christmas" policy until after thanksgiving because of Baby DIVA's birthday. I do not want her to ever feel she has to compete with thanksgiving or Christmas to have her birthday honored. I myself know how it feels to be a holiday baby! I am a New Years Day babe. Therefore the house that was barfed on by Christmas is all packed up and removed before New Years Day in order to separate my birthday from the holiday. I am thankful for my mom for doing this for me and now I will do the same for my daughter.

That being said, thanksgiving is history and we have climbed our way all the way in to December...


our Christmas tree is up

and the house is covered with holiday cheer!! It is time to crank up the holiday tunes and dance around after a spiked cup of nog to my favorite Christmas jam Run Run Rudolph while we allow Christmas to barf all over the house!!

I have a wee bit of an obsession with these Christmas Frogs! I absolutely Love them. H4L thinks they are a tad bit creepy!

Even our toilet is excited it is Christmas!!

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