Thursday, December 31, 2009

Midnight brings on the "31"

Here we are. The last day of the year. I should be jumping for joy! A brand new year to start. A brand new decade to conquer! Yippee! But nope I am quite sad. You see, at the stroke of midnight I age an entire year! Just like that in a single instant I go from the fun, fiery, and fabulous age of 30 to the old and horrible age of 31. In a mere second of time, the year changes, the decade changes and I become 31 years old. WOWSERS! Seriously, I don't know why they are not reporting my change of age right along with the decade change of GMA! It is a big deal!!

Several years ago this would not have been a problem. A few bottles of wine and a couple steins of beer followed by a splash of champagne and a few buttery nipples, the drink, although the drink might not have been the only buttery nipple! HA! I would not have a care in the world as to what age I was turning. As long as the world stopped still at precisely two minutes into the New Year and toasted, sang, danced and swooned all over me and my wonderful day of birth! I am not kidding. I made EVERYONE stop celebrating their new year and put me on a pedestal. I did really. I had secret motives though. I learned rather early on that New Years Day was a day that folks stayed in bed or really close to the toilets. If I didn't get them to celebrate me at the stroke of my birth date, it wasn't gonna happen. PS I too stayed incredibly close to my friend toilet for many a new years days!

Now however, I am a momma, pink haired and almost 31, but I am a momma. I now am concerned about those ridiculous drunks who dare to take the road late at night and jeopardize my darling Baby DIVA. I find myself a tad grumpy at the misfits who are popping fireworks before the New Year past 10pm at night. The oldie is creeping in. Baby DIVA, H4L and myself plan to ring in the new Year family style. Adult Drinks, Yo Gabba Gabba, sippy's of milk and lots of love! To some it may seem boring. To parents it will touch the heart in that perfect place!

Lets take a moment to look back at the last decade of my birthdays...

21: millennium birthday. Yep I turned the big 21 on 1-1-2000. Don't recall too much. Pictures can not be posted. If you were there, shhhhhh! I do remember being asked multiple times if my ID was a fake. And getting really angry because I had the coolest bday EVER and no one believed me!

22: Disease reared its ugly head. Spent 22 at home but very sick. Teased the dr's about pouring Vodka straight into my central line!

23: dinner at papasitos followed by bar hopping with K-teach! I loved bar hopping with K-teach!

24: K-teach and I were up to no good, just don't remember what no good we were up to!

25: Trip to New Orleans with some great friends. Got bit by a police horse right after midnight. And made a friend fall out of her chair laughing...over the phone! Saw a cemetery with some voodoo stuff and drank in the oldest bar in New Orleans. Had a wonderful time!

26: My dear friend Jenn married her wonderful husband Jon on 12-31 and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. It was beautiful and filled with fun, love and lots of champagne (in the cutest little pink cans with pink straws, i must have a zillion).

27: Vacay to San Antonio with some more fabulous friends. I can recall sitting on a piano and being instructed by some loud speaker to demonstrate my drinking skills with a bottle of bud light. I can also recall showing off some fabulous dancing skills to Grease, in my knee high stiletto silver sequin boots. (still got these bad boys, may need to bring them out for H4L). And I met a young lad with my same birth date. We shared a cocktail, age and birth date and nothing more. we bored of each other and off I went to stir up trouble.

28: CHICAGO: arrived at my aunts to find their home had been smothered in EVERYTHING PINK in honor of me and my birthday. I ate it up! Saw snow. Puked on front stoop in snow. Really wanted fried chicken but was in little Italy. Toilet was my friend.

29: CHICAGO: H4L and I were dating and took a little vacay to my aunts in Chicago. We wondered around learning about each other and the city of Chicago. Made my first snow angel and danced and kissed in the snow with my future husband! Great New Year.

30: 5 weeks post birth of Baby DIVA. At home with family and friends. Felt really fat and old. Hormones mixed with birthdays don't mix. Don't try it!

But now 31 is quickly approaching (like only hours away). I think it is gonna be ok. I fell quite spunky and young. Of course I am still pleasantly plump, but I mean I share with you the fabulousness I cook up in my kitchen, so it is to be expected. H4L thinks I am wonderful and so do I! I love my life, my daughter, my H4L and all of my friends and family. I find myself laughing and smiling more than ever. So if a new decade and a new age of 31 are to continue with lots of love and laughter then I have nothing to be afraid of. I say BRING IT!!!

I wish everyone a wonderful New Year! I hope many good, wonderful and fabulous things happen to you all in the upcoming new decade and the year of 2010. I leave you now at the close of my final 2009 post and hope you remember to stop and scream to the stars


at precisely 2 minutes past midnight! Don't forget now!

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Pink Haired Momma!!! And, NO, 31 is not old even in the least - that would make me ancient and I am not!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Now how do you remember all your birthdays? I have trouble remembering what I did last year.


    I can't believe you remember each and every birthday leading up. I can't remember anything past 2 months ago. LOL.

    Happy New Year!

    Sorry to be late with the birthday sentiments!
    And I have to second what Too Many Hats said...I will be 38(gasp!) in April and I guess that makes sense when you do the math but I certainly don't feel old!


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