Friday, December 24, 2010

Case of the missing cookies

What does one do when they bake 2 dozen sugar cookies to use when making melted snowman cookies for Christmas, only to discover this when returning to fetch said cookies for decorating???

Ooops. Guess I should have decorated immediately instead of waiting a day. H4L and Baby DIVA found my stash!

So instead I made Oreo Truffles and Peanut Butter Balls. YUM!!

Step one: Balls are formed

Step 2: Dunk balls in chocolate and harden in fridge

Step 3: Admire and consume!

Merry Christmas Eve! Enjoy spending SWEET time with you loved ones while stuffing yourself with SWEETS!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Scary Zippers?

Not that it is cold here in Texas today. No, we are unseasonably HOT. Hitting the 80's this week. Joy. 2 days before Christmas and its a tropical heat wave. Not exactly Jacket weather. However we do get a few hours a year where a jacket of sorts is needed.

I suppose this is good news for one Baby DIVA. The girl HATES to put on jackets of any kind. Anything that has a zipper or buttons down the front she throws a full out tantrum scream fest. We have a knock down drag out every time.

What is a mom to do? Was she trapped in a straitjacket in a previous life? What would make my 2 year old terrified of jackets. This is quite baffling. And we have about 48 hours to figure out the problem before a blast of cold snap through town and drops out temps to 30, just in time for Santa's arrival.

Any thoughts?

We are THOSE people.

Yes, it is true. We are THOSE people who stop at historical markers when on road trips. We are THOSE people who annoy the kids and family members by making them pose for pictures at historical signs across the country. Yes. We are THOSE people. It comes quite natural to us. H4L being a photographer by passion and myself wanting to document our lives for scrapbooks to reflect on in later years, that I can assure you will probably never actually get put together. You know those folks you drive by and laugh at when you are traveling by, the ones you think "idiots, losers, standing on the side of a road next to a goofy historical plaque. Yep, that is us! Wave next time you pass by us! Maybe even stop in for a quick pic!

Last week we took a short, (I say say short but we literally drove across Texas and back in two days), trip to Paris. Paris, Texas that is, to see Uncle Diamond GRADUATE from school. We are really, really proud of Uncle Diamond fro completing his degree in Jewelry school. We look forward to watching his beautiful designs come to life and add sparkle to peoples lives in the future. Congratulations Uncle Diamond!!!

Way to go Uncle Diamond!!!

On our adventure we saw all kinds of wonderful sights, being we also took a route off the beaten path. Yes, really Baby DIVA and Critter 2 are stuck with THOSE parents. We saw a house built into a man made hill, a random exotic animal petting zoo inside someone house, an abandoned old woman's school from the 1880's, and lots and lots of Christmas lights and cows. Baby DIVA loves to "mooooooo" when she sees the four legged creatures. Great fun!

H4L in front of old school house in Crocket, Texas

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ultrasounds unsafe for fetus?

I had my Critter2 Checkup earlier this week. All is well, in case you missed it. But I also found out something surprising. You see, I was trying to pull off and ridiculously fun scam with my Dr. I very sweetly begged him to do an early ultrasound, just a crotch shot of Critter2. That is all I needed. I had already purchased two little onesies, one saying "little brother" one saying "little sister". I also prepared two little gift bags. One decorated in Christmas paper and one a plan old brown paper bag. My intention was to have Dr grant me my wish of a crotch shot ultrasound. Then have the tech place the crotch shot ultrasound picture and the correct onesie in the Christmas paper gift bag and SEAL it tight, without revelaing to me what he/she found. That way Christmas morning I would be able to hand H4L a little gift from Critter2 , and we could find out as a family of 3 what the 4th party to our family is to be.

Well plain FAILED. Dr said no. BOO! Scrooge!

But that is not all he said. He then told me very soon the obstetrics and gynecological association has been doing recent research and will be releasing research very soon pertaining to 3d ultrasounds and the harm they can cause to fetus. In fact he was pretty adamant in his distaste for them even advising me without probing, that he would not sign off on me to go to a private institution for an early ultrasound and he really, really would like me not to be exposed to the 3D ultrasound. REALLY? I thought these 3d ultrasounds were becoming the norm! What harm can the cause. Holy Crap!

I kind of freaked out and begin to worry about ultrasounds and Critter2. I put the topic to one of my mom groups and we were able to debate it out. Pros and Cons. What harm that could be done, if any. Our personal thoughts and feelings on the matter. It helped calm me down but I am still a little un-nerved about the whole deal, as I am a high risk momma and will more than likely receive many ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy, some of which may need to be 3D.

I had a consultation with Dr. Google and turned up relatively nothing pertaining to 3D ultrasounds harming the fetus. In fact most the sites I found, stress that no harm is done in 2D or 3D ultrasounds. I still plan on researching more and seeing what other information I can find. I also am incredibly interested in reading this research that my Doc speaks of, that will be released soon. But while I am on the hunt for information and in the waiting period for the new research release, I thought I would ask you, my readers, for your thoughts, input and stand on the issue.

Do you think 3D ultrasounds are safe? What about 2D? Do you like getting as many ultrasounds as possible during your pregnancy? Would you prefer less? Have you found any information out there in relation to ultrasounds being harmful, whether 2D or 3d? If so please share what you know or the links here. I would love to learn more about this topic.

2 years of blogging

It is hard to believe that this little blog of mine has been around for 2 years. And thanks to you, my readers my ramblings don't just blast out on the Internet into a cyberspace black hole. Nope more than just my family pops in to see what odd ball crap I have to say on any given day; and that just tickles me so!

I have met some wonderful people in the past few years because of blogging. Some I have met in person, some just via the world wide web, all I hold very dear to my heart. Blogging has connected me to a wonderful world of friendships that I needed to have in my life and it has opened doors to me I never even knew were there. Thank you for being a part of something that means the world to me and has provided such a crutch to me as I embarked on the mommahood! I look forward to continuing my ramblings for as long as I can type and talk. God help us all!

Thank you!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas crafting...again

We are still at it. Christmas Crafting some more with Baby DIVA. Nothing fancy. Just fun stuff. And if you have ever crafted with a tot, you know it's a fun experience just in itself!


Here we have a handprint/footprint reindeer. Took us a while. Baby DIVA kind of ADD'd on me. First we traced her hands and feet. She thought it was cool but lost interest during the cutting phase. But was back and ready to rock and roll when she spied the glue and momma letting her use it.


Some more ADD moments can be seen here in this Santa. We started it and Yep Baby DIVA has showed no interest in finsihing. That is okay though. That is the fun of crafting with toddler right? Maybe we will finish it next year! LOL

And this one I can not take credit for. But I really wanted to share it with you. My friend Jamie of Love to Shop Mom, surprised Baby DIVA with this adorable Chritmas crafting shirt. Too dang cute huh?

Santa's Wonderland

This last weekend we took Baby DIVA on an adventure to a local holiday hot spot. Santa's Wonderland is a multi acre drive thru Christmas light spectacular coupled with a festival like atmosphere. Not only are there lights galore, but a cute little Santa town with all kinds of snacks and a few gift shops. There is even a fabulous little cook-your-own hot dogs and smores area for the kiddos, of all ages of course. And all of this is done while listening to live music, really bringing the magical season to life.



You can captivate your childs imagination by engaging them via hayride or Carriage ride through the amazing lighted drive across the park. Leaping reindeer, rivers of blue water, nativity scenes, santa, chipmunks, you-name-it, can be found in this forrest of lights. It really is an amazing spectacle.


Baby DIVA was not too impressed with waiting in the line to board our fabulous hayride. However, once we started on our adventure through the rainbow arch of thousands of lights, she woke up, smiled and the magic of the seaon caught her. A hit to be repeated for years to come!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Critter2 checkup

Critter2 had a little check up yesterday. I heard "his" heartbeat and the doctor and nurse confirmed that I do in fact have a spunky, very wiggly, wild child growing in my tummy! Tell me something I dont know. "He" moves constantly! Everything is proceeding as it should.

These appointments are actually kind of boring, if you know what I mean. You go in, pee in a cup, get your blood pressure checked, Dr comes and and tells you "you are still pregnant" and goes away. See you in a month. Blah!

Critter 2 is doing well but I am starting to display a little bit of pregnancy struggles. My blood pressure is already on the rise. I am now off of salt for the duration of this pregnancy and must monitor my blood pressure and alert the doctor of elevated numbers. Boo. I expected this in later pregnancy since Baby DIVA was induced at 34 weeks because om high Blood pressure, but I did not expect it to climb so early. Oh and I lost some pounds. Go me! Not really, but hey who doesn't like to see the number go down!!

But Critter2 is looking great, and that is the important thing! Also we scheduled our level 2 ultrasound for January 4. Translation: GENDER REVEAL!!!


Friday, December 10, 2010

12 days of Christmas

In hopes to keep Baby DIVA entertained during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season as well as to keep her from noticing we don't hit the park too often because it is a tad chilly, I have been trying to come up with fun crafty things to do indoors to peak her attention. Now we all know a 2 year old is going to have the attention span of OH about 30 seconds, so these are quick projects, nonetheless I find myself finishing them alone while she runs off to get into something she is not supposed to. AHH the life of a mom with a toddler.

Yesterday we completed our 12 days of Christmas project for this year. Simple really. I traced Baby DIVA's hand onto green paper and then cut out a bunch of her prints. We then took her hands and constructed a Christmas tree from them. I also cut out a few pink and blue ball ornaments and red candy canes and a single large yellow star from construction paper for the tree topper. Simple. Easy. She was entertained for a whole 2 minutes. It was grand!


We hung our masterpiece by the fireplace. It looks quite cute. Now come December 13, we will begin to place a construction paper present under the tree, one each day, for the 12 days of Christmas. An advent calendar of sorts. A craft that keeps on going. A little something fun for my Baby DIVA to do every day between now and Christmas.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas cookies

It is no secret that I have never really been able to master the art of baking cookies. No matter what I have done in the past, my cookies always come out looking distorted or super obese, or all the cookies just "Grow" into one giant cookie. It has become some what a joke around my household, a joke that kind of pisses me off.


This year, Baby DIVA being at an age where Christmas cookies and decorating are a fun activity (well for about a minute and half anyway), I was bound and determined to master the art of baking a cookie and having it come out of the oven looking like the cookie I put in the oven. Thanks to Dr. Google and a friends thought of possibly turning my baked goodies halfway through cooking time, I MASTERED THE SKILL!!! Cookies went in looking one way and came out a little golden brown and looking just the same!


But perhaps I have not quite mastered the decorating aspect of this fun activity. Id like to introduce you to Zombie gingerbread man!!!!


And here are a few looks at Baby DIVA's food art. Clearly she has skills momma doesn't!


Do you bake cookies every year with your family? What kind do you bake and with whom?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Local Christmas Bash

Map of the shindig!

This last weekend H4l, Baby DIVA, and myself (and Critter 2) had the privilege of attending an invitation only Christmas party. OHHHHH, aren't we fancy. Its the hair I tell you! Pink Hair makes cool things happen.

But seriously, we attended the annual Christmas party of a local lawyer , Mr. Lanier. Every year this gentleman throws a family friendly event that is catered at bringing joy and laughter to kids. And this year was no exception. It was amazing. We joined a few thousand of Mr. Laniers closest friends ( see we ain't that fancy) and enjoyed riding a carousel, Ferris wheel, a petting zoo, a bazillion different bounce houses, eating cotton candy, multiple train rides and so much more. Unbelievable. All at no cost and all on the personal property of Mr. Lanier.

Baby DIVA playing games

One goofy kid!

From the moment we entered the gates of Mr. Laniers property until the special shuttle bus drove us away, we had nothing but fun. Baby DIVA had so much fun she stumbled her way back to the bus. Literally the girl was so tired and giggly she tripped over her own feet time and time again. But she was not going to let go of her giant lollipop. (see below)

And yes we are now the proud owners of a pink giantic lollipop!

Oh and did I mention STING was the guest performer and we enjoyed a free concert up close and personal? (okay we fancy again!) Looking quite forward to receiving my invite next year!!

H4L and Baby DIVA and the spiffy Ferris Wheel


Momma and Baby DIVA (looking over my shoulder at something fun!)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa video and Santa letter for FREE

I am sure you have heard about the Free video letter from Santa Claus. It has been all over the blogosphere the last week or so. And let me tell it it is adorable. I made one for Baby DIVA and one for her bestie and they both just fell in love with the old dude and watched the video over and over. But true to any novelty my 2 year old lost interest and moved on leaving me to watch the video over and over again all alone.

And that is when I found a website offering Free letters from Santa Claus. Yeppers. A personalized letter from The jolly old Santa himself just for my kiddo. The website offers you a choice of printing the letter out at home, or having one mailed to you. I opted for the print option myself and have an adorable letter from Santa for Baby DIVA. There are multiple styles to choose from as well. And several different wording options too. I had a blast personalizing this letter for Baby DIVA and although she can not read right now, I am quite sure she will enjoy looking back on this letter and reading it to herself in years to come just as much has she enjoys hearing me read it to her now.

So if you want to add it alittle extra fun to the holidays for your kiddos, scoot over there and design them a Santa video and/or Santa letter! Too cute! And best of all FREE!!!!

Demanding rewards and Fake Kidnappings

My mom's phone went missing the other day while we were out and about. Sucked. But we did what we could to try and find it and then headed to the cell phone store to get a replacement. Mom had the old phone disconnected and off we went with her new toy. C'est la vie.

A few hours later I received a call on my cell phone from a number I didn't recognize. Normally I do not answer such calls, but something beckoned me to take this call. On the other end of the line was a gentleman claiming to have found a blackberry. I said "wonderful, shall we meet so we can get it back?". "No", He told me. "what is the reward?

Shocked. I told him there wasn't a reward we just wanted the phone back. He then told me "he wasted his time and his day finding this phone" and demanded a reward. He was heading into a belligerent context so I just hung up the phone. Asshole.

It bothered me. I found it quite unsettling that another person could find a lost item, such as a cell phone, that we all know is an important item to its owner in this day an age, and be such a disgusting human being about it. Calling the rightful owner and demanding a reward. I don't know about you but I was raised that you treat others with respect. You treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. And if there is a reward you graciously accept or decline, you NEVER demand compensation for helping someone else. In the great scheme of things, the reward itself is helping out a fellow person.

But then what am I to expect in a society that finds paying for a fake kidnapping to be an acceptable form of pastime or a acceptable gift for those who are just too hard to buy for.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fabulous gift finds

JC Penny is having a fabulous sale and there are several codes out there that make this marvelous sale that much better. I just had to share my good fortune with my readers in hopes they too can snag some goodies for all those tots in our lives.

I managed to get a play kitchen, Shopping cart with food, play laundry center , child's desktop computer, and a 10-1 activity learning cart (a gift for KDude), all shipped to me for a total of $60!!! That is it. Baby DIVA is going to wake up Christmas morning to a fabulous find under her tree!!

And with the savings I just might get to have a little comething from Santa for me this year too!

Here is the code I used 4RELVES. Good luck!

Bye Bye Chupy

Baby DIVA turned the big 2 last Thursday. And many of you moms out there know what that means. Time to take away the pacifier, or Chupy as we call it. We spent the last few weeks discussing this revelation with Baby DIVA. I literally could see my words going in one ear and out there other. I assumed it was a lost cause and this Operation chupy removal would be a nightmare.

I have been pleasantly surprised though. We have taken away Chupy for the entire day. Baby DIVA must turn it in to the Cabinet fairy in the morning when she wakes up. She can not have Chupy all day long, not even for naps, but at bedtime we let her have it. The magical cabinet fairy brings chupy back foor one special Baby DIVA. Just for this first week. Starting week 2 she must go night night without Chupy.

So far so good! She is a tad fussy in the car without her pal chupy, and seems to take an extra 10 to 20 minutes to fall asleep at nap time. But other than that we are soaring through operation chupy removal! I am actually kind of excited about it. I will admit I thought she wouldn't give it up and it was gonna get ugly. But I was wrong, at least so far!

Here is hoping potty training goes as smooth! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday MAGIC

Thanksgiving came and went. And we all know what that means! Despite the retail industry trying to force us to accept some Holiday cheer 4 months before the old jolly guy comes down for a visit; it is NOW officially time to get our Christmas on!

For me, I simply must deck the house in Christmas the weekend following Thanksgiving. I do not care what my plans are. What is on our schedule. It WILL happen. Even if it means decorations go up at 3 in the morning. Christmas will magically appear the weekend after Turkey Day Dammit!

And I did. H4L was kind enough to scamper up the attic ladder and bring down my zillion boxes of Christmas d├ęcor. I emphasize the number here, as H4L noticeably mentioned to me how he carried each box down. Love yah Hun! Sorry but the belly prevents me from doing any strenuous activity. (Side note: Someone toss me an excuse for next year). Once the boxes were down, I began to rummage through them finding all sorts of treasures that I forgot about over the last 11 months. Ahhh it was just like Christmas. HA!

While Baby DIVA napped ever so sweetly, I turned her castle into Christmas wonderland. The tree went up and was adorned with numerous ornaments that we have collected as a family. Mementoes from previous vacations, Baby first Christmas, Wedding memories, and even little hand and footprint ornaments from Baby DIVA made right after she was born. Yes hormones kicked in and I had myself a little cry while hanging ornaments. Isn’t that why we have these ornaments?

After the tree went up I carried on the Christmas magic to all other areas of the house. The mantle now houses the old familiar Christmas frogs, the kitchen is covered in gingerbread men and nutcrackers, and the guest bathroom screams winter as it is decked out in snowmen galore. Gorgeous. Wonderful. Christmas!

Now in, oh about 3 ½ weeks I will be itching to put up as this “clutter”. Funny how that happens huh?

Baby DIVA broke my camera so you will have to settle for a camera phone pic. Enjoy. HINT TO SANTA!!! I need a camera!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Must do's for December

December is almost here. It is time to race around like the world is coming to and end and get everything done. Never mind we have spent the last 12 months sitting on our asses watching re runs of House all weekend. NOW though, we are just so busy and must get things done. No more butt sitting. Must be jammed packed from this point on!

Okay so perhaps I am over exaggerating a bit. But seriously, have you ever noticed how "busy" we all become during the month of December? Each year I feel that no matter how prepared we are there is still the hustle and bustle and constant "stress" of the month to get everything done. Make sure all the sights are seen and pcitures taken to document the season. I recently was checking out our family calendar while trying to schedule lunch with a friend and caught myself saying, "Well you know I am really booked up, What do you have available in January"". REALLY?? How the heck did that happen? I am a SAHM, and don't get me wrong it is a double full time gig, but really how did my schedule get so backed up.

Then I looked into this problem a little deeper. What exactly is it that we are so" busy" doing? Here is the rundown. Now take notes locals, you might need to fill your calender too! Some of these things are just too good not to stuff on your schedule!!

City of Katy Tree lighting
December 2 at 5pm Katy Heritage park.

Lanier Xmas party December 5: and invitation only bash thrown by a local lawyer. Complete with an invitation that came via Ferris wheel! This will be our first attendance to the bash and I am actually looking forward to it. An alcohol free family event with guest performer Sting. Sounds fun to me!

The Cottage Charm A wonderful little spectacle we discovered last year. Local christian ministries team up and provide a wonderful display of dancing lights themed to wonderful music all while running a food drive to help those in need. WE took many cans of food last year and enjoyed the show so much. It is free, just if you can spare it please donate some can goods and take your family out to see spectacular dancing lights. Runs 6pm to 11pm every night throughout the holiday season

La Centerra offers visits and pictures with Santa every Saturday and Sunday throughout the month of December. Cost is free. But remember to bring your own camera if you want those pictures. We took Baby DIVA last year and were delighted to find out Santa also provided breakfast prepared by Mrs. Claus who also makes her appearance. We look forward to visiting again this year.

Houston Area Mommies in addition to our regularly scheduled play dates and mom events, HAM will also be hosting some fabulous Holiday events/parties for the moms, tots, and family. Such a great community to be involved in.

Other things we have going on this month include Baby DIVA's 2 year checkup! WOWSERS. Numerous Birthday parties, Uncle Diamonds Graduation: complete with a trip to Paris!, and of course TONS of holiday baking! It is a very busy month but I am looking quite forward to it all! Maybe not all MUST HAVE to do's but majority of it is fun anyway. Maybe a nice hot cocoa and a snuggle with Baby DIVA on the couch watching Backyardigan re runs instead of House re runs might need to be added to schedule too!

What are your plans this season?

What's that smell?

One might think that I am a pro at being pregnant. I mean I should be, right? I have had a couple of pregnancies, birthed a fabulous Baby DIVA, I should know all the interworking of this baby making game.

Nope. I am as dumb this time around about pregnancy as I was with Baby DIVA. The difference this time though, is I don’t obsess nearly as much about my growing womb as I did the first time. Sometimes I even forget that there is “Action” going on down there in the womb cooker.

That is until the tummy rumbles begin. You know the ones I am referring to. The ones that pregnancy books and modest friends describe to use as “increased flatulence”, or “minor stomach bloating”. WHATEVER!!! Friends let me tell you without censoring this material. Seriously. Someone has to. I was not properly warned and cannot let this horrible misleading information continue to other pregnant women!

Pregnancy makes you fart like a dude eating chili dogs and drinking beer 24 hours a day. I am not freaking kidding. I have become a walking whoopee cushion. Any movement I make can result in an obnoxious explosion that usually ends in one of two ways. Total embarrassment or barf session. You get the picture, right? Don’t be fooled ladies! This is the cold hard truth. Read between the lines in the pregnancy books. Pregnancy is downright disgusting!!!

Now that being said, let us get to something really important. Yesterday I found myself feeling the of familiar rumbles moving around in the belly. I thought to myself, “Oh goodie, where is my damn gas mask?” Only, no action took place. No explosions. No need to clear the room. Just bubbles and rumblings. And that is when it dawned on me. This might not be pregnant rumbles. This might be something bigger! I quickly consulted with the wonderful ladies and my friends of Houston Area Mommies to make sure I wasn't crazy, of course.

And after consulting with my HAM experts I determined It wasn’t gas bubbles…it was BABY BUBBLES! Yes my friends! I felt Critter2 MOVE for the first time yesterday. Hot Diggity Dog! Such an amazing feeling. I sure hope the movement continues daily, however at 14 weeks I know I may not feel it daily for some time. But it is still fabulous nonetheless. When was the first time you felt your little bun in the oven move? Did it scare you? Did you think it was a giant gas bomb like me? Did it melt your heart? I would love to hear your stories about first kicks, please share!!

Oh and let’s not tell Critter2 that I thought he was a fart. Okay? We will just keep that between us.

Friday, November 26, 2010

All behind us now

The morning sickness has ended! I ate my weight in food yesterday and it was FABULOUS!!!

Thanksgiving has come and gone! Family and friends are always lovely to visit with!



Baby DIVA celebrated turkey day by turning the big 2! I still can not believe it! My Baby is 2 years old. My how fast it has gone by. She is a striking little lady now.

I hope your holiday was enjoyable and wonderful!

And as promised. Hers is a pic of that fabulous birthday cake my MIL made for Baby DIVA's party!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby DIVA turning 2!

It is unbelievable! My precious Baby DIVA is going to turn 2 years old next week, on Thanksgiving Day no less. It astonishes me. Where has the time gone? How did she reach 2 years old so quickly? I am so excited to watch her grow but it also tickles a little nostalgia inside me. I miss her being so tiny and dependent on me. Now she pushes me away, whines when she doesn't get her way, is VERY independent and has to do everything her way, but she always flashes the sweetest smiles while doing so. Or perhaps it's a devious smile.

With this special day on the horizon, one might guess that a birthday bash is in the works. And BOY is it! Baby DIVA is having her very own Yo Gabba Gabba party this weekend. She loves Yo Gabba Gabba and although it is slightly annoying to me, and has a cult of pot smoking college kids following it, it is what my child adores, therefore my entire home will turn into Gabba land for a full day in honor of the one, the only, Baby DIVA.

Funny thing is, there isn’t a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba party items out there. You are shocked right? After pouring over the net and party stores, I finally decided to make Baby DIVA’s party decor from scratch. Yep. I did. And smart move on my part because I committed myself to this endeavor all while sporting some fabulous morning sickness with Baby DIVA’s little brother or sister. Smooth move mom. I simply must win Mother of the year this year. Hands down.

I found myself over on the Nick Jr website and let my creativity go wild. The website has tons and tons of printables with the Yo Gabba Gabba theme and characters. So, I printed them out and put them into play. Here are a few teasers of what Baby DIVA will find on her big day tomorrow!


Goodie Bag Treats: Yo Gabba Gabba Silly Bandz!

Homemade Goodie Bags with awesome treats inside!!

Although we went the frugal route this year with Baby DIVA’s birthday, I think it has turned out amazing. We were able to purchase Yo Gabba Gabba plates, cups and napkins but the rest of the decor was made by me. It is exactly what I know my child loves and I cannot wait to share her big day with her! But she does have one special bonus. My Mother-in-law made Baby DIVA's birthday cake. And it is nothing short of spectacular. I promise to show you this masterpiece post party!!

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