Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's that smell?

One might think that I am a pro at being pregnant. I mean I should be, right? I have had a couple of pregnancies, birthed a fabulous Baby DIVA, I should know all the interworking of this baby making game.

Nope. I am as dumb this time around about pregnancy as I was with Baby DIVA. The difference this time though, is I don’t obsess nearly as much about my growing womb as I did the first time. Sometimes I even forget that there is “Action” going on down there in the womb cooker.

That is until the tummy rumbles begin. You know the ones I am referring to. The ones that pregnancy books and modest friends describe to use as “increased flatulence”, or “minor stomach bloating”. WHATEVER!!! Friends let me tell you without censoring this material. Seriously. Someone has to. I was not properly warned and cannot let this horrible misleading information continue to other pregnant women!

Pregnancy makes you fart like a dude eating chili dogs and drinking beer 24 hours a day. I am not freaking kidding. I have become a walking whoopee cushion. Any movement I make can result in an obnoxious explosion that usually ends in one of two ways. Total embarrassment or barf session. You get the picture, right? Don’t be fooled ladies! This is the cold hard truth. Read between the lines in the pregnancy books. Pregnancy is downright disgusting!!!

Now that being said, let us get to something really important. Yesterday I found myself feeling the of familiar rumbles moving around in the belly. I thought to myself, “Oh goodie, where is my damn gas mask?” Only, no action took place. No explosions. No need to clear the room. Just bubbles and rumblings. And that is when it dawned on me. This might not be pregnant rumbles. This might be something bigger! I quickly consulted with the wonderful ladies and my friends of Houston Area Mommies to make sure I wasn't crazy, of course.

And after consulting with my HAM experts I determined It wasn’t gas bubbles…it was BABY BUBBLES! Yes my friends! I felt Critter2 MOVE for the first time yesterday. Hot Diggity Dog! Such an amazing feeling. I sure hope the movement continues daily, however at 14 weeks I know I may not feel it daily for some time. But it is still fabulous nonetheless. When was the first time you felt your little bun in the oven move? Did it scare you? Did you think it was a giant gas bomb like me? Did it melt your heart? I would love to hear your stories about first kicks, please share!!

Oh and let’s not tell Critter2 that I thought he was a fart. Okay? We will just keep that between us.


  1. Glad I don't have to worry about this. Remind me not to stand downwind of you too.

  2. when I was pregnant with my son, 25 years ago, I first felt him 'make his presence known' on my birthday. It was more like a "pinch" feeling though, not gas... I never had gas like you've described when I was pregnant, never had morning sickness either though. I will say that I could NOT eat fish -way upset stomach and heart burn. Turns out my son is allergic to fish, like his dad.

  3. That's right around when I first started feeling this lil gal move...and she hasn't stopped since. It's so awesome feeling them get stronger week by week:)

  4. Christina I will give you fair warning if the need presents. :)

    Kellie I am jealous of your pregnancy!

    Savannah its so awesoem to feel critter2 move this early. With Baby DIVA i felt like i was gonna meet her before i felt her. LOL


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