Friday, January 30, 2009

two month check up

I found this saved as a draft...wanted to go ahead an post it out there eve nthough it is like over a month old!!! hahahah

Amelia had her TWO MONTH checkup this week. I can not believe she is two months old all ready. She weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds even and is 22 inches long. She is tiny but is growing great!!! We changed her formula and her tummy seems to be getting better. The smell of sour milk is starting to subside some as the spit ups are becoming fewer and fewer by the day. She is the most beautiful baby in the whole world. She is holding her head up great and is beginning to smile at us in response to our actions!!!

I went live at my at home job. It is kind of fun working in customer service. I get angry customers calling me all the time and it is like a little game to see how long it takes me to get them to calm down. So far in the few days i have been live i have taken 50 calls and only 1 of those i could not get a laugh out of!!! Not bad!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sour Milk

Motherhood...the constant smell of sour milk permeating everywhere you go. But somehow you can still keep on trucking and loving on the babe oblivious to the stench for days at a time. Then the smell hits you for real and oh my...

So Yep Amelia has some colic issues. We stopped sleeping, We started throwing up ALOT. We stopped pooping regularly. We had tremendous painful gas. And oh the crying...

I felt like an idiot when I did in fact call the pediatrician twice and asked the "new mommy" questions of what the hell do iIdo for this screaming child. I tried it all. Changed the diapey...feed her repeatedly...bathed to her..took her for a walk...a drive..i danced and sang like a loon in front of her thinking she would laugh...ya whatever. I tried to master the moby wrap..see pic! and Amelia's facce to see how well that worked out! nothing works!!!!!!

Luckily the nurses at my peds office are so sweet. They just quietly walk you through what to do in that sweet thick melt like butter delicious mommy i have been there voice and then roar in laughter at you when you hang up the phone. I don't care!! Do those voices of melted butter just develop over time? I want one and then someday I can volunteer for that phone line in the future just so I too can roar with laughter at how dumb new mommies are!!!

I bragged and bragged those first 6 weeks about how wonderful my newborn was and how she slept through the night and yada yada yada. So the last 2 weeks have been just hell. All those sneers i received from friends have found their way into my lifestyle and have sneered my life up!!! She is 8 weeks old and a cranky little woman!! We had to change her formula. She seems to be taking to this one. Her gas and fussiness is getting better. She slept for 12 hours last night so I really think her tummy is getting better. Maybe soon I can resume my bragging about how wonderful my little baby is where sleep and eating issues are concerned.

But we are still having a great week. We went out in our jogger stroller and mapped out a route for mom and baby to get some exercise. We found out the local library has infant story time on Tuesday's. We watched a new president be sworn in to office and now that I no longer work for cetero we get to play all day long...well once colic goes away we will play all day!!!LOL

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tired and being cooped up in the house for so long we took Amelia to the mall today and wandered around for hours. I hit up every single baby, child, motherish store i could find. I got some great outfits for Amelia for now and next winter for $3 each. Thanks Old Navy and The Children's Place!!! Daddy hit up all the gamer stores. Amelia snoozed in her stroller...except for the screech she alerted us with when her diaper was about to explode of green nastiness. I don't know which is worse though her diapers or public diaper changing areas. UGH!!

So while at the mall daddy and I encountered some massage therapists that had their massage chairs set up. 30 minutes and $24 later we both had 15 minutes each of back, neck and arm massage. What a wonderful idea this is!!! Man these people must seriously just watch for parents to walk by with a stroller carrying a little tiny offspring and attack them. It is like dangling meat in front of a lion!! New parents who are sleep deprived will jump at any opportunity to catch even just 15 minutes of relaxation. So Yep we fell for their little gimmick and It was by far the greatest 15 minutes of the day...that was until we found the photo booth!!!

Yep we climbed in there and took pics with Amelia. She was not impressed at all. We laughed our butts off!! You know it cracks me up. When you are a teenager and super cool hanging out at the mall those photo booths are the best. You sneak in there with your teenage boyfriend and take pics to capture your love and silliness. Then you grow up some more and pass the booths for several years without thinking twice about the memory they provide. Then you give birth and you are taken back to nostalgia period and want to capture the love and silliness again. Ain't life grand!!!

To celebrate our greatness and triumph at the mall and photo booth excursion we dined at the Rainforest Cafe. Very cool atmosphere. We are looking forward to taking Amelia there again when she is much bigger.

In other news I am one week down on my resignation working period and one week down training for my at home job. I am excited about both. Looking very forward to losing the day job. Daddy is picking his photography hobby up again. He was on hiatus for quite some time but it seems as though his passion for photography is returning. In fact as we speak he is doing a photo shoot with a sleeping Amelia Grace!! And Yes you heard that right...she is sleeping!!! Woohoo!!!!

So now I will leave you with this video. All I will say is New House. Every man and woman's dream!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting back in the groove

So I am back to work for my 2 week stint. I am so not loving it. Amelia has decided to choose this week to be a typical newborn. She is no longer sleeping at night. So on top of starting my job again I am no longer sleeping and at night and before I don't sleep I spend 6 hours training at home for my future at home job!!! UGH!!! Trying to kill myself I think. 1 full time job for 2 weeks, 1 part time job training every day, care for a newborn and no sleep. YEA for cases of Red Bull!!!!!!
Oh-well Amelia still is the cutest baby in the entire world!! I love her so much. Just wish she would keep those peepers closed at night!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Roaring into 2009!!!!!!

Well I am officially 30!! New Years Day aka my 30th birthday came and went. I cried quite a few times throughout the day. I was in a really bad mood and couldn't shake it. Poor Alberto just kind of hid in whatever room I wasn't in. Everything just exemplified the fact that i was "old" that day. My mom gave me a Wii Fit which I really really wanted and I am so excited about but when she gave it to me on my 30th birthday I just felt FAT and old. Then i discovered that Amelia has a Little heat rash on her neck so of course it was because I was old and stupid. So eventually I pulled myself out of the self pity mode and Alberto and I went to target to spend some money. I was so excited to find tons of shirts and sweaters and little dresses on sale for $1-$3 each for Amelia for next year. All 12 month size. Well i snuck a few in for now too!!! This really brightened my spirits because only a seasoned OLD shopper could find these great deals!! LOL!!!

New Years Eve was fun. We had family and friends over. We live outside the city limits so we are able to pop fireworks right outside. Most of our family lives within the limits of the city so this is too cool for everyone. So this is how it went. The kids thought the fireworks were pretty but too loud and so they got scared and came back inside. The women watched for a while and enjoyed the fireworks but it was chilly outside. So the women ended up inside having hot chocolate and enjoying the heater. The men however spent hours upon hours (yes they had tons of fireworks and several trips to the firework stand) upon hours setting off these fireworks. And the neighbors began to venture out and become spectators to the men in my life and their firework extravaganza. It was hilarious. The guys are already planning the firework show for July 4th!! LOL The pics I have included are the Debris on the street. My pics of the actual fireworks are not very good.

I start my work from home job training this Monday Jan 5. I am excited and nervous about the whole deal. I really want this at home job to work out. It will really work great for our family if it all falls in to place. I start back to my current job on Tuesday jan 6. Last week I met with my boss and told him that I would not be coming back. He is such a super boss. He told me that was wonderful and the best gift I could give my child is to stay home with her. He also asked me to write my official resignation as open ended in case I would like to come back to work at some point. So on Tuesday I start back part time for two weeks. I have to go back and get a certain amount of hours in order to keep the benefits i received during maternity leave. So for about 2 weeks i will work my current job and my at home job and take care of an infant. Woohoo I should be really friendly!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

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