Thursday, January 1, 2009

Would you like to have your product honestly reviewed by Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA?

"Pink Haired Momma" is a PR Friendly Site

I am always open to providing my readers with reviews of products that they may find useful in their day to day lives. By sending a sample of your product you are guaranteed a thorough & honest article on my front page. I like to review products that are geared towards children of any age as well as products parents may find useful as well. Typically, I look for products that any parent can utilize in their lifestyle for product review. In order to write a review I must receive a sample of your product. This allows me to give the reader an in-depth point of view on the entire experience with your company. I provide honest reviews only after I have had hands on experience with a product. All product reviews are written honestly and within 30 days of receiving product(s).

Giveaways: Do you want more exposure? By sponsoring a giveaway on "Pink Haired Momma" you have the potential of reaching a much wider audience. My giveaways usually run 1.5-2 weeks for maximum exposure. A contest is a great way to increase traffic to your website. As part of the entrance rules, I like to ask the readers to visit your site, and then leave a comment with some sort of information found from your site. (ex: What is your favorite item from [your shop]?)Typically, your contest will be included at the end of your product review. However, I'd be happy to work with you should you have a different request.
(Sponsor agrees and is responsible for all direct shipment costs to the giveaway winners, once the giveaway has ended.)

Coupons or Deals: My readers always enjoy getting a good deal! Please submit your coupons and/or deals to

Advertise: Get noticed by purchasing advertising space on Pink Haired Momma!
30 days duration 125px by 125px $10/month (via paypal)

Your advertisement banner will be placed on the top right hand sidebar, in the "sponsors" section. To purchase your advertisement space just simply email a request and send your banner to I'll email you further details upon receiving your message.

*I reserve the right to refuse any advertiser for any reason. If your advertisement or website is not accepted, you will be refunded payment.

Contact me at for further details.

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