Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sour Milk

Motherhood...the constant smell of sour milk permeating everywhere you go. But somehow you can still keep on trucking and loving on the babe oblivious to the stench for days at a time. Then the smell hits you for real and oh my...

So Yep Amelia has some colic issues. We stopped sleeping, We started throwing up ALOT. We stopped pooping regularly. We had tremendous painful gas. And oh the crying...

I felt like an idiot when I did in fact call the pediatrician twice and asked the "new mommy" questions of what the hell do iIdo for this screaming child. I tried it all. Changed the diapey...feed her repeatedly...bathed to her..took her for a walk...a drive..i danced and sang like a loon in front of her thinking she would laugh...ya whatever. I tried to master the moby wrap..see pic! and Amelia's facce to see how well that worked out! nothing works!!!!!!

Luckily the nurses at my peds office are so sweet. They just quietly walk you through what to do in that sweet thick melt like butter delicious mommy i have been there voice and then roar in laughter at you when you hang up the phone. I don't care!! Do those voices of melted butter just develop over time? I want one and then someday I can volunteer for that phone line in the future just so I too can roar with laughter at how dumb new mommies are!!!

I bragged and bragged those first 6 weeks about how wonderful my newborn was and how she slept through the night and yada yada yada. So the last 2 weeks have been just hell. All those sneers i received from friends have found their way into my lifestyle and have sneered my life up!!! She is 8 weeks old and a cranky little woman!! We had to change her formula. She seems to be taking to this one. Her gas and fussiness is getting better. She slept for 12 hours last night so I really think her tummy is getting better. Maybe soon I can resume my bragging about how wonderful my little baby is where sleep and eating issues are concerned.

But we are still having a great week. We went out in our jogger stroller and mapped out a route for mom and baby to get some exercise. We found out the local library has infant story time on Tuesday's. We watched a new president be sworn in to office and now that I no longer work for cetero we get to play all day long...well once colic goes away we will play all day!!!LOL


  1. What formula are you giving her? Brinley had these same issues right after she was born. Turned out the regular formula was way to hard on her tummy so we switched to Enfamil Gentlease and it helped so much!

    Also Gripe water is God's gift to mommys of Colic babies. Seriously that is like a miracle in a bottle. We got ours at Walgreens.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that she's not doing well, either! It SUCKS to have a sick lil baby! Hope she gets better soon!!!

  3. Where are ya? You haven't posted in ages! Hope everything is okay!!


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