Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4 months to go

I wonder sometimes where my bride gene is. I do not get all girlie and silly about my wedding. I don't have any real stress about it. I don't find myself even thinking about it or planning it with each breath I take each day. I watch those really fun bride shows on TV like Platinum Weddings , Amazing wedding cakes, Whose wedding is it anyway, and of course Bridezillas . I think the elaborate weddings are really gorgeous; Some phenomenal events with incredible decor and cakes and entertainment. Then I see the costs and I am like WHY? Would you on any other occasion treat 650 of your closest friends to a dinner party for the cute price tag of half a million bucks. Ya! I don't think so! I got better plans for those dollars.
*little note that those crazy girls on those bride shows make me pee my pants on a regular basis. Super cool. Now if they make me pee my pants I am definitely NOT gonna follow in their footsteps because I might in turn make some other woman pee her pants...now what a minute that could be rather fun...*
I kind of think of my wedding day just as if it is another day that is going to be a lot of fun and a day that I get to wear a cool dress. If things do not go according to plan, Oh well. We will still be married at the end of the day. I still love my Hubbs-to-be and want to spend my life with him even if my bridal bouquet wilts, or make table linens are a slight shade off from my color (not that I have a color bc I am a multi color masquerade Halloween Black dress wearing Pink Haired Momma bride).
I do not find myself fretting over the perfect flowers, or the perfect linens or any of that crap. I honestly do not care. Yes I want it to be beautiful and fun and memorable. But the actual crap that is there I don't really care about. I care that my closest family and friends witness the vows I make to the love of my life and father of my daughter. I care that my Hubbs-to-be is happy and that he also gets the wedding he desires. I care that Hubbs-to-be shows up to take vows with me!
But the dirty details are just not all that significant to me. I guess that is why I so love the idea of a Las Vegas wedding. The wonderful staff at the Venetian will do everything for me. I just hop online pick out some pics of flowers and songs, mail in a check and POOF, a wedding just for me and Hubbs-to-be. I love it. Now, honestly there are a few more steps in there but you get the idea.

Well we are 4 months from the BIG day and I can honestly say I didn't do crap in planning area this month. Sure I thought about it. I imagined myself in my black wedding gown and masquerade mask walking down the aisle to marry the man I love, but I did NADA in the area of planning. And you know what?? It is okay because it is all done for me!! Well I do need to get the ball rolling on our casual reception planning, the part that we will host at my parents house the weekend after our vows are taken but again it is casual and I am not too particular.

Oh well. Better luck next month!

4 months to go...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Waller High School Multi-class reunion update

The following is an update I received via Facebook for the upcoming:


Dear Waller High School Alumni,This email serves several purposes:* We need help – Sponsors/Donations/Money for a band/DJ on Saturday Aug. 29th* To update you as to the plans that we have made to date* To get a head count for both Friday and SaturdayTentative schedule:Friday before the football game 5pm until game – Community wide Tail Gate Party, we are hoping to reserve an area of the parking lot for just the Alumni’s. During the game, there will be a reserved section just for Alumni’s. After the game, for those that want to get together, there will be a bunch meeting at Cedar Creek FM 362 @ Hwy 290.Saturday we will have the big reunion at the fairgrounds with a band or DJ – bring your own beverages. We are considering a moonwalk for the kids, if one can donate, that would be awesome.Please forward this email to any classmate that you know that is not already on this listAny information or help you can give will be appreciated

Class of______
How many will be attending_____
We will attend Friday ONLY _____
We will attend Saturday ONLY _____
We will attend BOTH Friday and Saturday ______
We will not be able to attend ­­­­­ ­­­­­______
Thank youRobin Holland Vesmirovsky ’84 – Vesmirovsky@peoplepc.com
Tammy McInnis Westbrook ’83 – ballprkmom@sbcglobal.net

Follow that Bundt

The other day I was blogstalking while Baby DIVA was napping ( I should have been cleaning or cooking or some other domestic duty, but as we all know this Pink Haired Momma is a little challenged it that area, and just plain doesn't like to do it). So back to my Blogstalk adventure, I happened upon the Crafty Chica and her fabulous blog. She had just posted a blogpost about this really cool little cupcake she made known as the Tie Dye cupcake. I was immediately intrigued and felt the need to explore this post and blog in more depth. Upon further investigation I was hooked and became a follower of the Crafty Chica!

Then today I became a follower of the Tie Dye cupcake...with my special Pink Haired Momma twist. Let me show you...

Although this pan caught my attention while rumaging through my baking cabinet (who knew what goodies I had hidden in this cabinet! A little adventure inside itself transpired on this search!) this morning for this tie dye rendezvous, I decided to go with this option,

The Mini Bundt instead.

I took the easy route, of course The Pink Haired Momma route, and mixed up some pre-made yellow cupcake mix. A little egg, a little water and Poof I am Martha Stewart BABY!!!Then I took these snazzy little bowls I have hiding away in the cabinets and poured equal amounts of the yellow cupcake mix into the little snazz bowls.

And then it was time for COLOR!!!! Yipppeee!!! Pink Haired Momma excitement time!
I opted for only the finest in colors, the NEON shades of Hot Pink, Vibrant Blue, Fabulous Lime Green, and Astonishing Purple. A few splashes of food color to the little snazz bowls and a good stir by my super Pink Haired Momma kitchen spoon and

Magic in a snazz bowl


So now I am all colored up in my snazzy little bowls; so I pull out the mini bundt pan and get to pouring in the NEON mess. No real rhyme or reason to my pouring madness, just filling up the bundt.

Place bundt into the oven...
Waiting and drooling for a taste...

Finally complete!!

I may not be the greatest at Bundt removal...I broke one....

So I ate it so no one would know!!!

Yum Yum
And now I am torn, Do I ice them? Or sift powder sugar on them? or eat them all before Hubbs-to-be gets home from work?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flat tire

Just another sign that the universe is telling me that exercise is not part of my weekend destiny...

Flat tire on the Baby Jogger half way through our evening walk.

Back to channel surfing!!!

Hope your weekend is enjoyable!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Circus is coming! The Circus is coming!!!

Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!!!

The Circus is coming to town! Woohoo!! My totally fabulous and fun mommy group, HAM, has engineered a way for you and your family to attend this lovely event Free of charge. Wanna know how? Simply check out the forums at Houston Area Mommies, for your chance to win a family 4 pack to the circus on July 15th!

Come on by and see how you can get your family to the circus for FREE!!

Bittersweet Wednesday Recap

Yesterday we had a day full of bittersweet emotions!

I just love the look on Baby DIVA's face!
Umm whatever with your kisses Mom!
First we had a totally fabulous lunch with a new and exciting friend, a fellow mommy blogger!! Woohoo!! Lovetoshopmom and her little Diva(who is so dang cute!) met myself, the Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA at the yummy 11th street cafe in the Heights for a fun and fabulous lunch. The DIVA's discussed the exchanging of chupy's and how to be divalicious while they dined on sippy cups at the cafe. Us moms chatted and enjoyed each others company. It was so awesome to not only meet another mommyblogger and fellow Houston Area Mommy member but to meet a new friend and mom to a DIVA. We are an elite breed! LOL

Mommy Bloggers and Baby DIVA's!!!!!!

The prizes I won from Lovetoshopmom's Birthday Blog giveaway!!!

The afternoon unfolded into a less than desirable situation. As you know Baby DIVA and I spend several days a week with Granny, my Great Grandmother, Baby DIVA's Great Great Grandmother. Well Granny has a cat named Squeaky who is a lovely elderly gentlecat. Yesterday afternoon Squeaky's age finally caught up to his perky pesky little body. His health has been in decline in recent months and we had to take him to his doctor with the quickness. As of now it does not look good for this gentlecat, Squeaky. His kidney's are failing and his health is in a downward spiral. His doctor's are doing what they can but we are braced for the worst. After the Vet run, we had to share this news with my great grandmother. Sqeaky is her pride and joy, next to Baby DIVA of course. So it was not a lovely afternoon to say the least.

Baby DIVA and Squeaky chillin

Wednesday evening found us at my Brother-in-law to be's home celebrating his fabulous 29th birthday!! Yippee Uncle Nightstick!! Happy Big Birthday to you.You are catching up with Pink Haired Momma, the thirties are looming for ya boy!!! Baby DIVA was so excited to play with her cousins and see her family. Her other Uncle Diamond is in town too, so she was pleased to cuddle with him too!!
So we completed our bittersweet day with two totally fabulous happenings and one less than happy or desirable situation. Today may be another bittersweet day as actions may need to be addressed and consoling of Great Grandmothers are in order!! But it is also a fabulous day because baby DIVA is 7 months old, is currently napping and Hubbs-to-be is home all day to celebrate!! Woohoo!!!

Happy 7 Month Birthday!!

Baby DIVA is 7 months old today! I can not believe my little baby is inching towards her one year old milestone. Unbelievable!

Pink Haired Momma had this same face when she turned 30!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hump Day Rainbows

Baby DIVA chillin in the "Big" Pool
not too much of fan
Prefers her fragrant warm baths
In our front yard trying to catch the rainbow behind us.

Can you see it?

It was so vibrant! Made us all smile!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit

It is so incredibly HOT!!
Texas is knee deep into SUMMER!!
Houston hit 100 Degrees today.

Pink Haired Momma is beginning to leave pink sweat puddles all over town. Not a lovely reminder to leave behind for others to recall about you! While I was hiding from the brutal heat and sun today behind the closed doors and darkened curtains that adorn my windows in my Full blasted Air conditioned home (Yep I will be taking out a loan to pay my Electric bill this summer, glad I am not pregnant! LOL), I was on the hunt for ways to beat the heat. I cam across all kinds of caulk this or tighten this tips for sealing your home up good and tight to prevent AC leaks into the brutal outdoors. Then I happened across this great website that had the answers to my problem with the heat...
Rock and Roll Ice Cream
First put that rock salt in the can with cream, sugar and the other ingredients before getting the kids to roll it into a delicious ice cream treat. Presto: Rock 'n Roll Ice Cream!
What you'll need:
3 pound empty coffee can
1 pound empty coffee can
1 Pint of half & half cream
1/2 Cup of sugar
Rock Salt
Ice (try freezing water in empty milk cartons or whatever container fits into refrigerator freezer.)
How to make it:
Be sure empty cans are clean and free of any smell or residue of soap.
In small can mix half & half with 1/2 cup of sugar. I usually add a small amount of vanilla. You can also add any frozen fruit you like.
Place small can inside big can. Add enough ice to cover small can. Sprinkle about 2 tablespoons of rock salt to ice. Be sure can lids are secure.
Now comes the fun! Put a sheet or other large covering on floor. Everyone have a seat on the floor and start rolling the big can to each other. This takes about 10 minutes of time. Look at the ice cream to see it is hard enough.If it is not, continue to roll a little longer.
Eat the ice cream and enjoy!

Another way to Beat this Brutal Heat is to just stay indoors and play on the Internet! Then you can find great places like this:

Rock and Roll Ice Cream Shop



This Pink Haired Momma entered a Giveaway on another Momma's blog and Guess What? I Won!! Totally Fabulous!

Well if you are not already familiar with her blog then you need to scoot on over to the Love to Shop Mom blog and read her works. She is a totally fabulous momma blogger who loves TARGET!!!! Awesomeness!!! And she just had a birthday and celebrated by giving away all kinds of prizes, and Pink Haired Momma is one of the winners! I won a totally Fabulous Baby Sign Language Book and Fitness DVD!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!

As you already know from my earlier post, I have been really wanting to teach sign language to Baby DIVA, so this serendipitous win comes at a perfect time!

Fabulous Darling just Fabulous!

And seriously it comes from an incredible mom blogger who is just so fun and great!! Thank you so much Love to Shop Mom for your fabulous blog and this fabulous giveaway prize!
And of course a pictorial diary of Baby DIVA utilizing these fabulous prizes is just days away!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby Signs

Pink Haired Momma is going to teach Baby DIVA a new trick!
Sign Language!!
Totally RAD!

I was hanging out in one of my favorite sites on the net, HAM, when another momma posted a question in regards to Baby Sign language. She was interested in hearing some stories of other moms who had been active participants in this adventure with their kiddos! As other mommas begin to share their tips and secrets, my Pink Haired influenced mind began a turning.
And off I went to research this subject.
I found out some really informative information about this sign language method and how it is quite beneficial for infant to learn. I have decided to pursue this wonderful and exciting method of communication with baby DIVA for the following absolutely positively glorious reasons.
First of all sign language develops a communication of emotions!
Hmmm isn’t that spiffy? Now Baby DIVA will be able to sign to me what exactly she means when she is grunting and turning red and stiffening her little body! Oh wait! That is already a form of communication. Baby DIVA has learned to clear a room with that lovely communication strategy! See this is a no brainer! Baby DIVA will get this sign language communication with great ease.
Second, it may increase the IQ levels and promotes creativity!
Well Hot Diggity Dog! Baby DIVA is already the smartest baby on the planet, now with the new added skill of sign language she will surpass even the brainiest of humans here on this earth! Yippee I spawned a super genius! And she will have a great sense of creativity too. Wow I mean you can’t get much more creative than that gorgeous masterpiece she designed the other day all over her crib while we were changing that diaper (see previous benefit for explanation).
A third benefit is that sign language engages baby in the learning process of starting and participating in a real conversation.
Okay well let me tell you what Baby DIVA scored the leading lady role in every conversation since she burst into this world. If she is not actively making her voice heard through the background to the conversation then this little DIVA is the topic of conversation! Ha! Sign language will just add another dimension for her to be all up in Pink Haired Momma’s business!

I miss books!

I have made a decision. Uh-oh SCARY!!

No Really. My decision is this. I miss reading. I am a huge book fan. Love to read. Love the smell of bookstores and libraries. Love to immerse myself in all kinds of lives of other people, fiction, true-life, funny, sad, pointless, inspiration, you name it.

Every since the birth of Baby DIVA it is quite hard to find a free moment to read. I am pretty sure I have mentioned on more than one occasion here on this blog that I have two bathrooms and each have a book in it. On the off chance I get an extra moment of "toilet time", I try and read a page or two. not the finest way to read a book mind you.

So I have made a commitment to myself. I have alerted the Hubbs-to-be of my new commitment, and now I am telling you my fine friends and readers. I am going to make sure I take 20 minutes of Pink Haired Momma time each day to read, no matter what. It is my special brain reinforcement time!! I am gonna hold myself to this and I hope you help me too.

I already have a pile of books (as this is forever growing). I started the first book in my pile a few days ago. This first book is The Queen of the Big Time by Adriana Trigiani. So far so good. Two days into this book and I am 50 pages in, spent 20 minutes each day reading and therefore keeping with my commitment despite Baby DIVA attempts for my undivided attention, and I am loving it!

Here are the books I have stacked up on the bedside tables and backs of toilets:
My Sister's Keeper By Jodi Picoult
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin
Chocolate Beach by Juile Carobini
Always Green by Patti Hill

Hoping to complete all of these by the end of the summer. A passion for reading and a passion for giving into my child monopolizing my time. Which passion will win?

Hmmm I guess if I work under Hubbs-to-be motorcycle philosophy then when I complete these books I should be entitled to a Pink Diamond! Wink Wink.

Laughing at Life

Because kids are just so darn cute...

I came across this and just had to share.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today was my hubbs-to-be's first ever Father's Day! We had a wonderful day that started off with a giggly Baby DIVA loving on her daddy to awaken him from his overnight slumber. Followed by the gift spectacular and breakfast. Then we were off to visit the family of Father's!
I sure hope my Hubbs-to-be enjoyed this wonderful Father's Day with his Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA. I look forward to many many more!! Here are just a couple of pics from today.
A few goodies from Baby DIVA
Hubbs-to-be and his Daddy and the famous Baby DIVA
Birth control reminder!

Dream Travel in an RV: Where would you go?

Pink Haired Momma rounds the bend and eases the virtual RV into its resting spot at the Red Barn RV Park. This wonderful RV resting ground boasts that "you will always feel at home no matter what universe you call home". Now you might consider that an odd expression but those who reside in this weeks Dream Travel destination do not. We are in the totally fabulous and creepy Roswell, New Mexico.

Since it is Father's Day, Pink Haired Momma turned over the navigation reigns and allowed Hubbs-to-be to choose where in this vast county he would like to visit. Not an easy task for the Pink Haired Momma, but since it is Father's Day, I suppose he can make this decision. Hubbs-to-be steered the Pink Haired Momma Family RV in the direction Roswell where the "incident" occurred. Interesting pick I must say. But that is why I love Hubbs-to-be so incredibly so. You never know what he might bring to the table.

With the confirmed location from hubbs-to-be, The Pink Haired Momma Family loaded up the virtual RV and headed on out on the virtual open road in hopes of finding an alien encounter. We enticed Baby DIVA with stories of little green men. Baby DIVA chewed happily on her little green frog toy as we chatted all the virtual way to Roswell, New Mexico while relaxing in her mobile crib. Although our virtual visit is happening here in late June, I would like to inform everyone that the anniversary of the incident is the first week of July and is celebrated with the Roswalien experience. We will not be attending this experience on this trip but look forward to it in future years. Check it out.

We arrive virtually in Roswell, New Mexico and get our home on wheels parked and comfortable for the duration. Then it is off we go to check out the famous area 51. Below you can view a map of the area and see that the actual are where the incident occurred is quite small.

After virtually viewing Area 51 and all the glory that a patch of land can offer we head off to UFO museum for some more entertainment and learning adventures.

Quite and interesting adventure hunting aliens. And since there are no real sightings of green men, just sightings of some similarly crazy folks like ourselves that our dressed up in little green men costumes; we succumb to the touristy attractions of the area. Virtually amusing! We head back to our RV dreaming still of catching a glimpse of aliens. Again since nothing of the sort has occurred, Pink Haired Momma has come to the rescue and brought along with us to travel in the house on wheels this fabulous treasure of a memory that will forever be able to hold Pink Haired Momma's Martini glass. Sighting confirmed!

Pink Haired Momma Approved

Wanna know more??
Witness to Roswell
Alien Agenda

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Motorcycle diet

Hubbs-to-be informed me that he is officially on a diet.

I thought Great! This is wonderful! I have been trying for some time now to convert our lifestyle to not only a greener more frugal way of life (Boas and Tiaras and Pink Diamonds are included in this new lifestyle of course), but I have also been striving to make our lives healthier. We are learning how to grow our own fresh fruits and vegetables (yes the carrots were not much success this year, but Hey I grew a bite of edible food from a seed. Baby Steps!). We recycle more. We compost. I work like a mad woman to save money in all areas of our life from groceries and coupons to making everything ourselves. It is a new lifestyle but a welcomed and enjoyable one.

So when Hubbs-to-be enlightened me to his new commitments I was incredibly thrilled. He then proceeded to tell me the dirty details and the rules and regulations of his diet plan.

Here they are:
Hubbs-to-be loses 40 pounds he buys a Motorcycle.

Gotta love a man's mind!
Here is my Pink Haired Momma thoughts on this new diet reward!
Pink Momma could ride second fiddle in this sidecar!!

Baby DIVA digs this one!
Oh Hell Pink Haired Momma will drop 40 and get one too!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Tears and Prizes

Oh Baby DIVA is so not feeling well at all today. She is Miss Fussy Pants! Has a light fever and did I mention she is FUSSY!! I tried to do a DIVA photo shoot today. Fussy Babes and camera's do not really mix well at all. But here on some pics from our shoot anyway! You can see that poor Baby DIVA was less than impressed with Pink Haired Momma's enthusiasm today!

In hopes of our Baby DIVA feeling better soon, a fellow mom blogger has a great giveaway going on and I signed up! You should too. Your little one would enjoy the prize in this giveaway, I promise!! Check it out HERE!

Fabulous Apron equals fabulous cooking


Every momma needs one of these totally fabulous Aprons. This Pink Haired Momma is so loving the apron idea. Maybe an apron could domesticate me in the kitchen! By fashioning something super fun and exciting to wear this will somehow enable fantastic goodies to be created in my kitchen! I JUST KNOW IT!!!

Would you like to have your own totally fabulous apron so you can have fabulous goodies too? Well then head over to The Apron Goddess and check out her giveaway!!!

Tuesday Tidbit

In honor of the upcoming tribute to dads, AKA Father's Day that is fast approaching this coming Sunday, this week the Tuesday Tidbit will highlight a cute and easy craft you can do with kids for dad.

Pink Haired Momma went a hunting for something special and cool for Hubbs-to-be for this Father's Day. And since he reads this blog daily I want be sharing with the world his Father's Day treat until next week. LOL!

Instead I found this really cute way to not only make something cool with the kiddos, but also recycle and not spend much money! Fabulous!

It is a CD Photo Frame!!

Nancy F. of Arizona son made this for his daddy
So what do you need?
Old Compact Disk
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
Double Stick Tape
Adhesive Backed Felt
Tacky Glue
Scrap of Cardboard
And what do you do?
Preheat oven to 250 degrees F. In a large bowl, mix together flour, salt and water. Mix well, kneading with hands. if mixture is too sticky add a small amounts of flour until you have a doughy consistency. Be careful not to add too much, it can dry too quickly and crack. Mold a base for your photo frame. Make sure that it is at least 1" deep and 2" around. Make it any shape you want. Use cardboard or a table knife to make a slot in your base. Go at least half way down through base and wiggle it back and forth a little to widen. Bake on a cookie sheet for 2 - 2.5 hours or air dry overnight. Paint the base whatever color you like and let dry.Cut photo into a 3" circle. Attach it to CD with double face tape. Cover the back of the CD with sticky back felt. Use tacky glue to secure in into slot in base.

And where did Pink Haired Momma find this lovely idea?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be had a DATE!!!

And Baby DIVA came along with us.
Some Date!

We are avid movie watchers and have missed going to the theater since the arrival of Baby DIVA. Recently I found a The Showboat drive-in theater and thought HMMMM how lovely this could be. I posted here on Thoughts of a Princess the Blog by Pink Haired Momma, about this theater a few weeks back because not only is it a cool event to do with kids or that certain special someone, but it is also super CHEAP!!!!

Well, on Saturday, Hubbs-to-be and myself were trying to avoid yet another family get together and decided the safest place for us to hide would be under a blanket of the stars out in the country watching movies in our car. And Baby DIVA has had such a marvelous sleep schedule we assured ourselves a late showing at the drive-in was no problem at all. And that our "Date" would be quite enjoyable.


Oh did I mention that it is JUNE in Houston and it is HOT~HOT~HOT!!!

We loaded up our car with the various 15 bags of baby crap. You know the "well she might want to play with this toy" kind of crap you take with you when you go anywhere with an infant. Never mind in her whole life (all 6 months) she has not only never played with this crap but has never even glanced at it at all. We packed a suitcase full of baby DIVA approved snacks and Sippy cup, not BOTTLES-as Baby DIVA has made quite clear are now unacceptable, put it all over ice and headed out.

The car had to do a loop around the neighborhood and come back as the car and baby DIVA took off after being packed for the Drive-in outing without Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be. Somehow after loading the car up, the car forgot us. Sigh. All those bags of crap one must pack for a simple date. Sigh, again.

Finally we are on the way. We drive out towards the Drive-in and are quite giggly. Kind of like two teenagers on a date. Then we realized, Oh! Wait a minute! We know what happens when two teenagers go to the Drive-in...alone in a car...and she is riding in the back seat.

Another NOTE: BABY DIVA will NOT be heading to the drive-in ALONE with a boy for many moons to come!!! And we might just have to sit really far apart too!!

We arrive promptly 15 minutes before the gates open and assume our position in the line that has already begun to form. We chit chat and sing to baby DIVA as we wait in the lovely air conditioned vessel that has brought us to this great destination. The gates open and we head on in to find a "great" spot to rest our vehicle for the remainder of the evening.

At this point the sun is still beating down on the Drive-in theater parking lot as cars are beginning to file in and line themselves up in theater like rows. We are dazzled by the whole event because not only is this Baby DIVA's first time at a drive-in but Pink Haired Momma's and Hubbs-to-be's as well. AWWWW insert cute moment for happy family here. So we are also quite paparazzi and snapped a ton of pics, even though we are starting to melt in the wonderful evening heat.

Baby DIVA laughing knowingly at what she has in store for Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be
Cheesy posed pics of Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA with really cool old projector

Baby DIVA then announces to the entire theater that she is NOW ready for her dinner. A quick rig of this and that and we have a make shift kitchen and high chair! Dinner is served mademoiselle! Yum Yum!

Well with all this gourmet meal prep at the theater going on Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be kind of lose sight of time. We are giggling and loving all over Baby DIVA, just like those goofy first time parent stereotypes do.

Yes My name is Pink Haired Momma and I will marry Hubbs-to-be and WE ARE first time GOOFBALL parents. HI Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be.

We lose track of time and before we know it it is well after 9PM!! and still no movie yet. The sun has done gone and set. The lights have come about. We have melted about 4 pant sizes off our plump booties (well those cheese fries from the concession stand may have added a size back on), and still NO MOVIE!!! UGH! Baby DIVA has a full belly, diaper changed and is snoozed in her seat. We are so ready.

And then the lights DIM and the screen lights up. We giggle again with great anticipation. Sound begins to flow out of our car speakers and the first preview plays across the screen.




Not only AWAKE but very vocal about needing some attention RIGHT NOW!

Again, did I mention that it is JUNE in Houston and it is HOT~HOT~HOT!!!

We roll up the windows of our car so not to disturb our fellow drive-in neighbors, and because you cant have your engine running during the movie we also have no air conditioner and so we begin to console baby DIVA in the heated late night air of a closed window vehicle. Total Fun!

I swear it is like Baby DIVA has this teeny tiny little built in radar that hones in on our every move. Oh Pink Haired Momma is in the process of sitting down...hold it...hold it...okay she is all the way down WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Same thing here! Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be are about to enjoy this movie. I will sleep ALL evening and right as the movie begins WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Of course she calms down once she is in Pink Haired Momma's arms, and we both melt because it is so dang hot. Hubb-to-be opens the window and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Baby DIVA Radar strikes again! Pink Haired rocks the DIVA some more and finally she passes out of heat exhaustion. Just kidding. We opened the windows and she calmed down and finally went on back to sleep. 2 movies and one intermission later my arms felt like Gumby and I placed her in her car seat for the ride home.

She of course slept without a peep from this point on until about 30 seconds after I tucked my bootie into bed after arriving home (another story on another day LOL).

Overall we had a blast at the Drive-in. We plan to go again very soon with our friends of HAM! I mean you really can not beat this kind of Baby DIVA entertainment followed by 2 great movies for less than $20 for the whole night! Totally Fabulous!!

Pink Haired Momma Approved

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