Saturday, June 13, 2009

My personal thoughts on Pull Over DIVA response

Although the response is welcomed and I am happy that my voice was in fact heard, I feel it does not get me any further to an answer to my concerns. The problem is still apparent. I do not want to purposely anger the police officer if I take my time in exiting the freeway to protect my child which can result in the officers discretion as to how to handle me. I have seen far to many incidences where an officers "discretion" was used and such discretion was used to taser a traffic stop citizen or arrest them for an unjust reason (usually later deemed unjust by the court system). I also have taken a slight defense to the "follow all the traffic laws" statement in this email. I find that this is implying that I the Pink Haired Momma would be "guilty" of the offense if a police officer has pulled me over. However it is my understanding that I have the right as a citizen to go through the legal system and appear before a judge and my peers before the guilt is associated with me, if in fact I am truly guilty of said citation. I also would like to note that an officer is human and can make issue citations when no citations would be necessary, again to be decided in a court of law. Just my thoughts in response to this email.

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