Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dream Travel in an RV: Where would you go?

Pink Haired Momma rounds the bend and eases the virtual RV into its resting spot at the Red Barn RV Park. This wonderful RV resting ground boasts that "you will always feel at home no matter what universe you call home". Now you might consider that an odd expression but those who reside in this weeks Dream Travel destination do not. We are in the totally fabulous and creepy Roswell, New Mexico.

Since it is Father's Day, Pink Haired Momma turned over the navigation reigns and allowed Hubbs-to-be to choose where in this vast county he would like to visit. Not an easy task for the Pink Haired Momma, but since it is Father's Day, I suppose he can make this decision. Hubbs-to-be steered the Pink Haired Momma Family RV in the direction Roswell where the "incident" occurred. Interesting pick I must say. But that is why I love Hubbs-to-be so incredibly so. You never know what he might bring to the table.

With the confirmed location from hubbs-to-be, The Pink Haired Momma Family loaded up the virtual RV and headed on out on the virtual open road in hopes of finding an alien encounter. We enticed Baby DIVA with stories of little green men. Baby DIVA chewed happily on her little green frog toy as we chatted all the virtual way to Roswell, New Mexico while relaxing in her mobile crib. Although our virtual visit is happening here in late June, I would like to inform everyone that the anniversary of the incident is the first week of July and is celebrated with the Roswalien experience. We will not be attending this experience on this trip but look forward to it in future years. Check it out.

We arrive virtually in Roswell, New Mexico and get our home on wheels parked and comfortable for the duration. Then it is off we go to check out the famous area 51. Below you can view a map of the area and see that the actual are where the incident occurred is quite small.

After virtually viewing Area 51 and all the glory that a patch of land can offer we head off to UFO museum for some more entertainment and learning adventures.

Quite and interesting adventure hunting aliens. And since there are no real sightings of green men, just sightings of some similarly crazy folks like ourselves that our dressed up in little green men costumes; we succumb to the touristy attractions of the area. Virtually amusing! We head back to our RV dreaming still of catching a glimpse of aliens. Again since nothing of the sort has occurred, Pink Haired Momma has come to the rescue and brought along with us to travel in the house on wheels this fabulous treasure of a memory that will forever be able to hold Pink Haired Momma's Martini glass. Sighting confirmed!

Pink Haired Momma Approved

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