Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dream Travel in an RV: Where would you go?

You may have noticed that last Sunday there was no Dream Travel post. Well our virtual RV had some routine maintenance to attend to back in our virtual home town of Houston, Texas. While we attended a few family graduation parties and baby showers over the weekend, our Virtual RV was having all of its bells and whistles checked and polished. Now the RV is reading to Rock and Roll again.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!
Pink Haired Momma, Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA are back on the virtual open road heading out to discover all the cool off the beaten path places that their virtual RV will take them!! Woohoo!!

And here we go...

This week we are visiting a totally fabulous "green" living subdivision about 13 miles outside of Taos, New Mexico. This Pink Haired Momma has really been engaging herself and her mind in a wealth of information about living more earth conscious and healthy. During these new discoveries I came across this totally fabulous off the grid community. And of course I am virtually dragging the Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA along for the ride. they think I am quite looney but sure do love my Pink Haired craziness and will virtually go where not other hubbs-to-be, Baby DIVA and Pink Haired Momma have gone before, just to make me happy! Gotta love my family!

The fabulous community/subdivision is known at the Greater World. It is completely self sustainable. Not only is this community off the grid, and by this I mean no water lines, no sewer lines, no electrical lines, and no gas lines, but the total green homes are absolutely beautiful. In more ways than one. Beautiful for the environment and beautiful for the eyes to see!

The homes that are part of this community are commonly known as Earthships. What is an Earthship? An earthship, as I understand it, is a structure made of natural and recycled product that relies on solar energies to function. Totally awesome if you ask me. The Earthships in this area are literally designed and made from tires, aluminum cans and soil. Fantabulous guys! Simply Fantabulous! Environmentally friendly and gorgeous!

Check out the views of the patio and kitchen of one Earthships!

This is such a wonderful concept. Living green in a modern passionate way while preserving the earth but still providing beauty to the beholder of each home. It is the best of both worlds. I love it!

Now of course rolling into this wonderful town in a fabulous gas guzzling virtual RV is just too dang tacky. So we virtually parked down the street out of the way and rode our bikes into town!


Wanna know more?
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Pink Haired Momma Approved!


  1. How about this one? The guy builds houses out of old used up sea cargo transport containers.

  2. Satin!
    That is really cool! Thank you so much! I so love when people take common items and recreate their possibilities. It is so fascinating. And totally wonderful! Again thank you for sharing!!

  3. i saw a preview for a new tv show where families travel the country in a rv. you should try to apply.


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