Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby Signs

Pink Haired Momma is going to teach Baby DIVA a new trick!
Sign Language!!
Totally RAD!

I was hanging out in one of my favorite sites on the net, HAM, when another momma posted a question in regards to Baby Sign language. She was interested in hearing some stories of other moms who had been active participants in this adventure with their kiddos! As other mommas begin to share their tips and secrets, my Pink Haired influenced mind began a turning.
And off I went to research this subject.
I found out some really informative information about this sign language method and how it is quite beneficial for infant to learn. I have decided to pursue this wonderful and exciting method of communication with baby DIVA for the following absolutely positively glorious reasons.
First of all sign language develops a communication of emotions!
Hmmm isn’t that spiffy? Now Baby DIVA will be able to sign to me what exactly she means when she is grunting and turning red and stiffening her little body! Oh wait! That is already a form of communication. Baby DIVA has learned to clear a room with that lovely communication strategy! See this is a no brainer! Baby DIVA will get this sign language communication with great ease.
Second, it may increase the IQ levels and promotes creativity!
Well Hot Diggity Dog! Baby DIVA is already the smartest baby on the planet, now with the new added skill of sign language she will surpass even the brainiest of humans here on this earth! Yippee I spawned a super genius! And she will have a great sense of creativity too. Wow I mean you can’t get much more creative than that gorgeous masterpiece she designed the other day all over her crib while we were changing that diaper (see previous benefit for explanation).
A third benefit is that sign language engages baby in the learning process of starting and participating in a real conversation.
Okay well let me tell you what Baby DIVA scored the leading lady role in every conversation since she burst into this world. If she is not actively making her voice heard through the background to the conversation then this little DIVA is the topic of conversation! Ha! Sign language will just add another dimension for her to be all up in Pink Haired Momma’s business!


  1. I have a book on baby sign language that was given to me at my baby shower. It's hilarious but I'd love to at least try it so that Peanut will STOP CRYING!! I'm sure it's not something you can teach a 3-month-old but it never hurts to give it a go.

  2. It is never to early to start teaching her! I started from day 1 teaching Baby DIVA her alphabet and face parts. She already knows where her rnose is and she will be only 7 months thursday!!!


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