Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not your ordinary Tree house

I was sitting my plump butt on the couch while Baby DIVA was taking a bit of a snooze and I was thoroughly enjoying and episode of Extreme Living on HGTV. And then it happened!

The TV spoke to me! Yep I am officially crazy!

Now what really happened is Extreme Living was highlighting a very interesting style of living and I just tuned right in. The topic really hit a nerve in me! TREE HOUSE LIVING! How fabulous and funky. I was immediately drawn in. I already could see my super cool hot pink couch resting gracefully atop the trees! Then as quick as possible my Pink Haired Momma fingers opened the laptop and began to research the topic presented in this lovely show.

As many of you may know I am becoming more and more earth conscious every day. With the birth of Baby DIVA, I have really embarked on learning more and more about how to preserve the earth so that she may have a home for her whole lifetime! I also just enjoy the green lifestyle. Fits me well.

So what the heck was it that caught my eye and struck such a nerve in my Pink Haired Momma mind? Well it is a Fab Tree Hab. What is a Fab Tree Hab you ask? Well this is a really exciting new development in the style of living world. A young architect has envisioned a remarkable form of living that embodies the green lifestyle by manipulating the natural earth in a friendly manner as to not cause harm and results in the development of a new housing option for human kind. This wonderful vision does require a long period of development, however the living home continues to grow with the family that resides inside over a lifetime.
A view of the Fab Tree Hab vision: outer shell
Another view of the Fab Tree Hab vision: inside
I am just so jazzed up about this possibility. I am trying to find out everything I can about this project. I just wanted to share this wonderful development with you as well! Imagine in the future all of us living in these super fabulous GREEN TREE HOUSES!!! Totally RAD!


  1. I researched some of this last week b/c I was bored and wanted to look at awesome tree houses...but for D not for me, lol. Good luck!

  2. I love that show! I'm addicted to HGTV.

  3. I am so digging these green Tree houses! And Mandie it did get my pink haired mind a spinning and i went and researched super cool tree houses for Baby DIVA!!! Love it!

    And Rikki HGTV is my lifeline! I so wish they would show up at my door and make my world perfect like I see on there!!!


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