Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby DIVA scores the COB

As you know Baby DIVA has been eating solids now for 2 whole weeks! And of course not just any solids, she is eating food prepared by the master chef Pink Haired Momma prepared in the incredibly exotic way of puree in the blender!!

Her delicate gourmet palette has been exposed to only the finest preparations of the following:

PEAS: totally love the peas. Can't live without them. Must eat in mass quantity everyday!

AVOCADO: pretty cool. she enjoys this lovely fruit but most likes to squeeze it between her toes and use it to style her little wisps of a Mohawk.

BROCCOLI: so not happening. One bite gave and Pink Haired Momma an ugly face of disgust. Second bite was an even worse face that nearly threatened the bowl and hands of Pink Haired Momma. Third bite resulted in lips slammed shut and super tight. No spoon getting in there. Baby DIVA has silently spoken and stated broccoli is not an acceptable cuisine for her matured palette.
We now mix and hide this lovely veggie in her favorite peas. Oh the tricks you can play on the young and innocent!!

YELLOW SQUASH: Another favorite despite the despair of her grandpa who thinks squash should be banned from the planet.

OATMEAL: Baby DIVA can not stomach regular rice cereal ( DIVA here has a delicate tummy, Surprised?) so we use oatmeal as an alternate. She seems to dig this oaty delight!!

Over this last weekend, Hubbs-to-be got to grilling. We had some fabulous yum yum foods. And since we make all Baby DIVA's food for her because only we, Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be, have the skills and talents to puree in DIVA friendly style, the Hubbs-to-be prepared and presented Baby DIVA with her first taste of...

LOL! I am SOOOOOOO kidding. Baby DIVA did not get her toothless mouth any where near the cob! The pics are too funny though! No teeth equals no cob!! She was desperate to eat it though. One might have thought this baby never eats! No! No! Little Miss DIVA. In due time!!!

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