Tuesday, June 23, 2009



This Pink Haired Momma entered a Giveaway on another Momma's blog and Guess What? I Won!! Totally Fabulous!

Well if you are not already familiar with her blog then you need to scoot on over to the Love to Shop Mom blog and read her works. She is a totally fabulous momma blogger who loves TARGET!!!! Awesomeness!!! And she just had a birthday and celebrated by giving away all kinds of prizes, and Pink Haired Momma is one of the winners! I won a totally Fabulous Baby Sign Language Book and Fitness DVD!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!

As you already know from my earlier post, I have been really wanting to teach sign language to Baby DIVA, so this serendipitous win comes at a perfect time!

Fabulous Darling just Fabulous!

And seriously it comes from an incredible mom blogger who is just so fun and great!! Thank you so much Love to Shop Mom for your fabulous blog and this fabulous giveaway prize!
And of course a pictorial diary of Baby DIVA utilizing these fabulous prizes is just days away!!!

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  1. You are so sweet for the nice comments about me!! AWWW *hugs*!!! hehehehe!!!


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