Thursday, June 4, 2009

Creative Sounds

Baby DIVA composed a new piece of music entitled "I never wanna sleep again". At approximately 12:30am last night, just as I settled into my slumber, the DIVA released this new artistic rendition of song. She serenaded the room just letting anyone within earshot take in the breaking glass type of sound of her voice for about 3 hours before settling down and going back to sleep. When creativity hits, you must let them express!!!


  1. Aww, I know what this is like! Hope you managed to get SOME sleep!

  2. Yeah, D does this too...I think we should get Ben, Diva, and D together and let them have an opera!

  3. Hey ladies we should! The nwe can make a CD and give it to all those mommies to be out there who have no idea how their world is about to change!!! LOL


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