Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pull Over Baby DIVA?

Recently I was driving along the freeway when My Pink Haired brain poofed an incredible thought. “What if I get pulled over by a cop while Baby DIVA is in the car?” I do not feel comfortable pulling off to the side of the freeway and parking. There are too many crazy not attention paying freaks who won’t put down their blackberry and are trying to twitter about the traffic that they just might slam in to my car and injure my child.


Recently here In Houston we have experienced a horrible accident on the freeway system that not only took the life of 2 individuals it also injured a police officer. What you ask happened? Well the deceased individuals had their cars parked on the shoulder as well as the officer who was injured. Another car did in fact slam in to them and it resulted in a catastrophic nightmare. These kinds of accidents, although they seem rare, do happen. I am not willing to take any chance with my daughter’s life. Shouldn't’t a citizen be able to take a few extra moments to remove themselves from harm’s way?

I went to my parents, who lucky for me, just happen to be traffic attorney's, and asked them about this situation. I questioned them with the following: I am concerned that if I am being pulled over by a police officer on the freeway and I turn on my flashers and carefully and safely try and exit the freeway and proceed to a safe out of danger place to pull my car over, that I am in turn just going to anger the police officer to the point where he gives further citations. Is there a proper protocol for this matter and if so how do I handle this scenario? How do I properly alert the officer that I am going to comply with his request to pull over, however I am choosing to do so in a safe manner to protect the safety of my child who is in the car?

You may think that a police officer would not be angered by such scenario; I assure you that you are wrong. If a police officer has to follow you for unknown reasons he or she is most likely not going to be happy. And who could blame him? If the officer has no idea what is going on in your vehicle, he has only been trained to expect the worst.

Mom and Pop alerted me to that fact that we do not have a protocol for such scenario. In fact there are not any laws or legislation in regards to the safety of the passengers in the car or how to exit properly if you have an infant or children in the car. There is just a law or understanding that you pull over to the right side as quickly and safely as possible.

HMMMM! Interesting! I pondered this for a moment.

Then I decided to take it upon myself to contact my state representatives, John Coryn and Kay Bailey Hutchison, the Houston Police Chief, and the Texas Department of Public Safety in regards to this matter. I am curious if this has ever been addressed. I am also hoping that by raising and proposing this question officers can be alerted to this concern parents may have about being pulled over for citations while driving on the freeway system.

I propose that officers be aware that cars that carry a “Baby on Board” sticker may need to take a few extra moments in getting off the freeway before the citation process begins. By simply switching the flasher lights on coupled with the “Baby on Board” sign should generate enough warning to the officer that a citizen is in fact following the requested act that the area of concern should be diminished. I hope that open communication on this matter between the local police and the citizens can draw a conclusion that the child’s safety is of concern and we can work together to try and do what we can to prevent as many tragedies as possible.

I am currently waiting on response from the State Representatives, Houston Police Chief and the Texas Department of Public Safety. I will update you to their responses upon receipt.

What are you thoughts on this matter?


  1. I completely agree with you! In SC I know that you can call 911, tell the dispatcher the car that you are driving, where you are, and she/he can alert the cop to your concerns and that you will be pulling over, just at a safe place. You can also do this at night to find a lighted area, or you can call to verify that a real cop is indeed pulling you over, and not a fake going to rape you cop.

  2. We have this policy here too in Texas. However I also dont want to be hunting for my cell phone ot call 911 when I am trying ot exit the freeway with Baby DIVA in the car. But I have utilized the 911 call at night before when I was alone.

  3. We have the same law here in Arkansas that you can pull over into a well lit area off the interstate and you can call 911 so they can alert the officer.

    You are probably right about some officers being more pissy and giving you a ticket just because you made him drive farther. But frankly I don't care if he is pissy and gives me a ticket I'm not risking my life or my childs.

  4. You can move to a town that doesn't have freeways. :o)

  5. Rikki I agree. They can get as mad as they want. I am not taking any chances with Baby DIVA's life!

  6. Jenn!
    I so want to move to the country! Find hubbs-to-be a remote career and we are there! Maybe even down near you!!!


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