Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be had a DATE!!!

And Baby DIVA came along with us.
Some Date!

We are avid movie watchers and have missed going to the theater since the arrival of Baby DIVA. Recently I found a The Showboat drive-in theater and thought HMMMM how lovely this could be. I posted here on Thoughts of a Princess the Blog by Pink Haired Momma, about this theater a few weeks back because not only is it a cool event to do with kids or that certain special someone, but it is also super CHEAP!!!!

Well, on Saturday, Hubbs-to-be and myself were trying to avoid yet another family get together and decided the safest place for us to hide would be under a blanket of the stars out in the country watching movies in our car. And Baby DIVA has had such a marvelous sleep schedule we assured ourselves a late showing at the drive-in was no problem at all. And that our "Date" would be quite enjoyable.


Oh did I mention that it is JUNE in Houston and it is HOT~HOT~HOT!!!

We loaded up our car with the various 15 bags of baby crap. You know the "well she might want to play with this toy" kind of crap you take with you when you go anywhere with an infant. Never mind in her whole life (all 6 months) she has not only never played with this crap but has never even glanced at it at all. We packed a suitcase full of baby DIVA approved snacks and Sippy cup, not BOTTLES-as Baby DIVA has made quite clear are now unacceptable, put it all over ice and headed out.

The car had to do a loop around the neighborhood and come back as the car and baby DIVA took off after being packed for the Drive-in outing without Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be. Somehow after loading the car up, the car forgot us. Sigh. All those bags of crap one must pack for a simple date. Sigh, again.

Finally we are on the way. We drive out towards the Drive-in and are quite giggly. Kind of like two teenagers on a date. Then we realized, Oh! Wait a minute! We know what happens when two teenagers go to the Drive-in...alone in a car...and she is riding in the back seat.

Another NOTE: BABY DIVA will NOT be heading to the drive-in ALONE with a boy for many moons to come!!! And we might just have to sit really far apart too!!

We arrive promptly 15 minutes before the gates open and assume our position in the line that has already begun to form. We chit chat and sing to baby DIVA as we wait in the lovely air conditioned vessel that has brought us to this great destination. The gates open and we head on in to find a "great" spot to rest our vehicle for the remainder of the evening.

At this point the sun is still beating down on the Drive-in theater parking lot as cars are beginning to file in and line themselves up in theater like rows. We are dazzled by the whole event because not only is this Baby DIVA's first time at a drive-in but Pink Haired Momma's and Hubbs-to-be's as well. AWWWW insert cute moment for happy family here. So we are also quite paparazzi and snapped a ton of pics, even though we are starting to melt in the wonderful evening heat.

Baby DIVA laughing knowingly at what she has in store for Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be
Cheesy posed pics of Pink Haired Momma and Baby DIVA with really cool old projector

Baby DIVA then announces to the entire theater that she is NOW ready for her dinner. A quick rig of this and that and we have a make shift kitchen and high chair! Dinner is served mademoiselle! Yum Yum!

Well with all this gourmet meal prep at the theater going on Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be kind of lose sight of time. We are giggling and loving all over Baby DIVA, just like those goofy first time parent stereotypes do.

Yes My name is Pink Haired Momma and I will marry Hubbs-to-be and WE ARE first time GOOFBALL parents. HI Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be.

We lose track of time and before we know it it is well after 9PM!! and still no movie yet. The sun has done gone and set. The lights have come about. We have melted about 4 pant sizes off our plump booties (well those cheese fries from the concession stand may have added a size back on), and still NO MOVIE!!! UGH! Baby DIVA has a full belly, diaper changed and is snoozed in her seat. We are so ready.

And then the lights DIM and the screen lights up. We giggle again with great anticipation. Sound begins to flow out of our car speakers and the first preview plays across the screen.




Not only AWAKE but very vocal about needing some attention RIGHT NOW!

Again, did I mention that it is JUNE in Houston and it is HOT~HOT~HOT!!!

We roll up the windows of our car so not to disturb our fellow drive-in neighbors, and because you cant have your engine running during the movie we also have no air conditioner and so we begin to console baby DIVA in the heated late night air of a closed window vehicle. Total Fun!

I swear it is like Baby DIVA has this teeny tiny little built in radar that hones in on our every move. Oh Pink Haired Momma is in the process of sitting down...hold it...hold it...okay she is all the way down WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Same thing here! Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be are about to enjoy this movie. I will sleep ALL evening and right as the movie begins WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Of course she calms down once she is in Pink Haired Momma's arms, and we both melt because it is so dang hot. Hubb-to-be opens the window and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Baby DIVA Radar strikes again! Pink Haired rocks the DIVA some more and finally she passes out of heat exhaustion. Just kidding. We opened the windows and she calmed down and finally went on back to sleep. 2 movies and one intermission later my arms felt like Gumby and I placed her in her car seat for the ride home.

She of course slept without a peep from this point on until about 30 seconds after I tucked my bootie into bed after arriving home (another story on another day LOL).

Overall we had a blast at the Drive-in. We plan to go again very soon with our friends of HAM! I mean you really can not beat this kind of Baby DIVA entertainment followed by 2 great movies for less than $20 for the whole night! Totally Fabulous!!

Pink Haired Momma Approved

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