Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pink Haired Momma aka Homemaker

Many months ago you listened as I babbled about my precious baby seeds and how I ever so delicately placed them in their nutrient rich soil to grow and produce food for me, Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA. Well this wonderful adventure into being a self producing Pink Haired Momma vegetable growing woman who wears crazy hats over her Pink Hair in the garden has officially begun.
The ever so small glimpse of my future...

I do have high hopes for the next attempts of my garden growth! I am quite tickled that I put a seed in some dirt and a carrot came out. Even if it is so tiny!!!

I also was quite the Betty Homemaker in the kitchen this weekend. I whipped up a fabulous assortment of my fancified blended technique foods for Baby DIVA! The freezer is now packed up with all sorts of delicious baby friendly edibles prepared with the fabulous homemade seasons conjured up by Pink Haired Momma...aka no seasoning whatsoever. Totally chic. You should try it sometime. I also discovered that there are no suitable teething biscuits that are pre made. So I go to whipping and a shaking and baking (mental image...Pink Haired Momma boogie moves in front of the oven, Scary). I made no corn, no sugar, no anything yum, teething biscuits for the DIVA. She took to them with the quickness. I ate one. Nuff said.


  1. A very satisfying reward indeed and healthy!
    Carrots planted in this area wouldn't even be that big as yet...maybe early July

  2. I am just so tickled over my tiny carrot! Thanks!


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