Friday, February 27, 2009

Thoughts on the general public

I am so astonished sometimes at how the general public acts. I currently work from home in the billing department/customer service for a cable provider. I receive calls daily from individuals who are in total shock that they have to pay their bill. They don't understand that if you get the largest cable package known to man and you buy pay per view movies and events on a daily basis that it is not unheard of to have a several hundred dollar cable bill monthly. These people call in telling me how they didn't buy these movies that the cable box is just charging them for no reason, or that we didn't call or email them to tell/remind them their bill was due for the last 3 months (never mind that they receive a bill in the mail and notification and phone calls when they are 30 and 60 days past due) and now their service is turned off and how are we going to compensate THEM because we didn't remind them! Or then i get calls from people who are angry with the government for some reason and don't want to pay the government taxes. I literally had a customer get so angry at me because she pays about $25 a month for full cable service ( yes she is on a special ) and she had a .07 cent charge for FCC fees. She honestly took time out of her day to call me and ask me to please adjust her account by removing this charge because "she doesn't like it". SERIOUSLY!!!!! I just am in shock on a daily basis at the majority of the requests I receive. I know we are All trying to save a buck but these requests are ridiculous. I guess i was just raised differently but I would never call the cable company screaming about something that was my fault or demanding them to compensate me because "i don't like it".
It just astonishes me and cracks me up. It actually keeps me going each day. I wonder what the next call will bring and how quickly can I get this customer to be happy with services they themselves pick out and request and choose to pay for!!!

Just my thoughts for today :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh wedding dress oh wedding dress!!!!

okay okay so i am trying to get into this whole wedding thing. We are getting married on halloween in Las Vegas at the venetian and it is a masquerade theme. What do you think about the three above dresses. These three are on the top of my list right now (two pics and one is a link). Let me know your thoughts!!!

Amelia learned to make cookies this morning. She is a little fussy today so I just wanted to post a few pictures for your viewing pleasure...Seriously this is the most beautiful kid i have ever bias or anything!!! LOL

not loving valentine's day!!

After she got her valentine's present!!!

She is getting so big!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This smile is to die for!!!

I just cant get enough of this beautiful face!!!!
Well it has been over a month since my last post. I am so sorry. This last month has been very rough. Amelia cried 23 3/4 hours a day. We couldn't find formula that worked for her little tummy. When she wasn't crying all she wanted was to be held. Wow nothing like a good ole month with no sleep to make you feel like a true zombified woman!

This is one of the greatest inventions known to man...boppy pillow resting the babe inside of the baby gym...Hallelujah!!!!!

I officially became a true work from home stay at home mom. I absolutely love it. I get to hang out with the baby all day then work at night. I think this is really going to work out the best scenario for our little family. Honestly after this last month i have no idea what i would have done had i been going to a job away from home. Having the 5 second commute and not necessarily having to be freshly showered to work has been a saving grace for me this last month. I have a new found respect for the full time working mother (outside of the home) as well as the stay at home mom. I am now kind of doing both so it was quite a transition. I am getting a grip on it and getting Amelia feeling better so every thing is back on the upswing again.

Milk Drunk
So anyway, now we have a wonderful lactose free formula that Amelia devours any chance she gets. Her tummy is doing much better...her poop is of normal color and consistency...we are putting on lots of weight!!! Which i think in my absence here i did not even get to post about her two month check up and her first round of shots (mommy is recovering nicely thanks). she only weighed 10 pounds at her 2 month checkup but is healthy. We are starting to develop a schedule and this has allowed mommy to have some time to herself. So here I am back at doing one of the things i love to do and that is write and post here to all my friends and family.

So at the ripe age of 13 weeks today 02-24-2009 Amelia has made the following Grand accomplishments:

1. thrown up in mommies mouth

2. pooped all over herself and got it her and mommy's hair

3. peed on her doctor

4. did a somersault out of daddy's arms and on to the couch causing mommy to have cardiac arrest!!!

LOL no really...

1. Amelia can hold her head up completely on her own now

2. She is attempting to roll over

3. She can bear weight on her chubby little legs

4. She has discovered her tongue and loves to see and make spit bubbles

5. She smiles all the time NOW (thanks to lactose free)

6. And the beginning sounds of a laugh are quickly developing

I am getting really excited about the bluebonnets blooming here in the next month or so. The baby dress that i wore for my first professional pics will be worn by Miss Amelia on her first trip to the bluebonnets for her pictures!!! I am so excited. She is the cutest thing ever. I can not get enough of her. Even when we were at our worst this last month and she had screamed and screamed and screamed and i had no sleep I could just look at her sweet face and just melt. I love my daughter so much and will gladly never sleep again if it keeps her healthy and happy!!!!

On another note Alberto and I have also been wedding planning. Yes I know you are probably thinking that I am on crack and trying to overload and kill myself. And you are right I am! So we picked a Venue!!! The Venetian in LAS VEGAS BABY!!!! Woohooo!!! We are going to dress in masquerade ball attire and get married on our favorite holiday... Halloween!!! All our friends and family are of course invited to come and share in this adventure, However we understand if many can not attend. So we are having a huge casual BBQ party out at my parents ranch the following Saturday. I am so excited!! I think i found gown. It is red velvet!! I will keep everyone updated on this as soon as i get some time to go try it on!!!So Woohooo I am going to be a BRIDE finally and not a bridesmaid...oh wait I am a bridesmaid one more time for my BFF this MAY!!! LOL

Well that is about it for now...Amelia is waking up...will continue later!!!!!!!!
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