Friday, February 27, 2009

Thoughts on the general public

I am so astonished sometimes at how the general public acts. I currently work from home in the billing department/customer service for a cable provider. I receive calls daily from individuals who are in total shock that they have to pay their bill. They don't understand that if you get the largest cable package known to man and you buy pay per view movies and events on a daily basis that it is not unheard of to have a several hundred dollar cable bill monthly. These people call in telling me how they didn't buy these movies that the cable box is just charging them for no reason, or that we didn't call or email them to tell/remind them their bill was due for the last 3 months (never mind that they receive a bill in the mail and notification and phone calls when they are 30 and 60 days past due) and now their service is turned off and how are we going to compensate THEM because we didn't remind them! Or then i get calls from people who are angry with the government for some reason and don't want to pay the government taxes. I literally had a customer get so angry at me because she pays about $25 a month for full cable service ( yes she is on a special ) and she had a .07 cent charge for FCC fees. She honestly took time out of her day to call me and ask me to please adjust her account by removing this charge because "she doesn't like it". SERIOUSLY!!!!! I just am in shock on a daily basis at the majority of the requests I receive. I know we are All trying to save a buck but these requests are ridiculous. I guess i was just raised differently but I would never call the cable company screaming about something that was my fault or demanding them to compensate me because "i don't like it".
It just astonishes me and cracks me up. It actually keeps me going each day. I wonder what the next call will bring and how quickly can I get this customer to be happy with services they themselves pick out and request and choose to pay for!!!

Just my thoughts for today :)

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  1. I cant believe they give them two months be shut off! That is really generous if you ask me. I had a friend who didnt pay her bill and the day after she got her shut off notice she came home to no power,internet,or cable(its all bundled in one company in our town).


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