Monday, March 9, 2009


Amelia laughed out loud...a real giggle laugh...for the first time this weekend!! On saturday we went out to the ranch to visit grandma and grandpa. While teasing her with a sock in the face Daddy got her to laugh her first OFFICIAL laugh!! It was so cute. And mom, dad, and grandma got to hear it all together!!! I got the camera out and was able to catch the end of her first laugh on video. Hopefully i will get that uploaded here very soon!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring is Near!!!

Just a few pictures from today's morning photoshoot!!

She is so cute!! I just want to hug and smooch her all day long...and I do!!!

I am super proud of myself. I have grown a bunch of flowers and vegetables from seeds!! REALLY!!! i took the little seeds and planted the min the little dirt pods and a few weeks later i had plants!! Woohoo I really do have superpowers to grow thing!!!

Everything has sprouted and is almost ready to go in the ground. The beds are cleaned out and ready for these little babies to be planted so they can start producing loads of food and floral beauty. I Built my compost bin this morning and I hope to get all my "compost" supplies i have been collecting in it tomorrow!! This weekend I will also be constructing the rain barrel catcher!

Trying my hand with the green thumb for several reasons. Hoping to save money and wanting to grow healthier (know where they come from) foods for my family. Amelia also will only be eating fresh prepared food (prepped by me YES I know I am nuts)once she starts on solid foods; so I am hoping these come from my garden and not whole foods grocery shelves!

And of course I have some pictures to share of this accomplishment!!!

The Bin !!! My beds are ready!!! My baby seeds are growing!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


She is so loving the bumbo these days!!!

Amelia's first Crawfish boil!!!

Wow has my life changed over the last year!! This time last year I was not pregnant (yet), was not a mother, was not officially engaged, I was just chilling out enjoying life and playing as much as I could. Well then I got the big PLUS and my whole world changed. So here we are one year later. I have the most beautiful 3 month old baby daughter that has ever graced this earth. I have a wonderful man in my world who is not only the father of my excellent child but has acceptable the privilege of being my husband to be!! (I still think he might need to have his head checked). Now instead of having cocktails until 2 or 3 am and then sleeping until noon, I now wake up at 2 or 3 am to feed the baby a bottle after having been asleep since 8pm. This is then followed by a grocery trip, laundry completion, dinner preparation, house speed cleaned, and a couple miles walk and play time at the park all completed by noon each day.

How is that we as women go from lounging about in life to being super moms in almost an instant? Now i will be the first to tell you that the first few months were rough. I felt like nothing was done and i felt like i was spinning out of control. Now out of no where I have grown my super cape and became super mom. So bizarre!!

Ok so now on top of all the other changes that have occurred in my life the last year now I must plan a wedding...lets add that task to the daily super mom list!!! I used to imagine my wedding as the "event of the century". I wanted full theatrics and hundreds of people and tons of flowers basically Princess Dianna style...the works. Well then I had a baby shower and I birthed a child. My thoughts and wishes on this event have greatly changed. Let me explain...
First of all i do love being the center of attention...however on my terms center of attention. I don't like the world to stop and look at me. Totally freaks me out. Case in point. The BABY SHOWER. I arrived at my best buds house the afternoon of my shower. I slowly opened the door to her home and entered thinking nothing of it. Oh my lordy dordy to my shock and amazement there were about 30 people standing there all lined up and staring me down. So there i waddled through the crows horrified that everyone was looking at me. My stomach dropped and i felt nauseous. Right then and there i decided that a huge princess wedding may not be something i want to do. My husband to be has about 1000 pairs of eyes in his family that will be staring me down. I think i might throw up just thinking about it. So to steal a line from the infamous Sex and the city Character Carrie " I might be missing the bride gene" in this area. I want a smaller wedding followed by a causal large reception. Make sense? In a casual reception i can walk to the guests an converse instead of having their eyes bore through me as i walk the last single walk of my life!!

So then let me move on the to the other aspect of the wedding that I might be lacking the bride gene in. I went wedding dress shopping on Monday. When i walked into the bridal store all i could see was an overwhelming sea of white fabric. I swear my heart almost jumped up into my throat. How am i supposed to filter through the plastic bags filled with hideous white fabric that i am to get all weepy about trying on. Honestly i don't really care. I love watching the platinum wedding shows and I watch all these brides trying on the gowns with their friends and family all beside them cheering them on. Blah yuck barf for me!!! I told the sales lady to just bring me some big poof skirt dresses that come in red or black. She brought me one that came in ruby red. It was gorgeous. I really loved it. However i feel so strange standing up on the little block trying on my white wedding gown with my baby daughter hanging out in her stroller watching me. A little surreal there!! So anyway i got over the fright of the wedding dress and tried on a few. The poof skirts are what i seem to like. However i then made my way to some other off the beaten path bridal store and found a gown I absolutely fell in love with. Let me tell you how much i love this gown. I have had 3 exercising sessions since returning from trying on this gown!! And it was Monday afternoon and i haven't exercised today yet!! LOL It is amazing. If i can lose some more baby weight between now and Halloween AKA my wedding day then I have found the gown. It is black and stunning. Here let me show you...

Totally different than the big poof skirts that i gravitate too...but man i just love this gown!!! It is so different and perfect for my Halloween Las Vegas ball!!!! Well Amelia is starting to stir. I must go now!!

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