Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring is Near!!!

Just a few pictures from today's morning photoshoot!!

She is so cute!! I just want to hug and smooch her all day long...and I do!!!

I am super proud of myself. I have grown a bunch of flowers and vegetables from seeds!! REALLY!!! i took the little seeds and planted the min the little dirt pods and a few weeks later i had plants!! Woohoo I really do have superpowers to grow thing!!!

Everything has sprouted and is almost ready to go in the ground. The beds are cleaned out and ready for these little babies to be planted so they can start producing loads of food and floral beauty. I Built my compost bin this morning and I hope to get all my "compost" supplies i have been collecting in it tomorrow!! This weekend I will also be constructing the rain barrel catcher!

Trying my hand with the green thumb for several reasons. Hoping to save money and wanting to grow healthier (know where they come from) foods for my family. Amelia also will only be eating fresh prepared food (prepped by me YES I know I am nuts)once she starts on solid foods; so I am hoping these come from my garden and not whole foods grocery shelves!

And of course I have some pictures to share of this accomplishment!!!

The Bin !!! My beds are ready!!! My baby seeds are growing!!!

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