Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Backyard Picasso with potatoes

Last week I shared with you our beginnings of our backyard oasis. We started in the artists corner by building ourselves fabulous little chalkboard for summer chalk play. We also built us two Easels to get out creative juices flowing through painting. We snuck outside, in the heat no less, to get some Picasso time in. Big Sis DIVA had a blast. And I discovered muffin tins make a great paint palette for toddlers.

I took a couple of potatoes and made "stamps". We had a triangle, circle, heart, and square (ummm those were chosen because I could sketch them in then tater easy HA!). We started inside learning about the cool shapes in the taters. Then, like magic, Big SIS DIVA discovered how to "Stamp" and away we went painting. Before long we moved on outside to the artists corner and complete out masterpiece.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Losing an organ

I think you fabulous readers will recall my wonderful tale of a rotten gallbladder discovery. And if not, feel free to jump over HERE and read about my naked ambulance ride as this discovery came about. It is no secret that Critter2's pregnancy was horrible to my body. High blood pressure, migraines, barfing and GALLBLADDER attacks.

Ummmm Hello!!! Is it not enough that pregnant women barf their guts up, swell into giant bubbles of fat, and then go through horrendous 36 hours of labor (oh wait that is just me!). Nope, not enough. It seems that there is a trigger of sorts with the hormone surges of pregnancy that allow the gallbladder to kick into overdrive and start flailing about sending its pregnant host into severe pains. And the super cool factor in this is you are PREGNANT. The only cure is surgery to remove the nasty little organ, and that usually doesn't happen until post delivery. AWESOME. So pregnant momma's everywhere with this problem can then add severe abdominal/back pain that is nearly unbearable to the fun list of pregnancy ouchies. And if you are like me, and not wanting to add and "extra" chemicals to your unborn, you will suffer through for months with no pain meds. Dumb perhaps, but a personal choice. Dumb. But I did it. She better do great things in life! Kidding.

Now here we are 3 weeks post my delivery of Critter2. I have been trying to hit 6 weeks post, so that my body has time to heal from birth and then I can attack it again with surgery, but it is not going to happen. Last weekend I had an 8 1/2 hour gallbladder attack. Followed by another attack when I was ALONE and driving with my 2 daughters the following day. And several more this week. There attacks are coming with heightened frequency and pain levels. I have reached my breaking point. I can not make it through the pain anymore. It IS unbearable.

So, I chatted up the docs and we have my surgery on the calendar 3 weeks early. THIS WEDNESDAY! Hooray! I can not wait. I am so looking forward to ripping this nasty little organ out of my body and living pain free again while eating yummy fatty fat foods (on occasion of course).

I was concerned about having surgery and breastfeeding. Will Critter2 be okay not have boob for a while? Will she continue to nurse? Will she be effected by the anesthesia or post surgery pain meds? All of this has been weighing on my mind. But in all reality I can not survive the pain anymore so if Critter2 refuses the boob post surgery then so be it. I have to do this to be a healthy mom for her.

But, that being said, I did some research and asked some Dr folk about the issues I have. The surgery is short and sweet only an hour or so and is outpatient. I can nurse Critter2 right up until I get ready to go under. Some people say I can nurse in recovery. I'm not really down with that, momma needs to enjoy the free drug ride for a good 10 or 20. :) But I definitely will be able to nurse later in the day. The anesthesia will be adjusted because I am a breast feeding momma and the post surgery meds will also be adjusted to work with breastfeeding. I also am consulting with my pediatrician to verify all this information. AND I am pumping like a fool to have a nice supply of "grub" for Critter2 while I am out of commission.

So there it is. I am getting the gallbladder out and should be able to continue boob juicing my tiny tot without any complications. Hot Diggity Dog!! Literally, soon I may be able to eat a yummy hot dog!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Last week, Grandma treated us to a little fun. Big Sis DIVA had the opportunity to check out a local indoor play scape, Wonderwild . It was fabulous. An air condioned indoor safe zone, incredibly important here in the Texas heat, that tots can roam free and play, play, play, all while momma can keep eyes glued on them while sitting calmly and feeding a baby and gossiping with grandma. FABULOUS!

Wonderwild has something for every tot. A safe crawling area for non walkers filled with toys and books and puppets and balls and you name it, it is here. Enclosed so crawlers do no escape into the paths of the crazed tots racing from inflatable slides, climbing structures, kid powered trains, and giant jumping pillows. Wonderwild offers an assortment of intriguing classes that range from art to a variety of movement centered learning. Theme parties are also put on by this fabulous play scape, such as tea parties and Darth Vader events. Between the incredible space, design and toy structures as well as the inviting staff and clean facility, I would have to say this place is a definite permanent fixture on our play date rotation, especially throughout the summer heat.

Big Sis DIVA ran like crazy and made some new friends. One thing that I really liked about Wonderwild, that I usually do not find at these indoor play areas, is that they do allow you to bring your own food in. There is a section set up with high chairs and tables so you may dine on your own snacks. This is great for many reasons! Mostly, so that parents may control the food their kids eat, but also helps with budgeting, as many of us are so keen on these days. Also on the baby dining front, there are plenty of areas to discreetly feed your little tot as well as comfy chairs nestled in the restroom in a lovely sitting area to feed if you are a little more shy. Major points with this boob feeding momma!

We had a great time at Wonderwild and really look forward to going back to Wonderwild real soon! Perhaps we might even have a party or two there in the future!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Playing

Summer is here. And I have a newborn. Big Sis DIVA is accustomed to having a packed social calendar and hitting up the hottest play date hangout in town with her M.O.S.T. friends. However, we might have to tone it down a bit for the next few weeks, to her dismay.

In order to keep her reputation in good standing (Ha!), we have started designing a kick tush backyard for play date happenings. This week we worked on the artists zone. Simple cans of spray paint helped us transform simple pieces of plywood into a tot artists mecca. Hot Pink and purple "easels" to hang canvas to paint and color upon. As well as a chalkboard that doubles as a easel now shine in the side area of our yard.

We look forward to adding more and more spectacular elements to the backyard over the coming weeks, as well as host super fly play dates for Big Sis DIVA to hang with her friends.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Meeting sister in the hospital!!!
Helping momma supplement!
And being super mad that she cant "hold hold" all by herself.
Having a sister is the best!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It happens.


Many people out there may have no idea what those 3 little letters stand for. But, I am betting pretty much every mother out there immediately identifies those 3 little letters. PPD=Post Partum Depression. 3 little letters. 1 Big problem.

I, never in a million years thought that I, a Pink Haired happy go lucky, always see the positive spin on everything person would ever be attacked by a depressive wave of emotions. And without warning, really. But, I have. I have not "Crossed over" to the scary depressive side by any means, but I am battling with the hormonal disturbances in my normal world that bring me to tears because my apple pie is slightly lopsided. Or because Critter2 doesn't nurse well during one of her feedings, the PPD immediately steps up quicker than reality and sends me automatically into feelings of failure and sobs. Knowing in reality that Critter2 is probably just not hungry or that my pie tipped over on the plate and tastes just fine. It makes no difference the cause, the outcome is always the same. "I am a loser, a failure...sobs ensue." Then I feel stupid and wipe my tears and move on.

Awesome. It is bizarre because I know better. I know that I am a great mother. I know I worship the air my children breathe and do everything humanely possible to give them both a life more grand than my wildest dreams can concoct. And yet still I succumb to the wrath of the birthing hormones and cry, feel "blue" and find it a battle each day to brush my teeth (just kidding, I always brush no matter how many sobs it takes). The division within my soul, of the reality versus irrationality of the hormone surges is a battle that is indescribable. Knowing the rational way to behave and doing so, but feeling the irrational pangs of sadness is unreal. Especially when looking at the most beautiful face of your 3 week old daughter and holding the hands and singing with my adorable 2.5 year old daughter. I find myself in wonderment as to how I can be sobbing when I have been blessed with such perfection, twice.

But it happens. It is real. It is not some crazy fake brush off new moms have devised to run off friends, family and unsuspecting husbands. I will admit, before being a mother, before experiencing it I half heatedly thought that it was made up. I loudly admit to everyone that I was WRONG. It is a real life emotional roller coaster that sneaks in post birth and taps you on the shoulder, making you jump unsuspectingly.

I share this with you today because I want it to be known that it does happen. It happens to even the happiest moms, the most stable moms, the most put together moms. It has no boundaries, it effects all people. And since I know this is going on with me, I reach out to my friends and family and let them know what I am feeling. And although they may think I am nutty, they hold out their hands in support and help me through. That is what friends and family do. I only hope other mothers that feel the effects of PPD can reach out and ask for help if need be.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

2 weeks later

Hey guess what?

I HAD A BABY!!!!!!

36 hours of labor later, She arrived!! I never looked better! hahahaha

Excited Big Sis Diva!

That's right. Critter2 made her long awaited BIG Debut. A little early, but she is strong and kickin'.

And guess what else? she is TWO WEEKS OLD TODAY!!

Yep, we have been busy adjusting to the way of life with two tots in the household. It is pretty wild! Fun and wonderful but takes some adjusting! So please bear with me over the coming weeks as my posts might be sparse. I have many, many wonderful things to say, but when I snag a moment alone, honestly I go pee alone or take a cat nap. You know, life in the motherhood!

I will tell you that Critter2 has a real name. I will say it once here on the blog just because it is beautiful but then please help me by keeping her nickname Critter2 rockin in the interwebs. She has entered the world with the fabulous name:

She is so tiny! We hope she grows into her hat by college graduation!

One proud daddy: after 36 hours of labor!!

Weighing in at 5 pounds 1 ounce and 18 inches long at her birth on May 4 at 120am. And at her 2 week appointment yesterday she is growing and weighed in at 5 pounds 8 ounces and 19 inches long. Grow baby Grow!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


One week from today is Mother's Day. A single day out of the year that is dedicated to all of us women who dare to wear the badge of Motherhood, distinguishing us from those who have yet to experience the Ring of Fire. A day that celebrates us a women and all the work that is put into providing our children with everything they need to grow into amazing individuals. Or just the simple satisfaction of knowing we didn't strangle our offspring today. Whatever it is you feel, Mother's day is a wonderful day to experience both as the child and as the mother.

Shutterfly is one of my favorite photo gift sites. I have used Shutterfly numerous times over the last 2.5 years of my journey into motherhood. I have had the privilege of providing Personalized Photo books and Personalized gifts for MOM to my own mother, all bearing the most adorable pictures of Baby DIVA...her only grandchild. (well for at least another week or so :)) I have never been disappointed with the caliber of work shutterfly does and the product has always arrived in perfect condition and is a true treasure and a gem for the recipient.

This year, as Mother's Day rapidly approaches, I have several other reasons to hit up shutterfly. First, I am in the process of picking wonderful Thank you Cards with the perfect look, for Critter2 to send out to all those welcoming her into the world with precious gifts. H4L and I are also particularly interested in Critter2's birth announcements. These little beauties will be revealing the name of Critter2 to many of our friends and family. We know we can count on shutterfly to provide us with the perfect quality in this product that will meet our high expectations.

Now you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Shutterfly would offer me 50 free photo cards just to share this information with my readers. I was tickled pink. I already love this company so much and now I get to receive an awesome product for just reminding my readers how much I like this company. What can be better than that? And on top of that, Are you a blogger? If so, Click HERE for your own opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Shutterfly! You will not be disappointed.

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