Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Playing

Summer is here. And I have a newborn. Big Sis DIVA is accustomed to having a packed social calendar and hitting up the hottest play date hangout in town with her M.O.S.T. friends. However, we might have to tone it down a bit for the next few weeks, to her dismay.

In order to keep her reputation in good standing (Ha!), we have started designing a kick tush backyard for play date happenings. This week we worked on the artists zone. Simple cans of spray paint helped us transform simple pieces of plywood into a tot artists mecca. Hot Pink and purple "easels" to hang canvas to paint and color upon. As well as a chalkboard that doubles as a easel now shine in the side area of our yard.

We look forward to adding more and more spectacular elements to the backyard over the coming weeks, as well as host super fly play dates for Big Sis DIVA to hang with her friends.

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