Saturday, May 14, 2011

2 weeks later

Hey guess what?

I HAD A BABY!!!!!!

36 hours of labor later, She arrived!! I never looked better! hahahaha

Excited Big Sis Diva!

That's right. Critter2 made her long awaited BIG Debut. A little early, but she is strong and kickin'.

And guess what else? she is TWO WEEKS OLD TODAY!!

Yep, we have been busy adjusting to the way of life with two tots in the household. It is pretty wild! Fun and wonderful but takes some adjusting! So please bear with me over the coming weeks as my posts might be sparse. I have many, many wonderful things to say, but when I snag a moment alone, honestly I go pee alone or take a cat nap. You know, life in the motherhood!

I will tell you that Critter2 has a real name. I will say it once here on the blog just because it is beautiful but then please help me by keeping her nickname Critter2 rockin in the interwebs. She has entered the world with the fabulous name:

She is so tiny! We hope she grows into her hat by college graduation!

One proud daddy: after 36 hours of labor!!

Weighing in at 5 pounds 1 ounce and 18 inches long at her birth on May 4 at 120am. And at her 2 week appointment yesterday she is growing and weighed in at 5 pounds 8 ounces and 19 inches long. Grow baby Grow!


  1. Congratulations!! That is a beautiful name! And Diva looked so excited! Don't worry about us. We'll be here waiting for your posts, and we understand that two kiddos is DEFINATELY different. Best of luck to ya, momma! =]

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Great early Mother's Day gift eh?!

  3. Oh. A 5lb baby is soo so tiny & precious! I love her name! CONGRATS!

  4. Congratulations...and what a beautiful name!! So happy everyone is doing well. Update when you can. I have four kids, don't worry adjustment finally comes and things run smoothly.


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