Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Backyard Picasso with potatoes

Last week I shared with you our beginnings of our backyard oasis. We started in the artists corner by building ourselves fabulous little chalkboard for summer chalk play. We also built us two Easels to get out creative juices flowing through painting. We snuck outside, in the heat no less, to get some Picasso time in. Big Sis DIVA had a blast. And I discovered muffin tins make a great paint palette for toddlers.

I took a couple of potatoes and made "stamps". We had a triangle, circle, heart, and square (ummm those were chosen because I could sketch them in then tater easy HA!). We started inside learning about the cool shapes in the taters. Then, like magic, Big SIS DIVA discovered how to "Stamp" and away we went painting. Before long we moved on outside to the artists corner and complete out masterpiece.

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