Sunday, May 29, 2011

Losing an organ

I think you fabulous readers will recall my wonderful tale of a rotten gallbladder discovery. And if not, feel free to jump over HERE and read about my naked ambulance ride as this discovery came about. It is no secret that Critter2's pregnancy was horrible to my body. High blood pressure, migraines, barfing and GALLBLADDER attacks.

Ummmm Hello!!! Is it not enough that pregnant women barf their guts up, swell into giant bubbles of fat, and then go through horrendous 36 hours of labor (oh wait that is just me!). Nope, not enough. It seems that there is a trigger of sorts with the hormone surges of pregnancy that allow the gallbladder to kick into overdrive and start flailing about sending its pregnant host into severe pains. And the super cool factor in this is you are PREGNANT. The only cure is surgery to remove the nasty little organ, and that usually doesn't happen until post delivery. AWESOME. So pregnant momma's everywhere with this problem can then add severe abdominal/back pain that is nearly unbearable to the fun list of pregnancy ouchies. And if you are like me, and not wanting to add and "extra" chemicals to your unborn, you will suffer through for months with no pain meds. Dumb perhaps, but a personal choice. Dumb. But I did it. She better do great things in life! Kidding.

Now here we are 3 weeks post my delivery of Critter2. I have been trying to hit 6 weeks post, so that my body has time to heal from birth and then I can attack it again with surgery, but it is not going to happen. Last weekend I had an 8 1/2 hour gallbladder attack. Followed by another attack when I was ALONE and driving with my 2 daughters the following day. And several more this week. There attacks are coming with heightened frequency and pain levels. I have reached my breaking point. I can not make it through the pain anymore. It IS unbearable.

So, I chatted up the docs and we have my surgery on the calendar 3 weeks early. THIS WEDNESDAY! Hooray! I can not wait. I am so looking forward to ripping this nasty little organ out of my body and living pain free again while eating yummy fatty fat foods (on occasion of course).

I was concerned about having surgery and breastfeeding. Will Critter2 be okay not have boob for a while? Will she continue to nurse? Will she be effected by the anesthesia or post surgery pain meds? All of this has been weighing on my mind. But in all reality I can not survive the pain anymore so if Critter2 refuses the boob post surgery then so be it. I have to do this to be a healthy mom for her.

But, that being said, I did some research and asked some Dr folk about the issues I have. The surgery is short and sweet only an hour or so and is outpatient. I can nurse Critter2 right up until I get ready to go under. Some people say I can nurse in recovery. I'm not really down with that, momma needs to enjoy the free drug ride for a good 10 or 20. :) But I definitely will be able to nurse later in the day. The anesthesia will be adjusted because I am a breast feeding momma and the post surgery meds will also be adjusted to work with breastfeeding. I also am consulting with my pediatrician to verify all this information. AND I am pumping like a fool to have a nice supply of "grub" for Critter2 while I am out of commission.

So there it is. I am getting the gallbladder out and should be able to continue boob juicing my tiny tot without any complications. Hot Diggity Dog!! Literally, soon I may be able to eat a yummy hot dog!


  1. Wow, I had no idea how pesky gall bladders can be! All kidding aside I'll be thinking of you and praying for fast recovery.

  2. I also had gallbladder issues while pregnant (with my 1st). I was lucky enough to only have a few attacks and none as severe as yours. I didn't have mine out until Hannah was about 3 months old, I believe.
    I had some milk saved up, but I was still working and needed to make sure I had enough for the babysitter. After surgery I pumped a time or two to get rid of the milk packed full of pain meds, but was able to feed her later that day. Your belly will be a little tender. Be careful laying your little wiggle worm across it. But really, it isn't bad at all.
    Good luck. I know you are looking forward to it.


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