Thursday, March 24, 2011

Naked ambulance ride!!!

Only me. These random weird things only happen to me. SERIOUSLY! Let me share with you my wonderful Thursday afternoon.

Baby DIVA is sporting a fever. We have had a small outbreak of Hand, foot and Mouth in our social circle, so one can assume the spike in fever from Baby DIVA yesterday of 103 plus could only be this lovely childhood illness plaguing us, right? We settled in to "ride" it out today at home. Inside, Motrin, fluids, backyardigans, fun filled day for us. I was feeling pretty good myself and although I don't like the circumstances, enjoyed the snuggle time with Baby DIVA.

I took the opportunity to "refresh the pink" aka bleach my roots and prepare to dye my hair, while Baby DIVA napped. Refreshing the pink is a 3 step process for me. Bleach roots. Dye the pink portion, dye the under hairs black. long process. So it is usually done over the period of a whole day. So step one concluded around 1230 during nap. Baby DIVA awoke promptly at 1pm and we had lunch, followed by snuggles. Bleach roots air drying, just FYI.

A little after 130ish I felt the gallbladder pain I have come to know all to well beginning to sneak up on me. I thought to myself "Oh poo" the next 30 minutes are gonna suck. I hate this pain. Well, boy was that an understatement. The pain came on with the quickness. I went from nothing to pain so severe I couldn't breathe. I tried walking, laying down, drinking water, contorting myself into awkward positions, sitting, everything, nothing was working. I think it was anywhere from 15-30 minutes before I decided that nothing could be done to stop this pain. The pain just increased and air became harder and harder to grasp no matter what I did.

Baby DIVA quickly realized that something was going on too. She begin to follow my pacing moves asking "o tay momma, o tay"? She would hug me and kiss me and pat me and was right by my side. This broke my heart. I did everything I could to stay calm and tried to tell her through garbled breaths that Momma was okay. Really, I was scared shitless. I began to get really hot. My face flushed. Air was hard to grab. The pain grew in intensity and I felt that I might blackout any moment. Fear for my child overwhelmed me. What is going to happen if I pass out. My 2 year old can not be left alone. She cant see me like this. Panic.

I went down the list of close friends and family. No one really to contact. Shit! I called my mom and tried to tell her what was wrong. She was headed my way before we hung up, however she is a good half hour drive at least. I tried to wait. The pain grew. Baby DIVA questioned me more, "o tay momma, momma o tay"?. All the while caressing me, showing me her sweet side, not her 2 year old monster side.

Out of shear fear I finally just made the adult decision and dialed 911. It was difficult to talk, but I managed to tell them who I was, where I was, and that I was alone with my 2 year old. Moments later help arrived. The pain grew more and more to such an intensity, death seemed to be the only thing that could stop the pain. The paramedics loaded me up, grabbed Baby DIVA and some toys and we were out there door.

I guess at this point I realized my daughter was safe, in the comforting arms of the lady paramedic, sitting close to me, subconscious realization though, as the pain grew more and I begin to scream. I have never felt such intense pain in my life, not even during the birth of Baby DIVA. I begged for the paramedics to make it stop. Pleaded with them. No luck. Then the nice paramedic took my hand and said I do not want you to panic, but it appears you are in labor. Do not be alarmed when we arrive at the hospital. More panic. I'm only 30 weeks. NOOOOOO! This cant be happening.

Terror and panic and PAIN swept over me. Honestly, I'm not sure where my mind went at this time. The pain and terror took over and I think my screaming may have been heard across the country at this point. I also found myself incredibly hot. For some reason I needed to be naked because the clothes were just too hot. So I stripped. Right there in the back of the ambulance. YES, I DID. I then demanded cold towels and ice packs because it was so hot and I was in so much pain. At one point reality hit and I looked up. I realized i was sitting up in the back of an ambulance being transported to a hospital butt ass naked, momma boobs flopping in front of the windows for the entire world to see. Pain hit again and I no longer cared. Free Boob flop show for all afternoon commuter courtesy of me.

We arrive at the hospital. I overheard the paramedics on the phone several times during the ride telling the hospital my "contractions" were less than 2 minutes apart. What freaking contractions? There are no contractions it is just constant throbbing pain man. The paramedic tells me he is going to cover me up with a sheet, the other paramedic says "i don't think she cares". We roll in the hospital. Me still sitting up NAKED, SCREAMING, sheet falls, boobs flopping everywhere, I roll up into the ER, loud and obnoxious and in so much pain. I bet I was quite a sight!

The ER is by-passed and off we go to Labor and delivery. The pain is tortuous. So much so that at this point I have no care as to where my 2 year old Baby DIVA is. I'm taken to a room. Tons of doctors and nurses swarm me. Someone tells me they are with the preemie team, another tells me he is a Dr, another tells she is gonna do this and that. I don't care. Make this pain stop. The nurses help me get a grip on my breathing. Help me cover my momma boobs with cool towels and work on getting me to calm down. They have skills because I was demon pink. Not happy, in pain and NAKED!

H4L and my mom arrive. Someone says Baby DIVA is safe. I thought, "oh ya i have a child, shit!" Tests are done. Evaluations are made. Pain is incredible. Finally I hear someone say they are going to give me some pain medication. Relief flushes over me as I hear this news between these death pains. And then, just like that, the pain stops...before they even give me the medicine. Literally like a light switch has been turned off. It stopped almost as quickly as it came on. I am able to catch my breath and breathe again. I am able to calm myself down and think clearly. My body temperature drops. Critter2 is safe. No contractions. Heat rate is perfect. She is a little pissed off but looks perfect.

Hours of constant pain have finally ceased. It is only at this point I begin to recall that I just sped down the main street in my town NAKED in the back of an ambulance with half dyed hair, 30 weeks pregnant screaming like a crazy woman. Seriously? Mortifying. I stripped myself down naked in front of total strangers and acted a fool without alcohol? :)

I immediately begin to apologize to anyone and everyone. I fret about wanting to hunt down the paramedics and thank them (which I will be doing this weekend, somehow or someway) for dealing with my afternoon insanity. Evaluations are made and I am monitored and told I can go home. On strict full bed rest until I see my regular OB on Monday morning. Awesomeness. But, Critter2 is safe and sound. I'm okay for now. No definitive answers were made. Many tests and many results but all to be looked at by mt regular OB before decisions are to be made. So as long as we are safe I can handle sitting on my butt all weekend. I might even couch surf naked, for old time sake. :)

Oh and did I mention that during all of this my blood pressure is 122/79! HA! How about that? So how was your day?


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you and the baby are okay. I would have been so scared if I were you. Passing out(or worse) home alone with Brinley is like my #1 fear.

  2. Thank you Rikki! It was terrified. I think if Baby DIVA was at school or not home I would have just endured the pain and hoped for the best until my mom could arrive. But I was so afraid of going unconscious and leaving her alone. I have never once called an ambulance, and never even come close, i hope to never do it again. But I am thankful that we have this service because today it was the only option I had. Also it was an eye opener as to how un prepared I really am in an emergency situation.

  3. Wow, that is QUITE the story! GIRL, I am so sorry! I'm seriously praising God that your little baby is safe, though! How freakin' unreal! I'm so sorry you're on bed rest but luckily that little baby is safe and sound inside her mama's belly still! I know it's much easier said than done, but try to enjoy a few days rest!

  4. Thanks Chelsea. Whe nthe pain came on i never thought contractions. I more was reacting to the not breathing and pass out stuff. Then when the paramedic "checked" me and montiored me and told me I was in labor I freaked out big time. I was so scared of delivering a 30 week babe. But when we saw her on the u/s she was hanging out looking at us like "mom really what is your problem? Im trying to chillax in here".

  5. Gall bladder pain is THE WORST. That's not as embarrassing as my gall bladder story though. Mine is much much more disgusting. I didn't know it was gall bladder pain just that I was about 35ish weeks pregnant and in a ton of pain so they're thinking omg she's in labor and my dad and my husband and sister all get in the car and put me in the back because I am gagging and they don't want me to throw up in the front of the car. In the I kid you not, 2 minute drive to the hospital I threw up all over myself, all over my sister in front of me, and all over the DASHBOARD! I then threw up on the nurses, on my shoes, all over the outside of the ER, and all over the L&D room. After that I still did the stupid thing and every gall bladder attack I'd wait about an hour to see if the pain would leave and it wouldn't. Stick to the GB diet RILIGIOUSLY, not only will you keep the weight off, but no more gall bladder attacks, and when you feel one going on get to the ER ASAP because they only get worse once they start. I am so glad I got mine removed and never have to worry about it during pregnancy again!! Feel better soon and I hope you don't get any more attacks!!!

  6. Oh amy that is horrible. Thank you for sharing your story though. It is horrendous pain. I have a date 6 weeks post birth to have that sucker out, but until then UGH. The not being able to breathe because of such intense pain is so scary, i was afarid Critter2 wasnt gonna get any air!

  7. Wowsers...I think you made the right choice in calling 911. I always worried of that too with my little ones at home with me.

    I hope you are still okay and I will pray for that lil critter to stay right where they are until need be!

  8. Ok...I got all teary-eyed reading this. How scary for you and baby Diva. I can relate to how scary it is when you can't breath (asthma). I can also relate to being so involved in the situation that you don't even realize there is anything or anyone else around. That does not mean you are not prepared in emergancy situations...sounds like you did exactly what you should have...and probably handled it better than most. Even the getting naked part LOL. Gotta do what cha gotta do right ha ha. Its funny how we just turn kinda take off clothes, duh.
    When I was in labor with Liam my blood pressure kept dropping and I kept passing out. One time my pressure was something like 33/59 and I was out cold...while I was coming back I could hear everyone yelling and running around, but I couldn't say anything or open my eyes...the nurse ripped my gown off and was rubbing my chest, try to wake me and I kept thinking...oh no she is going to do CPR on me, I wonder if it will kill me if she does.... needless to say I woke up and all was ok after a while. Its funny what you think in stressful times.
    Ok, sorry that was a REALLY long comment. :) Glad you are all alright. Take it easy ;~)

  9. Thank you Bonnie! I had a slight hesitation about 911. Had I been alone i dont think i would have called, knowing my mom would be there eventually, even passing out alone. But I couldnt risk passing out with Baby DIVA. It was scary and an eye opener to how vulnerable we are.

    Critter is looking amazing. I bet she stays put until june! Ha!

  10. Crystal, i didnt know you had such a hard delivery with Liam. How SCARY!! It is true your mind just goes elsewhere. I remember thinking at one point after the paramedic told me i was in labor that i was going to tell the dr to take my uterus out, if i survived. That this pain was ridiculous and no one could survive it. Then my mind wandered again.

    Out of curiousity, because i am putting to gether a new emergency plan, what is your plan of an asthma attack that needs with the kids at home?

  11. How small is your town and will you be the talk of it for the next few weeks? HA! I've been the town talk for a few weeks because of an ambulance at my house & the firemen pulling me out naked (they made me that way, not me!)
    I'm glad everything turned out ok and that critter2 stays inside just a bit longer!

  12. Mrs curdy what happened? Im guessing you are okay now, but SCARY!!!! Our town is actually pretty big. I might be known as "the lady with pink hair" but i dont think anyone would really know who i am. So that is good. hahahahah

  13. I'm so glad you are OK! What a ride.

  14. Thank you Miss Erin. It was crazy, but luckily we are safe and Critter2 is doing great. Baby DIVA is too damaged either :).

  15. Eclampsia. Not good. it was 5 years ago and luckily the 2nd pregnancy was much better to me.
    I hope you are able to keep your pre-e under control! it really stinks that you are doing it all again! :(


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