Thursday, March 17, 2011

Critter 2 update: 29 weeks

Last week we had an ultrasound of Critter2. A growth check. We also were able to see her in the 3d view. I will admit, even though I find this technology freaky, when it is MY child up there on the screen, it is amazing. Unfortunately, I am a big idiot and forgot to grab the CD of pics they gave us before taking off after the appt. At my Dr appt this week I had hoped the u/s tech had slipped the CD into my chart, but no such luck. So until our next growth check you will have to just rely on my word that Critter2 is absolutely beautiful. :)

In fabulous news, my BP is waaaaaaay down. Almost normal actually. I am not on any restrictions anymore, no bed rest, nada. Although the doc says we are not 100% out of the danger of bp issues, he is now leaning more and more towards a healthy FULL TERM delivery! How about that! Go me! Exciting news now but in a few weeks I am sure I will not be so excited about being a giant Hippo until June.

Both Critter2 and I are very healthy and trucking along just fine. Oh and I finally gained a pound!


  1. Yay for good BP and no more bed rest!!!

  2. Hooray! I knew you could make it full term. Can't wait for Critter2!! =]

  3. Amy Thank you. I am really happy there is no bed rest!! Toddlers and pregnant bed rest moms do not mix!

  4. Stephanie I knew it too. All someone has to do is tell me I "can't" do soemthing and I will make it my mission to prove them wrong! :)


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