Monday, March 28, 2011

A Big HELLO from hospital bedrest!!

Well I have gone and done it. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! I should really change my name. Yesterday I had another "attack", as you recall my Naked Ambulance shenanigans from last week. Well, I stayed home and H4L distracted Baby DIVA so that I could scream through the pain. 2 hours later the episode wrapped up and I came back to reality. And yes, I did get naked again. I don't know what my problem is...but at least this time it was in the privacy of my own bedroom!

So this morning (Monday) I headed in to my OB appt with Dr. K. I told him about my wild ride last week and about yesterdays attack. He wanted me to consult with a super surgeon about this gallbladder issue. Then we discovered some protein in my urine and a blood pressure of 160/108 "ish". No more talking. I was being admitted to the hospital. Pre-Eclampsia the diagnosis.

I got to L & D and immediately got a room. Many tests commenced. The surgeon showed up to consult about my gallbladder. I was put on NPO "in case" which I was not impressed with. A u/s of the gallbladder was ordered...again. The neurology team came to consult, only because of my prior autoimmune issues. Labs were drawn, questions were asked. theoretical were tossed around. But my dr assured me as of right now, Critter2 and myself were safe and in not significant danger.

My bp staying elevated and the discovery of stones led the dr to inform me that Critter2 will be coming early. I was given the first of 2 steroid shots to help mature her lungs. NICU came to consult to tell me what to expect if she is born this week, next week and up to 34 weeks (the gestational age Baby DIVA was born at). I cried. I am scared. But Critter2 is measuring super big and is healthy and active, all positives for a possible preemie.

As the day progressed more test results came in and my liver enzymes were found to not be as they should, indicative or pre-eclampsia. Awesome. So I spent another long, long, long time only being allowed to eat clear foods waiting until another liver test. Not cool man! i survived on jello and vegetable broth today. Me! a HIPPO pregnant gal. Uncool. At this point I was told I most definitely will be here in the hospital until Critter2 is born. Whether that be tomorrow or in June. (and as always we ALL know how medical conditions work, this is all subject to change at any moment)

The results of my gallbladder ultrasound came back and this time (3rd times the charm) showed that hidden inside all that "sludge" was lots of little stones. Answer to the horrid pain! SCORE. The surgeon, although skilled in 3rd trimester gallbladder removal, would like to wait until post baby birth if we can. I am in total agreement with this. Right now it is uncomfortable, but is not causing problems for Critter2. Id like to keep it that way. Hopefully rest and diet can keep the attacks away and we can coast to delivery.

Baby DIVA came up to see me and bring me big hugs and kisses. I showed her my IV and told her momma has to stay here for a little while. She was all smiles and giggles. Later this evening before she went to bed, she called momma and I "tucked" her in. Then I cried. But she is with H4L and grandma and hopefully will have so much fun she won't even notice me gone!

And this is where we sit tonight. High BP. Critter2 bouncing around a healthy little gal. Bed rested and trapped in the hospital until further notice. But honestly, I will do just about anything to get Critter2 to a safe and healthy weight and delivery. So, although it breaks my heart to be away from Baby DIVA and my H4L, I will lay here, quiet, still and calm, and let this baby cook as long as we can!


  1. I'm so sorry!!! Boy it all happens at once right? And as much as the diet stinks it really does help and you won't gain as much weight. I would willingly go on that diet again if I could find it lol. Hope you get to bake your little girl another month AT LEAST!!!!

  2. Oh that stinks! I've been on bedrest (x6), had pre-e (x2) and had the abdominal pain you can't do anything about until baby's born - but I've never had to do it alone in the hospital away from my hubs and kids for more than a couple of days!

    Praying for a safe delivery for you and Critter2. Tweet me if you wanna kvetch about hospital junk - been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

  3. (((hugs))) and prayers, Pink. I love you! I cried reading this... I feel for you and H4L and baby Diva. It's all for the best though... keep that little critter cooking.

  4. Oh no! I'm praying that baby girl will stay put as long as possible.

  5. Yuck yuck yuck.

    I am thinking of you! I hope the time flies by for you, and little Miss Critter2 gets as much time as she needs before making her grand entrance. Hang in there!

  6. Man that sucks! I hate staying in the hospital. But we will do anything for our children, right :)
    Hope things go is your time to catch up on some reading ;)

  7. Oh man! I do hope that critter2 takes as much time as possible to arrive. I know that is hard on you but it is best for baby right? I will be thinking of you and checking in here way more often.

  8. I read this when you first posted but am just now getting over to comment. I've been thinking of you up here in Minnesota and I hope everything is going wel down there. Keep that little bundle in and *try* to relax (easier said than done). You've got lots of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way from all over the place!


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