Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Must do's for December

December is almost here. It is time to race around like the world is coming to and end and get everything done. Never mind we have spent the last 12 months sitting on our asses watching re runs of House all weekend. NOW though, we are just so busy and must get things done. No more butt sitting. Must be jammed packed from this point on!

Okay so perhaps I am over exaggerating a bit. But seriously, have you ever noticed how "busy" we all become during the month of December? Each year I feel that no matter how prepared we are there is still the hustle and bustle and constant "stress" of the month to get everything done. Make sure all the sights are seen and pcitures taken to document the season. I recently was checking out our family calendar while trying to schedule lunch with a friend and caught myself saying, "Well you know I am really booked up, What do you have available in January"". REALLY?? How the heck did that happen? I am a SAHM, and don't get me wrong it is a double full time gig, but really how did my schedule get so backed up.

Then I looked into this problem a little deeper. What exactly is it that we are so" busy" doing? Here is the rundown. Now take notes locals, you might need to fill your calender too! Some of these things are just too good not to stuff on your schedule!!

City of Katy Tree lighting
December 2 at 5pm Katy Heritage park.

Lanier Xmas party December 5: and invitation only bash thrown by a local lawyer. Complete with an invitation that came via Ferris wheel! This will be our first attendance to the bash and I am actually looking forward to it. An alcohol free family event with guest performer Sting. Sounds fun to me!

The Cottage Charm A wonderful little spectacle we discovered last year. Local christian ministries team up and provide a wonderful display of dancing lights themed to wonderful music all while running a food drive to help those in need. WE took many cans of food last year and enjoyed the show so much. It is free, just if you can spare it please donate some can goods and take your family out to see spectacular dancing lights. Runs 6pm to 11pm every night throughout the holiday season

La Centerra offers visits and pictures with Santa every Saturday and Sunday throughout the month of December. Cost is free. But remember to bring your own camera if you want those pictures. We took Baby DIVA last year and were delighted to find out Santa also provided breakfast prepared by Mrs. Claus who also makes her appearance. We look forward to visiting again this year.

Houston Area Mommies in addition to our regularly scheduled play dates and mom events, HAM will also be hosting some fabulous Holiday events/parties for the moms, tots, and family. Such a great community to be involved in.

Other things we have going on this month include Baby DIVA's 2 year checkup! WOWSERS. Numerous Birthday parties, Uncle Diamonds Graduation: complete with a trip to Paris!, and of course TONS of holiday baking! It is a very busy month but I am looking quite forward to it all! Maybe not all MUST HAVE to do's but majority of it is fun anyway. Maybe a nice hot cocoa and a snuggle with Baby DIVA on the couch watching Backyardigan re runs instead of House re runs might need to be added to schedule too!

What are your plans this season?

What's that smell?

One might think that I am a pro at being pregnant. I mean I should be, right? I have had a couple of pregnancies, birthed a fabulous Baby DIVA, I should know all the interworking of this baby making game.

Nope. I am as dumb this time around about pregnancy as I was with Baby DIVA. The difference this time though, is I don’t obsess nearly as much about my growing womb as I did the first time. Sometimes I even forget that there is “Action” going on down there in the womb cooker.

That is until the tummy rumbles begin. You know the ones I am referring to. The ones that pregnancy books and modest friends describe to use as “increased flatulence”, or “minor stomach bloating”. WHATEVER!!! Friends let me tell you without censoring this material. Seriously. Someone has to. I was not properly warned and cannot let this horrible misleading information continue to other pregnant women!

Pregnancy makes you fart like a dude eating chili dogs and drinking beer 24 hours a day. I am not freaking kidding. I have become a walking whoopee cushion. Any movement I make can result in an obnoxious explosion that usually ends in one of two ways. Total embarrassment or barf session. You get the picture, right? Don’t be fooled ladies! This is the cold hard truth. Read between the lines in the pregnancy books. Pregnancy is downright disgusting!!!

Now that being said, let us get to something really important. Yesterday I found myself feeling the of familiar rumbles moving around in the belly. I thought to myself, “Oh goodie, where is my damn gas mask?” Only, no action took place. No explosions. No need to clear the room. Just bubbles and rumblings. And that is when it dawned on me. This might not be pregnant rumbles. This might be something bigger! I quickly consulted with the wonderful ladies and my friends of Houston Area Mommies to make sure I wasn't crazy, of course.

And after consulting with my HAM experts I determined It wasn’t gas bubbles…it was BABY BUBBLES! Yes my friends! I felt Critter2 MOVE for the first time yesterday. Hot Diggity Dog! Such an amazing feeling. I sure hope the movement continues daily, however at 14 weeks I know I may not feel it daily for some time. But it is still fabulous nonetheless. When was the first time you felt your little bun in the oven move? Did it scare you? Did you think it was a giant gas bomb like me? Did it melt your heart? I would love to hear your stories about first kicks, please share!!

Oh and let’s not tell Critter2 that I thought he was a fart. Okay? We will just keep that between us.

Friday, November 26, 2010

All behind us now

The morning sickness has ended! I ate my weight in food yesterday and it was FABULOUS!!!

Thanksgiving has come and gone! Family and friends are always lovely to visit with!



Baby DIVA celebrated turkey day by turning the big 2! I still can not believe it! My Baby is 2 years old. My how fast it has gone by. She is a striking little lady now.

I hope your holiday was enjoyable and wonderful!

And as promised. Hers is a pic of that fabulous birthday cake my MIL made for Baby DIVA's party!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby DIVA turning 2!

It is unbelievable! My precious Baby DIVA is going to turn 2 years old next week, on Thanksgiving Day no less. It astonishes me. Where has the time gone? How did she reach 2 years old so quickly? I am so excited to watch her grow but it also tickles a little nostalgia inside me. I miss her being so tiny and dependent on me. Now she pushes me away, whines when she doesn't get her way, is VERY independent and has to do everything her way, but she always flashes the sweetest smiles while doing so. Or perhaps it's a devious smile.

With this special day on the horizon, one might guess that a birthday bash is in the works. And BOY is it! Baby DIVA is having her very own Yo Gabba Gabba party this weekend. She loves Yo Gabba Gabba and although it is slightly annoying to me, and has a cult of pot smoking college kids following it, it is what my child adores, therefore my entire home will turn into Gabba land for a full day in honor of the one, the only, Baby DIVA.

Funny thing is, there isn’t a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba party items out there. You are shocked right? After pouring over the net and party stores, I finally decided to make Baby DIVA’s party decor from scratch. Yep. I did. And smart move on my part because I committed myself to this endeavor all while sporting some fabulous morning sickness with Baby DIVA’s little brother or sister. Smooth move mom. I simply must win Mother of the year this year. Hands down.

I found myself over on the Nick Jr website and let my creativity go wild. The website has tons and tons of printables with the Yo Gabba Gabba theme and characters. So, I printed them out and put them into play. Here are a few teasers of what Baby DIVA will find on her big day tomorrow!


Goodie Bag Treats: Yo Gabba Gabba Silly Bandz!

Homemade Goodie Bags with awesome treats inside!!

Although we went the frugal route this year with Baby DIVA’s birthday, I think it has turned out amazing. We were able to purchase Yo Gabba Gabba plates, cups and napkins but the rest of the decor was made by me. It is exactly what I know my child loves and I cannot wait to share her big day with her! But she does have one special bonus. My Mother-in-law made Baby DIVA's birthday cake. And it is nothing short of spectacular. I promise to show you this masterpiece post party!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Does it look like me?

We had our first ultrasound yesterday. Everything is looking totally fabulous. You cannot imagine my relief. I actually had a few tears slip out my eye as the tech moved that wand over my belly. The relief. The overwhelming sense of calm that swept over me was indescribable.

It’s funny that we women, mothers to be in this day and age, are so dependent upon these ultrasounds. We find ourselves not really believing we are with child until we see that baby on the screen. We build up unnecessary anxiety within ourselves about if the baby is positioned right, has two arms, a neck that is the right thickness, two hands, whatever our personal conviction may be, only an ultrasound can resolve our fears. What did women do say 30 years ago? When ultrasounds were few and far between and not everyone received them. And even then they were not all that reliable. How did they cope? What did women do 50 years ago when Oh my goodness you just didn’t know anything until that baby was born. Wow!

I find myself lucky. I count my blessings. I am thankful that I live in an age where I can go in and see my little 11 week old baby wiggle around, forming, growing and becoming the baby I will hold in a few months. I am grateful for the technology that can place my mind at ease and allow me some comfort in this baby making game. But I also find myself wondering, Would I be so neurotic and have such a need to see this baby if I didn’t know the technology was available. Would I instead be calm, cool, and collected and go about my day without the constant obsessing over what is going on inside my tummy?

I have no idea honestly what I would feel like. But it is a pretty interesting idea to ponder. Women have been birthing babes for thousands of years, going through entire pregnancies without a screen shot to calm their fears, and humans are still here. I find it fascinating how dependent we have become upon these technologies to give us comfort. And I will be the first to say, I NEED the comfort! What about you?

That all being said, allow me to introduce the newest addition to the Pink Haired Momma clan, Critter2! Looks just like me huh?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adventures in morning sickness

I am just destined to have the wildest crazy morning sickness stories known in my little world. I have officially decided this is my fate. Yes! Lucky me! And lucky you! You get to hear all about it. So let’s see. This week I think I am going to go ahead and just all out embarrass myself and share this horrible story with you. I mean, we all go through it right? We might as well laugh (and pee ourselves) together all the way through the yucky parts.

I was feeling pretty puny all day. Head was about to roll off my body. Stomach was doing flip flops. Sudden urges to vomit coming and going in waves that were just not even worth trying to put into an organized schedule. Baby DIVA was her fabulously whiny almost 2 year old self. Loads of fun. Did I mention I wasn’t at home? I was at a relative’s house waiting patiently for a Salvation Army pickup within the 8 hour window of time? Fun times.

First of all Salvation army shows up 15 minutes before the end of the 8 hour wait only to inform me their truck is full and I will have to call and reschedule. REALLY? Are you kidding me? I just lay here all day with a whiny tot…no need to get frustrated. Moving on. Baby DIVA and I load up in the mom ride and begin our journey home, stomach flopping all the way.

All goes well, but as we make the turn on to our neighborhood street and I feel it happening. The Barf Cup is immediately pulled out and placed at attention. The moment passes. We keep driving. I turn on to our street. I feel it. And it ain't pretty. No turning back now! Barf Cup is called in to active duty. Gross. Nasty. It happens. But that is not the embarrassing moment, believe it or not. I mean sitting parked on the side of the street, YOUR own street that is, barfing into a large orange cup in your mom ride isn’t embarrassing enough right? No let’s throw in a full bladder on top of that. Do I really need to say anymore?

I just LOVE early pregnancy!

So let me hear it guys. Share your embarrassing morning sickness stories. Make me feel better. I have at least one horrible embarrassing moment a day. Please tell me I am not the only barfing peeing on herself sick pregnant lady in the world!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hot Dog oh Hot dog!

**Just wanted to share this with you. A post I wrote many weeks ago. Enjoy! HA!**

Pregnancy. It ain't all pretty. People seem to have this false illusion that you are a glowing ball of cheer for 9 months and walk away at the end with a cute bundle of blue or pink. WHATEVER!

Let me just tell you about my glowing ball of cheer morning...and mind you I am typing this before 10 am!!! I am 7 weeks pregnant today. A glorious HOT and HUMID freaking FALL day in October. I feel like I have been riding a roller coaster for the last week and half at full speed, stomach flips and lurches constantly. Now think about that for a moment. Pretend you are riding a roller coaster and feel the urge to purge pretty much nonstop. Now also pretend nothing is wrong with you. smile and carry on with your day changing the nastiest poopie diapers a toddler could ever spawn, picking and dropping kids off at school, playing with said toddler and kids, cooking and cleaning for the kids, yada yada you catch my drift. Moving on.

So this morning brought on a lovely little barf session as soon as I rolled out of bed. Fabulous. Then its time to get breakfast for the tot and wait for the big kid rentals to show up so we can head to school. Pretty much goes without a hitch, just nauseous. Baby DIVA and I arrive home and she finds it necessary to conjure up the worst two explosive poops ever conceived by a toddler within a 30 minute period. I am telling you Haz-mat should have been called. Barf session 2 and 3 successfully handled.

And then Baby DIVA decided that today of all days was going to be the day she wanted to play the feed momma day. FUN! So she feeds me a hot dog she was munching on. Yes I feed my kid cold hot dog wienies, sue me, she loves them and some days its the only thing I can get her to eat. Get over it. So we go about the game. Momma feeling like she is gonna hurl from the roller coaster quease, Baby DIVA feeding hot dog bites on spoon to me, giggling. Cute moments actually.

But then the there was a jolt and the roller coaster took off a full speed, and so did I sprinting as fast as my fluffy queasy body can. I didn't make it. You know what I mean, right? Barf session #4. And since I didn't make it the mere sight of my "miss" caused barf session 5 and 6. GROSS.

There was a moment during session 5 or perhaps 6 that I caught a glance of Baby DIVA standing behind me, poor little gal. The look on her face was pure disgust, and she quickly left the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Peace momma!

A quick cleaning later Baby DIVA re joins me in the bathroom only to humor me by standing over the toilet pretending to throw up. AWESOME!!

Glowing balls of cheer, PUH-LEASE! 33 weeks to go...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Men and pregnancy

I think that men sometimes get overlooked when their spouse has a miscarriage. It seems that all the attention is placed upon the woman, because she is "loosing" the baby. But in all reality the man is loosing his baby too. And true to the emotional sides of men and women, a man usually doesn't display the same outward reactions as a woman during this time.

When H4L and I found out we were pregnant this time, we were both a little caught off guard and complacent about the situation. As much as we wanted to jump for joy, the recent feelings of loss, and the anguish that accompanied this "part of life" forced us to succumb to a less than thrilled reaction. I quickly eased up to the situation as I found myself becoming closer and closer to that good ol' pregnant gals friend, Mr. Toilet. The waves of nausea and gagging at odd smells that waft past my nose, so rudely I might add, reminded me every minute of every day, that not only was I pregnant but that the hormones were kicked into high gear. Annoying but reassuring nonetheless.

H4L, however, does not get to really experience this lovely little perk of pregnancy. Sure he could hear me talk about, or rather whine like crazy about it, but not until he actually saw me living for hours in the bathroom, did it really begin to sink in. I began to notice a change after several days of barfing, when H4L stopped saying "since that stick says you are pregnant" and instead begin saying, " the baby" and "our second child". I could tell that me being pregnant and the fear of loosing the pregnancy again was slowly fading away and he was becoming more and more comfortable. And this also made me more comfortable.

Sure some women may have freaked out and ripped their husbands a new one for these comments. But not me. I actually found it somewhat soothing to know that My husband, of the male species, has emotions and needs a way to deal with them. I am happy that I was able to provide him with a calm environment to process our loss and accept and cherish our new pregnancy. And I am glad that me barfing was a sing of comfort for him!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I will send out (Free) Christmas cards! And YOU can too!

Christmas is right around the corner. *insert panicked scream here* Are you ready? We are here in Pink Haired momma land, for the most part. Gifts have been carefully selected throughout the year and discounted prices, of course, and tucked away for this grand event we all look so forward to each year.

The last couple of years H4L and I have not done Christmas cards. shame on us. But here is why. The first year Baby DIVA was due to make her grand entrance into the world on Christmas day, but surprised us by dropping in early on Thanksgiving. Between unplanned contractions and learning to change diapers our Christmas cards got lost in the diaper genie shuffle. Then we move on to last year. We got married on Halloween in Las Vegas, had a hometown reception 7 days later, Baby DIVA's FIRST birthday party was 2 weeks after that and POOF I got the swine flu. Again Christmas cards got lost in the tissue and Nettie pot shuffle.

So this year, before we grow from a family of 3 to a Family of 4, I am desperate to send out Christmas Cards , to get us back on track to spreading some holiday cheer to our friends and family. Enter Shutterfly . Right now they are offering a fabulous little gig for bloggers. Spread the word about how great they are, because you know they are, we all use them, and you get 50 free Christmas cards! How awesome is that? So here I am spreading the word and waiting on my 50 free Christmas cards! With the amazing variety that Shutterfly offers in Photo greeting Cards and the ability to Upload my own pictures, I am quite sure I will knock the socks off all my friends and family this year, not only because I am actually getting my Christmas cards mailed, but because they are absolutely FABULOUS!

Coochy Creme

Now that the world knows I am sporting a fat roll that hides a baby and not just a doughnut roll, lets have a chat about some serious pregnant worries. Some serious issues that plaque the newly pregnant gal. Serious topics that, well, are those things no one really talks about.

When I was pregnant with Baby DIVA, I was concerned about the groomed appearance of my "NuNu" area every time I had to have "the exam". Well, shall I rephrase that, I was concerned until I had this giant ball protruding from my gut causing me to piss every 15 minutes and loose sleep and burp and eat a gallon of Tums a day, then I really could care less, I secretly hoped I looked like hell down there because a Baby was evicting herself. No luck.

Back to the subject at hand. When Birth came around I again was a tad concerned that a room full of people would catch a glance at my NuNu and instead of discussing my health and the safety of this newborn, they would be gossiping about my stray hairs. Yes pregnancy hormones can cause significant issues in your thought process, but DON'T TELL ME YOU didn't think it too! So what if I was thinking vain and irrational at that moment. I was PREGNANT and birthing a watermelon, I get to do and think as I please!

Recently, I came across a product called Coochy Original Shave Creme. Hmmm. I was intrigued. I loved the name and knew I had to give this sucker a try. After talking with the wonderful staff over at TheirToys.com about Sex Toys , I was completely comfortable and up to speed on all the latest and greatest products in the Sensual Bodycare department of their inventory. I was also incredibly impressed with the kindness they offered when I discreetly told them I was pregnant and looking for products that were not contraindicated for this life stage. On top of being well versed in their inventory, they were quite skillful in suggesting products to me that fit for needs and exceeded my expectations.

We finally decided on the Coochy Creme as the product for me. Not too long later the Coochy Creme arrived at my door, just in time for my first prenatal appointment too. Hot Diggity Dog! Luckily my baby roll, although making its presence known at a ripe 11 weeks, isn't big enough to cause an obscure vantage point if you know what I mean. So I got to work. The Coochy Creme actually feels like silk. It is smooth and doesn't leave any kind of nasty residue on my skin when applied. I have the Original Aloe Vera concoction and it was perfect for my pregnant super nose. No crazy smells. And best of all I performed a precision cut with not burn!

Coochy Creme is a winner! Pregnant ladies out there, this is your sanity saver for "the exams" and "the birth". With a variety of scents ranging from Lavender to Plumeria and aloe, you are sure to find the rate aroma to tickle your nose, or perhaps not if you have a preggo super nose like me then aloe is for you. Coochy Creme provided me with an opportunity to feel clean and sexy again in a otherwise not so sexy point in my life. This stuff is going stay around long past these baby cooking days, and possibly might lead to another baby...if you know what I mean! HA!

**I was provided with this product at no charge in order to give my opinions and views of this company and their materials. I was no compensated by any monetary means.**

Monday, November 8, 2010

Little Feet

You may have noticed that I have been absent from the ol' blog quite a bit lately. Why might that be?

This has become my dearest friend...

And this is the reason why...


Perhaps if I had this, then this "special" time might be a bit more fun...

Baby DIVA has graciously accepted her new title as Big Sister DIVA as she patiently awaits the arrival of her little brother or sister come early June!

Pregnancy is not the kindest to me. Bear with me please as we wrap up this first trimester and move on to the 2nd trimester, when I might be able to drag my head out from the toilet bowl and do a little writing!

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