Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Must do's for December

December is almost here. It is time to race around like the world is coming to and end and get everything done. Never mind we have spent the last 12 months sitting on our asses watching re runs of House all weekend. NOW though, we are just so busy and must get things done. No more butt sitting. Must be jammed packed from this point on!

Okay so perhaps I am over exaggerating a bit. But seriously, have you ever noticed how "busy" we all become during the month of December? Each year I feel that no matter how prepared we are there is still the hustle and bustle and constant "stress" of the month to get everything done. Make sure all the sights are seen and pcitures taken to document the season. I recently was checking out our family calendar while trying to schedule lunch with a friend and caught myself saying, "Well you know I am really booked up, What do you have available in January"". REALLY?? How the heck did that happen? I am a SAHM, and don't get me wrong it is a double full time gig, but really how did my schedule get so backed up.

Then I looked into this problem a little deeper. What exactly is it that we are so" busy" doing? Here is the rundown. Now take notes locals, you might need to fill your calender too! Some of these things are just too good not to stuff on your schedule!!

City of Katy Tree lighting
December 2 at 5pm Katy Heritage park.

Lanier Xmas party December 5: and invitation only bash thrown by a local lawyer. Complete with an invitation that came via Ferris wheel! This will be our first attendance to the bash and I am actually looking forward to it. An alcohol free family event with guest performer Sting. Sounds fun to me!

The Cottage Charm A wonderful little spectacle we discovered last year. Local christian ministries team up and provide a wonderful display of dancing lights themed to wonderful music all while running a food drive to help those in need. WE took many cans of food last year and enjoyed the show so much. It is free, just if you can spare it please donate some can goods and take your family out to see spectacular dancing lights. Runs 6pm to 11pm every night throughout the holiday season

La Centerra offers visits and pictures with Santa every Saturday and Sunday throughout the month of December. Cost is free. But remember to bring your own camera if you want those pictures. We took Baby DIVA last year and were delighted to find out Santa also provided breakfast prepared by Mrs. Claus who also makes her appearance. We look forward to visiting again this year.

Houston Area Mommies in addition to our regularly scheduled play dates and mom events, HAM will also be hosting some fabulous Holiday events/parties for the moms, tots, and family. Such a great community to be involved in.

Other things we have going on this month include Baby DIVA's 2 year checkup! WOWSERS. Numerous Birthday parties, Uncle Diamonds Graduation: complete with a trip to Paris!, and of course TONS of holiday baking! It is a very busy month but I am looking quite forward to it all! Maybe not all MUST HAVE to do's but majority of it is fun anyway. Maybe a nice hot cocoa and a snuggle with Baby DIVA on the couch watching Backyardigan re runs instead of House re runs might need to be added to schedule too!

What are your plans this season?


  1. I shop all year just so I don't have to fight the crowd at the end of the year. I only have one or two things left to get (stuff I can't get with the hubby and kids). Even with most of my shoping done I did the same thing today. We were trying to figure out when we could get together and we were both so busy its crazy. LOL

  2. I shop all year too. And then the "specials" of the season i stock up on for bday gifts for the rest of the year. LOL


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