Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday MAGIC

Thanksgiving came and went. And we all know what that means! Despite the retail industry trying to force us to accept some Holiday cheer 4 months before the old jolly guy comes down for a visit; it is NOW officially time to get our Christmas on!

For me, I simply must deck the house in Christmas the weekend following Thanksgiving. I do not care what my plans are. What is on our schedule. It WILL happen. Even if it means decorations go up at 3 in the morning. Christmas will magically appear the weekend after Turkey Day Dammit!

And I did. H4L was kind enough to scamper up the attic ladder and bring down my zillion boxes of Christmas d├ęcor. I emphasize the number here, as H4L noticeably mentioned to me how he carried each box down. Love yah Hun! Sorry but the belly prevents me from doing any strenuous activity. (Side note: Someone toss me an excuse for next year). Once the boxes were down, I began to rummage through them finding all sorts of treasures that I forgot about over the last 11 months. Ahhh it was just like Christmas. HA!

While Baby DIVA napped ever so sweetly, I turned her castle into Christmas wonderland. The tree went up and was adorned with numerous ornaments that we have collected as a family. Mementoes from previous vacations, Baby first Christmas, Wedding memories, and even little hand and footprint ornaments from Baby DIVA made right after she was born. Yes hormones kicked in and I had myself a little cry while hanging ornaments. Isn’t that why we have these ornaments?

After the tree went up I carried on the Christmas magic to all other areas of the house. The mantle now houses the old familiar Christmas frogs, the kitchen is covered in gingerbread men and nutcrackers, and the guest bathroom screams winter as it is decked out in snowmen galore. Gorgeous. Wonderful. Christmas!

Now in, oh about 3 ½ weeks I will be itching to put up as this “clutter”. Funny how that happens huh?

Baby DIVA broke my camera so you will have to settle for a camera phone pic. Enjoy. HINT TO SANTA!!! I need a camera!


  1. I usually get our decorations up the week after thankgsiving, but I've just been so busy, haha! I'm going to start tomorrow, hopefully, since today our house's vents are being worked on [lame]. Oh well. Happy holiday season!! =D

  2. Happy Holiday season to you as well!!!


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