Monday, December 6, 2010

Local Christmas Bash

Map of the shindig!

This last weekend H4l, Baby DIVA, and myself (and Critter 2) had the privilege of attending an invitation only Christmas party. OHHHHH, aren't we fancy. Its the hair I tell you! Pink Hair makes cool things happen.

But seriously, we attended the annual Christmas party of a local lawyer , Mr. Lanier. Every year this gentleman throws a family friendly event that is catered at bringing joy and laughter to kids. And this year was no exception. It was amazing. We joined a few thousand of Mr. Laniers closest friends ( see we ain't that fancy) and enjoyed riding a carousel, Ferris wheel, a petting zoo, a bazillion different bounce houses, eating cotton candy, multiple train rides and so much more. Unbelievable. All at no cost and all on the personal property of Mr. Lanier.

Baby DIVA playing games

One goofy kid!

From the moment we entered the gates of Mr. Laniers property until the special shuttle bus drove us away, we had nothing but fun. Baby DIVA had so much fun she stumbled her way back to the bus. Literally the girl was so tired and giggly she tripped over her own feet time and time again. But she was not going to let go of her giant lollipop. (see below)

And yes we are now the proud owners of a pink giantic lollipop!

Oh and did I mention STING was the guest performer and we enjoyed a free concert up close and personal? (okay we fancy again!) Looking quite forward to receiving my invite next year!!

H4L and Baby DIVA and the spiffy Ferris Wheel


Momma and Baby DIVA (looking over my shoulder at something fun!)


  1. Dang, that is fancy! So, it was the real Sting?? I was waiting for some funny story behind it, or an impersonator, but it was really him? Holy crap! That's cool.

  2. Yes ma'am the real deal. Lanier has had miley cyrus, bon jovi and Reba in past years. It his "thing". A family event with no alcohol and some cool performer. It was a blast. I feel so honored ot have been given the opportunity!!!

    now the funny story was us trying to find the secret parking lot and unmarked bus we were to get on to escort us to the party. A little detail i overlooked on the invitation. LOL

  3. How awesome! That is such a cool thing. Can I come next year ;~)

  4. I'm jealous! That looks like it was awesome! Fun for baby Diva. Next year, you're going to have two babies so that should be double fun. =)


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