Thursday, December 23, 2010

We are THOSE people.

Yes, it is true. We are THOSE people who stop at historical markers when on road trips. We are THOSE people who annoy the kids and family members by making them pose for pictures at historical signs across the country. Yes. We are THOSE people. It comes quite natural to us. H4L being a photographer by passion and myself wanting to document our lives for scrapbooks to reflect on in later years, that I can assure you will probably never actually get put together. You know those folks you drive by and laugh at when you are traveling by, the ones you think "idiots, losers, standing on the side of a road next to a goofy historical plaque. Yep, that is us! Wave next time you pass by us! Maybe even stop in for a quick pic!

Last week we took a short, (I say say short but we literally drove across Texas and back in two days), trip to Paris. Paris, Texas that is, to see Uncle Diamond GRADUATE from school. We are really, really proud of Uncle Diamond fro completing his degree in Jewelry school. We look forward to watching his beautiful designs come to life and add sparkle to peoples lives in the future. Congratulations Uncle Diamond!!!

Way to go Uncle Diamond!!!

On our adventure we saw all kinds of wonderful sights, being we also took a route off the beaten path. Yes, really Baby DIVA and Critter 2 are stuck with THOSE parents. We saw a house built into a man made hill, a random exotic animal petting zoo inside someone house, an abandoned old woman's school from the 1880's, and lots and lots of Christmas lights and cows. Baby DIVA loves to "mooooooo" when she sees the four legged creatures. Great fun!

H4L in front of old school house in Crocket, Texas

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  1. Don't be ashamed. We are also THOSE people! Heck, we take pictures with monuments in our own home town! We're just warped, I guess.

    Congrats, Uncle Diamond! I'm actually wanting to go to jeweler's school too. That's too cool.


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