Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas cookies

It is no secret that I have never really been able to master the art of baking cookies. No matter what I have done in the past, my cookies always come out looking distorted or super obese, or all the cookies just "Grow" into one giant cookie. It has become some what a joke around my household, a joke that kind of pisses me off.


This year, Baby DIVA being at an age where Christmas cookies and decorating are a fun activity (well for about a minute and half anyway), I was bound and determined to master the art of baking a cookie and having it come out of the oven looking like the cookie I put in the oven. Thanks to Dr. Google and a friends thought of possibly turning my baked goodies halfway through cooking time, I MASTERED THE SKILL!!! Cookies went in looking one way and came out a little golden brown and looking just the same!


But perhaps I have not quite mastered the decorating aspect of this fun activity. Id like to introduce you to Zombie gingerbread man!!!!


And here are a few looks at Baby DIVA's food art. Clearly she has skills momma doesn't!


Do you bake cookies every year with your family? What kind do you bake and with whom?


  1. Those look way better than ours! We tried a new recipe and they tasted more like biscuits than anything, and most ended up in the back of the fridge, haha. Love the Zombie!

  2. I love baking for people! Every year my family spends one whole weekend baking for our friends. My hubby makes his famous no-bake cookies. The kids decorate different shaped sugar cookies. I make - with my cool mini loaf pans- several different flavor breads. Plus I carry on the tradition of making my grandmas chunk bread (which my friends start reminding me late summer that they want some LOL).
    I love doing it. This is the first year in forever I won't be able to do it, but promised my friends I would make chunk bread after christmas.
    Ok...that was a long comment haha


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