Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ultrasounds unsafe for fetus?

I had my Critter2 Checkup earlier this week. All is well, in case you missed it. But I also found out something surprising. You see, I was trying to pull off and ridiculously fun scam with my Dr. I very sweetly begged him to do an early ultrasound, just a crotch shot of Critter2. That is all I needed. I had already purchased two little onesies, one saying "little brother" one saying "little sister". I also prepared two little gift bags. One decorated in Christmas paper and one a plan old brown paper bag. My intention was to have Dr grant me my wish of a crotch shot ultrasound. Then have the tech place the crotch shot ultrasound picture and the correct onesie in the Christmas paper gift bag and SEAL it tight, without revelaing to me what he/she found. That way Christmas morning I would be able to hand H4L a little gift from Critter2 , and we could find out as a family of 3 what the 4th party to our family is to be.

Well plain FAILED. Dr said no. BOO! Scrooge!

But that is not all he said. He then told me very soon the obstetrics and gynecological association has been doing recent research and will be releasing research very soon pertaining to 3d ultrasounds and the harm they can cause to fetus. In fact he was pretty adamant in his distaste for them even advising me without probing, that he would not sign off on me to go to a private institution for an early ultrasound and he really, really would like me not to be exposed to the 3D ultrasound. REALLY? I thought these 3d ultrasounds were becoming the norm! What harm can the cause. Holy Crap!

I kind of freaked out and begin to worry about ultrasounds and Critter2. I put the topic to one of my mom groups and we were able to debate it out. Pros and Cons. What harm that could be done, if any. Our personal thoughts and feelings on the matter. It helped calm me down but I am still a little un-nerved about the whole deal, as I am a high risk momma and will more than likely receive many ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy, some of which may need to be 3D.

I had a consultation with Dr. Google and turned up relatively nothing pertaining to 3D ultrasounds harming the fetus. In fact most the sites I found, stress that no harm is done in 2D or 3D ultrasounds. I still plan on researching more and seeing what other information I can find. I also am incredibly interested in reading this research that my Doc speaks of, that will be released soon. But while I am on the hunt for information and in the waiting period for the new research release, I thought I would ask you, my readers, for your thoughts, input and stand on the issue.

Do you think 3D ultrasounds are safe? What about 2D? Do you like getting as many ultrasounds as possible during your pregnancy? Would you prefer less? Have you found any information out there in relation to ultrasounds being harmful, whether 2D or 3d? If so please share what you know or the links here. I would love to learn more about this topic.


  1. I only had one ultrasound my whole pregnancy. I just don't like the tech touching my belly, to be honest, but I was also very low risk. I haven't heard anything about them being dangerous, but I'm concerned for you! I'd read that research before getting a 3D.

  2. my son's girlfriend is pregnant and she gets an ultrasound every month she goes to the doctor. None of the doctors there seem to fret about it. They do ONLY do the the 3D one after a specific length of time: after 5 months. And if I remember correctly, they will only do two at the max of those. But she gets a regular 2D one each time. I've not heard of any of this 'new research' and I try to keep up on this stuff. If I do, I will let ya know. take care! (they are having a boy!) :)

  3. Because we were monitored for TTTS with the boys i had upwards of 20, most of them level II. I have to say, I was just as happy to only have 2 this time around. I don't have as many inutero shots for the baby book, but I also spent less time dragging myself to, and enduring those nausea inducing appointments ( I can't be on my back at ALL when I'm pregnant, damn vena cava!).

  4. That's the first I've heard of them being dangerous. But new medical info comes out all the time so what do I know? The OB office that I went to had a portable ultrasound machine so they could do one pretty much whenever they wanted to. When I was preggers with Lucas my dr brought it in and did one just because my DH wanted to be 100% sure it was a boy.

  5. I don't know what research is coming out, but I do know that the FDA AND the AIUM (which is the trade group/board for ultrasonographers) both say not to have ultrasounds unless medically necessary and specifically say that getting an ultrasound to determine baby gender or to take a peek is "bad medical practice".

    With baby #7 I had complications and lots of ultrasounds, otherwise I usually just have one, and with this pregnancy I've had none at all.


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