Friday, December 10, 2010

12 days of Christmas

In hopes to keep Baby DIVA entertained during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season as well as to keep her from noticing we don't hit the park too often because it is a tad chilly, I have been trying to come up with fun crafty things to do indoors to peak her attention. Now we all know a 2 year old is going to have the attention span of OH about 30 seconds, so these are quick projects, nonetheless I find myself finishing them alone while she runs off to get into something she is not supposed to. AHH the life of a mom with a toddler.

Yesterday we completed our 12 days of Christmas project for this year. Simple really. I traced Baby DIVA's hand onto green paper and then cut out a bunch of her prints. We then took her hands and constructed a Christmas tree from them. I also cut out a few pink and blue ball ornaments and red candy canes and a single large yellow star from construction paper for the tree topper. Simple. Easy. She was entertained for a whole 2 minutes. It was grand!


We hung our masterpiece by the fireplace. It looks quite cute. Now come December 13, we will begin to place a construction paper present under the tree, one each day, for the 12 days of Christmas. An advent calendar of sorts. A craft that keeps on going. A little something fun for my Baby DIVA to do every day between now and Christmas.


  1. Awe! That's such a cute idea! I'll snatch this, I think. =]

  2. I love this! We did a hand turkey for Thanksgiving & I think we'll do a hand tree now too! :)

  3. We always do a tree with a chain (made out of paper), each link is a day until christmas and the kids rip a link off every day until christmas. Its simple and they love it.


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