Monday, December 29, 2008

Fabulous Weekend

Amelia had a very exciting last few days. On Saturday mommy and daddy took Amelia out to the family ranch. She got to hang out with her grandma and grandpa her uncle and she finally met her aunt shara. This is mommy's mom and her maternal side of the family. She was so excited that she slept most of the day!!! And she took a bath in the big bathtub. She splashed her feet and seemed to really enjoy it. Mommy ignored the duck and set the water to a nice temperature and Amelia really liked it!!!

Then on Sunday baby girl got to meet another grandpa and grandma. This is mommy's dad and step mom. She was alert when meeting her family and enjoyed getting to know them. She has not met her Uncles on this side of the family but is looking forward to meeting them in the near future.

Then today on Monday Amelia went with mommy to have lunch with mommy's boss and department co-workers. Then after lunch Amelia went to mommy's job and saw her friends at work. Luckily Amelia is so dang cute and was able to distract everyone when mommy announced she would not be coming back to work.

Friday, December 26, 2008

See ya next year Santa...

Well Christmas 2008 has come and gone. My unexpected child celebrated her first Christmas. Wild!!! This year she enjoyed time with her paternal side of the family. My mom was still running a fever and so Amelia has not had Christmas yet with her maternal side of the family. But it is all amazing. In looking at some of the pictures I am awe struck that this is MY daughter that I am holding on Christmas with My future husband and baby's father. Amazing!! I love it!! I cant wait for all the Christmas's to come!!!
Now on another note, with Christmas behind us I now must announce and focus on another fact of life. I AM TURNING 30 IN 6 DAYS!!!! NEW YEARS DAY 2009 I WILL BE AN OLD 30 YEAR OLD MOMMIE!!! Wow now I tell you last year when I was toasting 2008 at midnight with Alberto, I never in a million years imagined that when toasting of 2009 commenced I would be holding my beautiful daughter. What a difference one year makes. And HELLO MY THIRTIES!!!!!!!!! Dirty thirty Dirty thirty!!! Woohooo Only now dirty in the sense of dirty diapers!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy "Tropical" Christmas

I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday! Maerry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Happy Kwanza! Happy everything that you celebrate!!!!


It is Christmas Eve today!!! And it is freaking hot here in Texas. Sure wish we would cool down some for Christmas so we could light the fire for christmas eve. You know so Santa can get his Butt birned. HAHAHA

And it looks like both mom and mother in law have been fever free and are feeling much better. We can visit with the baby. I have the lysol and purell in the diaper bag so I am fully armed and ready to battle the germs!! I will limit the grandmas contact with Baby Amelia but at least she can be with them for her first ever Christmas!! Yipppeeee!!!!

And of course I a mstill paparazzi momma. I must have put her in 10 different Christmas outfits this morning so she could model and get pics. And the outfit that she is wearing to the grandparents has not even been photographed on her yet!! Woohoo more paparrazzi time for later!! So i have added a few shots from her photo shoot thie morning!!!! Oh yes there is one shot from last night that is Amelia wit ha pink puppy. Amelia's aunt Love came by and brought her a Christmas present last night. She seemed to like it!!!!

Happy 4 week birthday Amelia!!!!

One month ago today I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I still feel like it is surreal. I love looking at her and watching every move and sound she makes. Every crinkle in her brow, rumple of her nose, twitch of her leg. Every grunt or sneeze or cry or rather wail i cherish. I love her so much. Being a mother is something that you really can not describe to anyone else. The feelings i have for my child are indescribable. I find that the only people who understand are those who have experienced this miracle for themselves! I find myself still sometimes thinking it is not real. But then she takes a pooh and I know it is real!! LOL

So tomorrow is her first ever Christmas eve. She was estimated to be due on Christmas day so the next 2 days are really special. She is officially "full term" now but already a month old!! Woohoo Amelia!!! I am still holding out hope that both my mom and MIL will begin to feel better and baby girl Amelia can see her grandmothers for Christmas. Her first Christmas that is!!!! I have her little outfit ready to go and can not wait to get all paparazzi on her during the Christmas festivities!!!
I really enjoy spending the days with her. Daddy is back at work and we have mommy and baby time all day. I then find myself a little jealous at night when he comes home and takes her for the evening. But I also feel thankful that he wants to spend so much time with her. Then I feel guilty for being glad to have some "me" time. So to compensate I stare at her while she is in daddy's arms!!! Then when she makes a noise or something I tell Alberto "You want me to take her?" He usually scowls at me and says "no Its my turn you have her all day" I am such a big dork!!!! And we are so your cliche first time parents!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas baby

As my original due date of Christmas day fast approaches I can not help but act like a crazy paparazzi mommy and constantly snap pics of this gorgeous baby in various Christmas set ups. I am obsessed with capturing the cute face of this child and preserving the images forever. It also looks as though Amelia's first Christmas will be spent alone with mommy and daddy. Both my mother and my mother in law to be have the flu. We cant take the baby to either family for the holiday because we do not want her to catch the flu from either grandmother. Kind of sucks!!! Here are a few xmassy pics from this morning before our mommy and baby bath!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bye Bye "Baby"...

So my darling dear Alberto posted his old "baby" on craigslist today. We wanted our garage back and this baby was just taking up too much space and needed too much work. Well i must say craigslist is a great thing. Within moments of his post the phone was ringing off the wall. The highest bidder won and the truck is GONE. Just like that. Woohoo!!! We have some extra money and the garage now has no big truck in it!!!! I also received an upright deep freezer as a baby gift. It is hanging out in the garage not hooked up. Now we can plug it in the wall and i can start filling it to the brim with my grocery game!!!!!

I took a couple of pictures in a cute little Christmas onesie from auntie Krista. Amelia looked so cute and was bright eyed and was looking around as we got set up. Then true to form she started to wail at the top of her lungs right before i started snapping pictures. She was hungry and did not care what plans i had for her. So we stopped and had a fabulous cuisine of bottle formula followed by a grand "Dipey" poo poo change and giant "hic cum mups". By the time we completed our lunch time rendezvous little Amelia was wiped out and slept through my attempt at taking some cute Christmas pics. So I am going to try again this weekend with another Christmas outfit and see how it goes!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still up...

It is almost midnight and i am super tired. Amelia has been quite fussy today. Just waiting for her to wake up yet again so I can feed her again and then maybe i can try and get some sleep. New mommy hood! It is quite interesting. So here i sit just surfing the net and playing on my boards and blogs.

So in my lack of rest state and my Internet playtime i came across this website This sparked a memory I have. My brother and i have this ongoing evil Christmas gift giving tradition. You see we used to live next door to each other in a high rise condo downtown. I moved to the suburbs he stayed put. So anyway when we lived there he used to come over and steal my toilet paper. Well my butt is super special and i paid good money t have aloe toilet paper. Back then on a college budget this used to make me soooo mad. So the tradition was born. I got him his very own 8 rolls of aloe for Christmas and wrapped it up really pretty in a great box and bow. Then i wrote him the cutest little poem about keeping his tush clean. So needless to say he was less than impressed on Christmas when he opened his booty gift. So much so that I awoke the next morning (Christmas morning i might add) to a white Christmas in Houston!! He toilet papered my front yard on Christmas!! HAHAHAH . So back to the website i just found. There are so funnies on it that sparked this fond memory. I also realized that in my new baby mode and the not buying lots of gifts this year i forgot about what revenge gift i need to seek out for dear brother. So i am not in pondering mode on top of exhausted new mommy mode!!!

The Grocery Game Rocks!!!!

I started playing the grocery game. Just another budget conscious decisions i am making so that i can be at home with Amelia. Well this was week two of my grocery game [playing. Last night after Alberto got home i went to the grocery store. My total was $112 however i only paid $64 and change. How cool is that!!!! I love it. Coupons and sales work. Now i am paying for membership to the grocery game site but it has already paid for itself. The more i understand how to do this coupon and sale thing on my own i wont have to pay for the site anymore. It is so freaking cool!!!Check it out and see if it works for you. Now i must say it does take a little time to get organized but well worth it!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Amelia is 3 weeks old today

Amelia is 3 weeks old today. I can hardly believe it!! 3 short weeks ago she came into this world. And i can not even begin to imagine life without her!!

I received my first possible project assignment today from the at home job company i have teamed up with. I have my project specific interview scheduled for 4am. The pay is decent and the hours will work with my fiance's schedule and my staying home all day with the baby schedule. hopefully this goes smoothly. Looking foward to being a stay at home mommie!!!

Also today is the first day that daddy has gone back to work. Amelia and I are enjoying our first day home alone together. She seemed to sense the change in the atmosphere as she was somewha tfuss this morning. She now is resting and evne gave me some smiles (gas I know) earlier!!!

I was thinking earlier and talkng some with my mom. The uneasiness i feel sometimes about this transition from working to staying home is a false sense of unease brought upon by the legalities in society. Why is it that we must strive to reach the highest regards in business and finances to be considerred successful? Why is it that we look down upon mothers and fathers who choose to be successful at raising their children on budgets so that quality time takes precedence? I dont get it. I have been beating myself up about coming home full time because of the finances. How stupid is that. The time and moments I will spend with my daughter will so reside more in my heart and soul as success far longer than the purchase of a new outfit or top of the line coffee pot. Dont you think?

Hello there!!!!

Well here is my first entry. I am going through a multitude of changes in my life right now and I have heard and seen many people who use blogging as a tool to communicate to the world. Hopefully this will become a great tool for me as well. As I take the leap from working woman to Stay-at-home-mom I am finding more and more fun out there on the internet!
Let see a little bit about me and the CHANGES going on right now. I had a tiny (preemie) beautiful baby girl just 3 weeks ago tomorrow. She was a christmas delivery anticipation who decided to make a thanksgiving debut!! She is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Everything i thought i knew about myself changed the moment she burst into this world. All my aspirations to be a career advancing crazed lunatic of an independent woman melted away into the arms of this tiny little being i so affectionately call my daughter. I now am not going to be going back to the career world per say. I have searched the last few weeks for an at home job that can enable me to have the freedom to be a stay at home mom while still bringing in an income. This partly decided because the cost of Day care is outrageous but more so decided because my wonderful daughter needs me and I need her. If i am to return to work not only can we can afford it but baby girl will be at day care 12 hours a day 5 days a week. I will miss more than half of her life. I can not do that. No possible way am i willing to lose all that precious time watching my child grow. So hear i am battling within myself the urge to work and the need and desire to stay home with my child. I am scared and excited all at the same time. Everytime I look at her I know I am making the right decision in becoming a stay at home mommy. It is just the financial aspects that scares the crap out of me.
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