Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas baby

As my original due date of Christmas day fast approaches I can not help but act like a crazy paparazzi mommy and constantly snap pics of this gorgeous baby in various Christmas set ups. I am obsessed with capturing the cute face of this child and preserving the images forever. It also looks as though Amelia's first Christmas will be spent alone with mommy and daddy. Both my mother and my mother in law to be have the flu. We cant take the baby to either family for the holiday because we do not want her to catch the flu from either grandmother. Kind of sucks!!! Here are a few xmassy pics from this morning before our mommy and baby bath!!!


  1. She's beautiful! and I'm sorry about the flu :(

  2. She's BEAUTIFUL! Isn't it funny how we just want to take millions of pictures? I swear, the camera NEVER leaves my side now!

  3. Taking pics is awesome! lol Can never get enough.

    Amelia is gorgeous! Kinda making me snap happy...going for my camera as we speak


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