Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still up...

It is almost midnight and i am super tired. Amelia has been quite fussy today. Just waiting for her to wake up yet again so I can feed her again and then maybe i can try and get some sleep. New mommy hood! It is quite interesting. So here i sit just surfing the net and playing on my boards and blogs.

So in my lack of rest state and my Internet playtime i came across this website This sparked a memory I have. My brother and i have this ongoing evil Christmas gift giving tradition. You see we used to live next door to each other in a high rise condo downtown. I moved to the suburbs he stayed put. So anyway when we lived there he used to come over and steal my toilet paper. Well my butt is super special and i paid good money t have aloe toilet paper. Back then on a college budget this used to make me soooo mad. So the tradition was born. I got him his very own 8 rolls of aloe for Christmas and wrapped it up really pretty in a great box and bow. Then i wrote him the cutest little poem about keeping his tush clean. So needless to say he was less than impressed on Christmas when he opened his booty gift. So much so that I awoke the next morning (Christmas morning i might add) to a white Christmas in Houston!! He toilet papered my front yard on Christmas!! HAHAHAH . So back to the website i just found. There are so funnies on it that sparked this fond memory. I also realized that in my new baby mode and the not buying lots of gifts this year i forgot about what revenge gift i need to seek out for dear brother. So i am not in pondering mode on top of exhausted new mommy mode!!!

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