Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Amelia is 3 weeks old today

Amelia is 3 weeks old today. I can hardly believe it!! 3 short weeks ago she came into this world. And i can not even begin to imagine life without her!!

I received my first possible project assignment today from the at home job company i have teamed up with. I have my project specific interview scheduled for 4am. The pay is decent and the hours will work with my fiance's schedule and my staying home all day with the baby schedule. hopefully this goes smoothly. Looking foward to being a stay at home mommie!!!

Also today is the first day that daddy has gone back to work. Amelia and I are enjoying our first day home alone together. She seemed to sense the change in the atmosphere as she was somewha tfuss this morning. She now is resting and evne gave me some smiles (gas I know) earlier!!!

I was thinking earlier and talkng some with my mom. The uneasiness i feel sometimes about this transition from working to staying home is a false sense of unease brought upon by the legalities in society. Why is it that we must strive to reach the highest regards in business and finances to be considerred successful? Why is it that we look down upon mothers and fathers who choose to be successful at raising their children on budgets so that quality time takes precedence? I dont get it. I have been beating myself up about coming home full time because of the finances. How stupid is that. The time and moments I will spend with my daughter will so reside more in my heart and soul as success far longer than the purchase of a new outfit or top of the line coffee pot. Dont you think?

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  1. Very well said, Michelle! You are giving your daughter a gift that will last a lifetime - - quality time and experiencing all those "little things" that are really the "big things".......... that is worth more than all the money in the world!!


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