Friday, December 26, 2008

See ya next year Santa...

Well Christmas 2008 has come and gone. My unexpected child celebrated her first Christmas. Wild!!! This year she enjoyed time with her paternal side of the family. My mom was still running a fever and so Amelia has not had Christmas yet with her maternal side of the family. But it is all amazing. In looking at some of the pictures I am awe struck that this is MY daughter that I am holding on Christmas with My future husband and baby's father. Amazing!! I love it!! I cant wait for all the Christmas's to come!!!
Now on another note, with Christmas behind us I now must announce and focus on another fact of life. I AM TURNING 30 IN 6 DAYS!!!! NEW YEARS DAY 2009 I WILL BE AN OLD 30 YEAR OLD MOMMIE!!! Wow now I tell you last year when I was toasting 2008 at midnight with Alberto, I never in a million years imagined that when toasting of 2009 commenced I would be holding my beautiful daughter. What a difference one year makes. And HELLO MY THIRTIES!!!!!!!!! Dirty thirty Dirty thirty!!! Woohooo Only now dirty in the sense of dirty diapers!!!


  1. What a beautiful picture! I had the same WHOA moment Christmas morning(the baby part, not the 30 part). We found out I was pregnant the day after Christmas(today!) and thinking back a year ago I can't believe how much things have changed.

    Oh and for the record you don't look 30 at all!


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