Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy 4 week birthday Amelia!!!!

One month ago today I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I still feel like it is surreal. I love looking at her and watching every move and sound she makes. Every crinkle in her brow, rumple of her nose, twitch of her leg. Every grunt or sneeze or cry or rather wail i cherish. I love her so much. Being a mother is something that you really can not describe to anyone else. The feelings i have for my child are indescribable. I find that the only people who understand are those who have experienced this miracle for themselves! I find myself still sometimes thinking it is not real. But then she takes a pooh and I know it is real!! LOL

So tomorrow is her first ever Christmas eve. She was estimated to be due on Christmas day so the next 2 days are really special. She is officially "full term" now but already a month old!! Woohoo Amelia!!! I am still holding out hope that both my mom and MIL will begin to feel better and baby girl Amelia can see her grandmothers for Christmas. Her first Christmas that is!!!! I have her little outfit ready to go and can not wait to get all paparazzi on her during the Christmas festivities!!!
I really enjoy spending the days with her. Daddy is back at work and we have mommy and baby time all day. I then find myself a little jealous at night when he comes home and takes her for the evening. But I also feel thankful that he wants to spend so much time with her. Then I feel guilty for being glad to have some "me" time. So to compensate I stare at her while she is in daddy's arms!!! Then when she makes a noise or something I tell Alberto "You want me to take her?" He usually scowls at me and says "no Its my turn you have her all day" I am such a big dork!!!! And we are so your cliche first time parents!!!

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  1. Happy 4 week old birthday Amelia~ and congrats to mommy and daddy for one whole month of being parents!


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