Thursday, June 24, 2010

Berry Pickin'


Berry Pickin'

Yesterday Sassy Gal, Baby DIVA and I loaded up and headed out to the fabulous chemical free, organically grown. pick your own, Blueberry farm, just up the street a tad. Well a 20 minute tad that is. The Chmielewski Blueberry Farm . You pick your own blueberries right off the bush and load them up into cute little buckets provided by the farm owners. Impressed at the hospitality of the farm, we were offered bug repellent, water, kindness and some playtime with two cute little pet rabbits!



Walking through the berry fields!

After being supplied with your buckets lined with plastic bags for picking you heart out in the fields of blue, you are let go to do your damage. There you sweat off about 50 pounds in the Texas heat while filling yours buckets one berry at a time; funny how quick they fill up with little tot hands helping. Once you feel you have picked enough, you can head to the checkout area where the berries are weighed and at $3 a pound are quite a yummy treat. And of course since you just sweated off those 50 pounds, heading home and whipping up homemade, heavenly fresh blueberry muffins and breads is completely guilt free!


Our loot


Ummm Could it be naptime at the berry patch?


Sassy Gal

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pink Haired Momma's Snot

We got some gross happenings going on over here in Pink Haired Momma land! Sassy gal, Video Dude, Baby DIVA and I made home made SNOT this week. EWWWWWWWW!!! And no we didnt just blow in a tissue, we actually made it! It was really cool and fun though. As usual, the kiddos received a teaching lesson along with a fun project.

Picking their noses...

This project allowed me to express to them how snot, or mucus is made of sugars and proteins. They were able to see the components of snot replicated in very simple household kitchen items.

What you will need:

Boiling water
Karo syrup
unflavored gelatin
a glass jar
a fork
a spoon
optional: green food coloring to give the mucus effect

How to make you own SNOT:
Fill half a cup with boiling water.
Add three teaspoons of gelatin to the boiling water.
Let it soften before stirring with a fork.
Add a quarter of a cup of corn syrup.
Stir the mixture again with your fork and look at the long strands of gunk that have formed.
Add food coloring to desired intensity of color.
*may be placed in fridge to give the gelatinous snot effect. Yum Yum!

Skin Free Skincare

Have you heard about this product line Skin Free ? I had, but only from passing by the product in the store and from reading reviews about this product from other mom bloggers. The reviews had me quite intrigued so I was really stoked when Skin Free contacted me to do a product review.


I received my package of goodies from Skin Free and was so excited. I tore open the package to see what prizes awaited me. I found Soap Bars, A heel stick and whipped body lotion.


Lets start with the soap bars. I was provided with 2 soap bars. So what did I do? Well I was super sneaky and placed one bar in H4L's shower and put the other bar in my bath tub. I was going to wait until H4L had taken a few showers to ask him about this "mystery" soap I secretly placed in his shower, however after the first shower he came to me.

"What is this new soap hun? I like it a lot. It leaves absolutely no residue on my skin and has no annoying smells. And my skin feels, well Clean!"

How about them apples? H4L totally dug the new soap! So I then just knew i had to take a dip in the ol' tub and test out this goodie. I was pleasantly surprised. The soap felt fabulous on my skin. Nothing sticky, no funky smells, no residue feeling, and I felt super clean and very happy with this new soap. So much so that I will be purchasing more of it when I run out, if not sooner.

Since the soap was so fabulous I was even more excited to test out the lotion. And what a treat this was. There was a light fragrance to this lovely spa treatment like cream as a slathered my body in a melt your troubles away mini moment vacay. Seriously! Lathering on this lotion was like a vacation. It went on smooth and light and smelled divine. I had no heavy cream feeling lingering and could really feel my skin being nourished and hydrated, all the while knowing I was not polluting my body with unwanted chemicals. I was loving it. And I am still digging it!

The biggest sellers for ME, about this line of products are the following, which can be found on the company website, The list of people who can benefit from these products as well as how natural and chemical free this line is. Have a look:

Recommended for:
Extreme Dry Skin
Skin or Fragrance Allergies
Pregnant Moms
The Elderly
Renal Patients
After Radiation or Chemotherapy
Pharmacist formulated and doctor recommended patented formulas for delicate, sensitive and very dry or damaged skin.
All Natural, Vegan Ingredients
No Perfumes
No Petroleum Products
No Harmful Chemicals
No Steroids
No Colorants
No Greasy feeling
No Animal Testing, Cruelty Free
Money Back Guarantee

For me, this is important. I do not like using products that could possibly cause harm to myself or my daughter, I mean when Baby DIVA was first born I wouldn't even wear perfume because I was afraid it might rub off my clothes on to her perfect skin when I held her, yes I am loony but in a good way!! So Skin Free offers me the chance to enjoy a fabulous line of cleansing and beauty products without putting myself of my daughter at risk. The products From Skin Free have received a Toxicity Rating of "0" from the Environmental Working Group. Totally sensational. What could be better? A good "clean" soap that I can use on myself, Baby DIVA and H4L! Hot Diggity Dog! Check out Skin Free today by visiting the website and their FACEBOOK page today, tell Pink Haired Momma sent you!

I was not paid or compensated in any monetary form to do this review. I received a product to try and the remarks of of my own opinions.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day and Airplanes

I couldn't contain myself, I HAD to give H4L his Father's Day gift a day early! I am terrible at waiting. But in all fairness the gift was so exceptional it should have been given early anyway!

Not far from our home is a small local airport. West Houston Airport to be exact. This little place provides a local landing area for seasoned pilots, training and lessons for newbie or wanna-be pilots, and a great little air conditioned hangout for moms to take their kids. The second story lounge area provides a bird eye view for tots to watch the ins and outs of an active airport; they can see planes being prepared for take off, pilots and passengers boarding and actual take offs and landings of planes right through the glass. The facility is super clean has comfortable chairs and a generous and loving staff. Baby DIVA was hooked when the wonderful ladies working the front desk gave her a free bag of fresh buttered popcorn. She is their friend for life now.

H4L has expressed an interest in learning how to fly airplanes. This is something he mentions periodically and I know he would really enjoy learning, however our funds and lifestyle don't really mix up to lend him the opportunity. Well, enter West Houston Airport. Turns out that they offer a variety of lessons at different experience levels and price points. I, the greatest wife ever, was able to snag my wonderful H4L a seat in the next Discovery flight class. This class is an overview class that teaches wanna-be pilots about all the levels of certification, demonstrates flying information via video and provides the student with a real live in flight lesson, where you the student get to FLY!!! All for less than 100 bucks! Now H4L may choose to further his education in lessons and we will cross that bridge when we come to it, I mean he does have a birthday and Christmas later on this year!


I saved my pennies, loaded up Sassy Gal, Video Dude and Baby DIVA and took a journey to West Houston Airport. We watched airplanes take off and land and snagged H4L's gift. This was Thursday. By Saturday night I made H4L tear open the envelope. He was incredibly excited, shocked and surprised. I felt to proud and excited for him! I successfully gave my H4L a little piece of the sky for Fathers' Day and a gift that will keep on giving for year to come in knowledge and memories. SCORE for Pink Haired Momma!!

Here is wishing all of your wonderful Dads out there a great Fathers day. We moms couldn't do it without you, even if we lie and tell you that sometimes! Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Perricone MD Products

I am a mom. I sometimes do not get to shower let alone get myself dressed and put my face together each day. You other moms out there know what I am talking about, right? Just because we moms put ourselves on the back burner to our kids and family majority of the time, does not mean we do not appreciate being pampered and having nice things too every once in a while. Sure, I would love to be one of those moms with a fancy face and beautiful clothes and super dooper smile every single morning. But if i took the time to do so my walls would be covered in ketchup and the drapes would become magic carpets; I just opt for the "mom" look of comfy clothes, pulled back hair and no make up. I am cool with it.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by an amazing company called Perricone in regards to doing product reviews for them. After looking through their material I discovered that the line of products offered by this company seemed really well made and I was very interested to give the product a try. I received the greatest "MOM' product ever, to give a test. The Active Tinted Moisturizer. This wonderful product provides a moisturizer for my face while also giving a hint of color to my cheeks AND has an SPF 15! Three characteristics in a facial product that I need. All i have to do is quickly apply this amazing product to my face and race out the door into the summer sun and heat with Baby DIVA. My skin is protected and the tint of color helps me feel less like a dead beat mom while kicking it at the local playground.

The key sciences of this Active Tinted Moisturizer can be found in detail on the Perricone website, however I have also provided this fabulous information for you as well:

Alpha Lipoic Acid - Patented
- The ultimate antioxidant protects the cell
- Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration
- Refines skin texture
- Reduces pore size, puffiness, imperfections and uneven skin tone

DMAE - Patented
- Provides ultimate contouring benefits to skin beginning to lose elasticity
- Delivers lifted, tightened and toned appearance to the skin
- Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Vitamin C Ester - Patented
- A powerful antioxidant that improves firmness and elasticity
- Diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration
- Imparts a radiant, smooth and luminous appearance


ME, wearing the product recently!

I really have enjoyed using this moisturizer. I was even able to get up and apply it everyday for 2 weeks straight. It feels really light on my face, is easy to apply and supplies me with everything I need to keep my face clean and beaming everyday. It has also given my a boost of confidence because while I know it is protecting my skin, it also gives me the light coverage I need to make me feel like not only a mom but a beautiful woman!

I was not paid or compensated in any monetary form to do this review. I received a product to try and the remarks of of my own opinions.

Average Person Gardening

We are rip roaring right on into the hot and nasty summer months here in Texas. This year however, I have a fabulous little garden that is producing some lovely summer vegetables for my family to munch on. Having this little garden makes the heat tolerable. I find that Baby DIVA and I enjoy being out playing in the summer sun as long as our hands are in the dirt and the water hose is blasting water our direction. And I tell You Baby DIVA LOVES to water the garden! The fresh veggies are outstanding and I can really taste a phenomenal difference. Perhaps it is the taste of success in growing something on my own or perhaps I am just a dang good little grower. Who knows, but we totally dig it. H4L was amazed at the difference in taste a home grown tomato has in comparison to a store bought tomato. I gloated, but only a little.

A friend of mine introduced me to a fabulous web site called Average Person, recently, that is all about Vegetable gardening for you guessed it, people like me, AVERAGE folks who really have no idea what they are doing but LOVE it. I spent some time looking through the information on the website and was quite astounded when I discovered this powerhouse knowledge bank not only offered information pertaining to my light green thumb, but also a snazzy seed of the month club!

For a mere $1.99 a month, you can enroll in the Club and receive 4 packets of seeds each month from the SEED CLUB , AND in addition have access to a wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips. I couldn't resist! I quickly contacted Average Person, and let them know I was interested by filling out the easy to use SEED CLUB form. In no time, I received my first set of SEEDS!!

1. Cucumber

2. Radicchio

3. Cabbage

4. Spinach


Mike the Gardener runs the place and I have found nothing but kindness and fabulous assistance from him as I embark on planting my new seeds. I was so tickled. I mean how could one not be. These four packets would have cost me a minimum of $8 in a store and they only come with a couple little lines of planting instructions on the package. Average Person provides me with the seeds, the knowledge, the know how and a resource guide to ask questions whenever I feel in order to gain insight on how to produce the best vegetables from the fantastic seeds provided. I never feel embarrassed or too shy to ask a question; whatever is presented is answered in a group discussion on the Vegetable Gardening FACEBOOK page. It really is amazing and such a wonderful way to gain further growing knowledge.


Baby DIVA and I got busy as soon as the seeds arrived. We planted a few seeds of each vegetable provided and are now waiting on some sproutage. As you can see another fantastic advantage this club provides, beside the seeds, knowledge and learning to produce my own food, is one on one time with my fabulous daughter. A few moments in time where we can dig around in dirt and I can teach her the art of creating something on her own, right after I tell her to not eat the package the seeds come in of course!


If you are interested in learning about Vegetable gardening in any capacity, I suggest checking this group out. The seeds provided by Average Person are great and the resources of endless and plentiful. A great place for beginners and veteran growers alike! Let them know Pink Haired Momma sent you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Reviews Reviews Reviews

The last few weeks I have been trying out some new products. Some are just random items I picked up while while navigating my way through the stores in my life; others are products provided to me by companies in order to provide my personal feedback on said items, for my readers. A few of the said products that I have been allowed the opportunity to examine, are also going to be available to some of my readers in a form of a giveaway!

It may seem over the next few days that I am all "shop talk". Please do not worry I am not turning into a strictly review blog. It just happens that I have a slew of products to tell you about all at one time. Enjoy the reviews as they are straight tales from my wacky Pink Haired world. I guess you can also just be excited that I have managed to put my Pink Supermom cape back on and can now handle all my daily to do's including playing here on my blog! YAY me!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kitchen Lava Lamps

I think you know my my absence this summer on this blog, that I have 3 kids filling my days. Baby DIVA who is a fireball of energy at 18 months, and two of my friends children Sassy Gal who is 11 and Video Dude who is 7. We have been doing all kinds of really fun things so far this summer and now that I have a moment alone, on the toilet no less member that post LOL, I want to share some of it with you. The kids have really enjoyed these activities and your might too.
We made our very own Lave Lamps with ingredients right in my kitchen. You probably have these supplies on hand too!
Glass jar
vegetable oil
water (umm the sink)
food coloring
airborne tablets (can use alka seltzer and/or salt as well)

I had the kids pour the vegetable oil into the glass jar until it was about half full. We then filled the jar the rest of the way with water. The kids were allowed to choose which color food coloring they wanted, and it just so happened that both big kids choose blue, twinkie lava lamps! So i added in about 10-12 drops, YES I did this step, didn't trust Sassy Gal and Video dude to not get blue food coloring all over the place. At this point Video Dude took notice that the water and the oil were separating and layering in the jar, the food coloring sank in droplets to the bottom of the jar too. We took a moment to kind of free think and talk about this novelty. I was pleasantly surprised to find such fabulous conversations that transpired between Sassy Gal, Video Dude and myself with only minor probing on my part. They really seemed to get involved in the "Science" aspect of this Lava Lamp building.

Adding the food coloring

I even got a "thumbs up" for this project!

So finally the magic came. I gave each kid a 1/2 of an airborne tablet and told them to plop in the jar. They did and Holy Toledo you should have heard the shrieks of excitement as they began to watch their Lava Lamps come alive.

Magic Happening as the Airborne pops in

In true kiddo fashion, after the activity was done we wanted to SHAKE the jar up to see what happened. So I let them. And they loved it too. I did however have to draw the line when asked if we could see what happened when we poured soda in the jar! HA! And I a msure their parents were equally pleased when the kids brought home jars of colored cooking oil. Sorry folks!!

She is all grow'd up

I took Baby DIVA for her 18 month check up yesterday. Two shots, a few tears and lots of giggles later the Doctor gave us a a clean bill of health and informed us no more shots until she is 4! Woohoo! Baby DIVA weighed in at a fabulous 23 pounds (she is skinny), 33 inches tall and has a tiny pin head, just like her mom. She has no signs of "baby" left in her at all. I am a little saddened by this, but excited for what the future brings as well. Dr. K and I discussed the fact that Baby DIVA refuses to talk. Seriously! You ask her to say words and she will shake her head NO and then laugh at you. Yep that is my child! Dr. K advised that I just have a very opinionated child and that her words should come any day. Fire Butt issues were addressed and a plan of action is now in place. And Dr. K has let us know it is time to move Baby DIVA to her own room at night and begin saying bye bye to the Chupy (pacifier).

Exciting huh?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby DIVA Digs K'NEX

Before Baby DIVA popped into my world I was completely child knowledge clueless; okay not that I really know what is going on now either, but at least I now know what a Binky is. This ignorance on rearing children also translates into ignorance in the toy department. I have no idea what toddlers want to play with. I mean seriously, I find really cool bouncing zebra's or fabulous dolls complete with personalized bottles and books a bountiful; only to discover Baby DIVA is quite content with a water bottle and a ring of keys. What the heck?

A couple of weeks ago the incredibly fantabulous company K'NEX shot me an email. "Pink Haired Momma, would you be interested reviewing some of our products with Baby DIVA?" Hmmmm I thought, What is K'NEX ? Thanks to my Swagbucks search engine, I discovered that K'NEX is an amazing line of toys for the imaginative minded child, aka Baby DIVA. The website states " K'NEX is the next generation of construction sets. It inspires creativity, builds self-confidence and encourages interaction among children and parents. The possibilities are endless!"


I agreed to the proposal of reviewing K'NEX toys and within a few short days had a box of goodies arrive at my door. Baby DIVA and I tore open the box and dug in with the quickness! ELMO!! Hot diggity dog! Baby DIVA found an Elmo K'NEX set and pleaded with me to "play" right now. So we sat right down in the middle of the floor and got busy. Momma and daughter interacted gracefully while activating our fabulous imaginations as we constructed piece by piece the cutest ELMO ever.


Baby DIVA Creatin'

I was very impressed with how Baby DIVA interacted with the product. The K'NEX pieces were a great size for her petite toddler hands. She was able to grasp each piece and connect them to one another with great ease and contentment, not tantrums! SCORE! We used our creative juices and built Elmo, a few laughs and a series of claps and Baby DIVA was hooked. She then began to deconstruct Elmo and slowly place one piece in the Elmo container at a time. A lovely time consuming clean up process, that is perfect to eat up a few minutes before nap time. Total Fabulousness!


The pieces are just the right size for tiny tot hands, yet big enough to stay clear of choking hazards

Overall I am very impressed with my first experience with K'NEX. The packaging is user friendly meaning I can get the item open in toddler time. No having to get the jaws of life to remove the toy. The product is also quite user friendly and invokes a imaginative response from my little toddler. Baby DIVA engaged in learning while trying to assemble Elmo, but also came up with her own creative entertainment such as sticking Elmo's arm up her nose. I am thrilled that she is spreading her wings and grasping new concepts. I would recommend K'NEX to anyone with kiddos. And I look forward to exploring more products from K'NEX.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Embracing Summer

Summer is upon us. The heat is glaring down and scorching our skins. The long days of light keep us going and going. My house is full of children from sun up to sun down. The days seem to be speeding by, much like that of when I was a child and on summer break. I feel out of control. The house is a disaster. My to do lists go undone. The laundry continues to pile up. But I have never been happier.

The sounds of laughter from all the kiddos feels my soul with a warmth that even the blazing summer sun of Texas can not compete with. I am finding peace with allowing the to do lists to go undone in exchange for the amazing words and thoughts of children learning a new idea, or thought, or concept, and sharing this remarkable moment of knowledge with me. I am embracing the fact that I can not plan out and predict every movement and sound of every day. And by finally embracing this notion an entire remarkable world of youth has become my oyster.

The children and I have a multitude of fun activities and trips and ideas planned for the summer. Every morning we decide as a team what to do. We let the world guide us, with a little push from slight planning. It is amazing. And fun. And I am loving it. The kids are loving it. The laundry will get done, in the fall perhaps. The dishes will get done when we are hungry, although there is walmart and paper plates. And my Blogging will get published when I have a spare moment and blogger does not give me a message stating it is temporarily out of service.

I have so much to share with you about our happenings already, however I must pace myself. The days right now are filled with children giggling and me working a real paying job from home until the wee hours of the night followed by a repeat, repeat, repeat, every day! So check back often, you never know when that free moment of insanity may lend itself to me and POOF i just might hit publish!

How is your summer going so far? Do you have any big plans? Share them here or join me on Face book and share your fabulous summer tales there!

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