Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day and Airplanes

I couldn't contain myself, I HAD to give H4L his Father's Day gift a day early! I am terrible at waiting. But in all fairness the gift was so exceptional it should have been given early anyway!

Not far from our home is a small local airport. West Houston Airport to be exact. This little place provides a local landing area for seasoned pilots, training and lessons for newbie or wanna-be pilots, and a great little air conditioned hangout for moms to take their kids. The second story lounge area provides a bird eye view for tots to watch the ins and outs of an active airport; they can see planes being prepared for take off, pilots and passengers boarding and actual take offs and landings of planes right through the glass. The facility is super clean has comfortable chairs and a generous and loving staff. Baby DIVA was hooked when the wonderful ladies working the front desk gave her a free bag of fresh buttered popcorn. She is their friend for life now.

H4L has expressed an interest in learning how to fly airplanes. This is something he mentions periodically and I know he would really enjoy learning, however our funds and lifestyle don't really mix up to lend him the opportunity. Well, enter West Houston Airport. Turns out that they offer a variety of lessons at different experience levels and price points. I, the greatest wife ever, was able to snag my wonderful H4L a seat in the next Discovery flight class. This class is an overview class that teaches wanna-be pilots about all the levels of certification, demonstrates flying information via video and provides the student with a real live in flight lesson, where you the student get to FLY!!! All for less than 100 bucks! Now H4L may choose to further his education in lessons and we will cross that bridge when we come to it, I mean he does have a birthday and Christmas later on this year!


I saved my pennies, loaded up Sassy Gal, Video Dude and Baby DIVA and took a journey to West Houston Airport. We watched airplanes take off and land and snagged H4L's gift. This was Thursday. By Saturday night I made H4L tear open the envelope. He was incredibly excited, shocked and surprised. I felt to proud and excited for him! I successfully gave my H4L a little piece of the sky for Fathers' Day and a gift that will keep on giving for year to come in knowledge and memories. SCORE for Pink Haired Momma!!

Here is wishing all of your wonderful Dads out there a great Fathers day. We moms couldn't do it without you, even if we lie and tell you that sometimes! Enjoy your day!!

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