Friday, June 18, 2010

Reviews Reviews Reviews

The last few weeks I have been trying out some new products. Some are just random items I picked up while while navigating my way through the stores in my life; others are products provided to me by companies in order to provide my personal feedback on said items, for my readers. A few of the said products that I have been allowed the opportunity to examine, are also going to be available to some of my readers in a form of a giveaway!

It may seem over the next few days that I am all "shop talk". Please do not worry I am not turning into a strictly review blog. It just happens that I have a slew of products to tell you about all at one time. Enjoy the reviews as they are straight tales from my wacky Pink Haired world. I guess you can also just be excited that I have managed to put my Pink Supermom cape back on and can now handle all my daily to do's including playing here on my blog! YAY me!

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